Tuesday, December 14, 2004


YOUNG MOTHER COULD BE HEARD CRYING IN OPEN CUBICLE FAMILY SERVICES OFFICE!!!! Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2004 09:14:36 -0800 (PST) From: "charles leblanc" Subject: YOUNG MOTHER CAN BE HEARD CRYING IN OPEN CUBICLE FAMILY SERVICES OFFICE!!!! To: "oldmaison" Here’s some meals that was served at the FrederictonSoup Kitchen-FridayNoon-132 mealsSupper- 100 mealsSaturdayNoon- 80 mealsSupper 56 mealsSundayNoon- 74 mealsSupper 56 mealsMondayNoon- 135 mealsSupper 88 mealsHave a good conscience day!!!Last night, I noticed in the mirror that mygoat-tee is all gray!Must be from the stress! Hey? I dedicated thelast 5 years of my life fighting for those ADHD kidsand I will continue the fight!Ok yesterday, I seen a lot of grammar mistakesbut c’est la vie! I hope you saved that one in yourfile! It would be a good souvenir if somethinghappened to me. I forgot one website yesterday and here it ishttp://nb.cbc.ca/regional/servlet/PrintStory?filename=nb_tentcity20040823®ion=NbSo I guess I am the last of the true protesters!You never know what’s going to happen this summer?Ohh??? I spoke to Tim Noel today and he’s doingfine. He was the father who’s kid was kicked out of thespecial care home last summer. Anyway? He had an awful year! First he had tofight for his son Colin and now his workplace - St.Anne Nackawic mill shut down a few months ago!!!Here’s the storyhttp://nb.cbc.ca/regional/servlet/View?filename=nb-nackawic-pensions20041207The old saying is so true! There are alwayspeople in worse shape than you are. I shooked the poor man hand and wish him the bestof luck for the year 2005! 2004 was too kiing for the Noel’s family! I received this little email this morning-Your readers seem confused as to why so many peopleask to be removed from your mailing list. Why don'tyou tell your Readers that you add a lot ofpeople without permission, and you do not comply withrequests to be removed? In other words, that you are aspammer?Your readers deserve to know the truth, don't they?I replied-Anyone who asked me to be remove are gone from thelist!!!The writerMy mistake. Please accept my apologies. (I was goingby the emails you forwarded from people who say youthey asked were having trouble getting removed.)My reprisal-Do you wish to be remove?????..lolHis final statementNope. Thanks for asking :).The funny thing about this little conversation isthe writer is not on my email list but he’s on it now!It’s very good how the message goes out to thePeople!!! If some readers don’t wish to read my viewson issues, just send me a note and I quickly just addsomeone else. I’m stuck at 500 names and we’ll leave it atthat!Two evening ago, I almost get killed!!!I left my place with my dog- Chico want a picture? Send me an email! Anyway? I slipped on the ice on top of the stairsand fell done! Thank God that I played goalie for 20 yearsbecause I know how to hit the ground or ice androlled! I rolled down the stairways and landed on thesidewalk!There I was on my back in the dark!My Loyal dog Chico saw the whole episode and hecame to my face and licked it once and continue onwith his leach in tow! DOG IS MAN BEST FRIEND????? PHOOEEEYYY!!!!I am awfully sore and I am getting old because Ican’t roll like I used to in my younger days..lol I had a little meeting this morning with an highprofile individual and the issue was the New BrunswickHuman Rights Commission! The individual admitted to me that there was amajor problem with the Commission so stay tuned formore on this issue!As I wrote in the past? We have a Human RightsCommission who supports Racism and I’ll never let goon this issue until they admit that they made a graveerror or the Commission is eliminated! During the weekend, I volunteered at the SoupKitchen and I was chatting with a teacher who told meshe has been in the school system for 30 years andsome kids do need Ritalin! I reminded the teacher that once in adulthood? Ifthey’re still on Ritalin, they are labeled as close tomental retardation orders from the New Brunswick HumanRights Commission! She was surprise to hear this!There’s a lot of issues that people don’t knowand this is the reason I send all these updates to theinformation Highway! Speaking of ADHD? Read this little storyhttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/5889089/By the way? For you long time readers?The Native 56 years old woman finally received acheck!I would like to add another story on this issuebut I can’t! Too bad because it’s a good one!It took two months and one day for that poorwoman to get a check! I wonder how many NewBrunswickers died while waiting for a check fromFamily Services? Stress is an awful thing and there’s no way inthe world that she should have waited that long forhelp! Speaking of Family Services, someone told me theycould hear a woman crying in the open Cubicles in theWelfare office!This is terrible!!! Even the poor citizens in the Fredericton areahave the right to privacy!!!Family Services must install private rooms forthese poor souls! The staff must have a good laugh from all the sadstories that can be heard in the whole floor!!! This is inhumane!!!I don’t care the cost to built new privaterooms!!! The privacy of these poor individuals must beprotected at any cost!!! Oh well?? C’est la vie! I wish my case workerwould call me in to ask me if I have been looking forwork lately?????Trust me? The whole floor would hear me say -PHONE THOSE RACIST MEMBERS OF THE NEW BRUNSWICK HUMANRIGHTS COMMISSION!!! I will take a guest that it would take only a fewminutes until the cops arrive at the scene!You see? When you’re poor like me? You have a lotof anger but you must remain calm, cool andcollective!As I wrote in the past, I believe it’s myreligious faith that keeps me out of trouble! SH@T!!!OVER 1,000 WORDS AND I HAVE MORE TO SAY!!!Excuse the grammar and style of this updatebecause I just write the darn thing and send it alongto you people on the information Highway! Send thisnote to all your friends so they can continue readingthe going on within the province of new Brunswick!!!!Bye bye and don't forget to send me those feedbacks! Iwill add them in my next update in the morning....bye bye

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