Tuesday, March 01, 2005


A person has to give credit where’s it’s due!!! That Ground Hound sure knows what he’s talking about!!!! Six more weeks of winter? I guess he’s 100% on his prediction…Boy? What a storm out there!!!
Now? Be warn??? I forgot my eye glasses so you can just imagine how this update is going to end up like?
Many of the readers asked me to shorten my updates but I have a lot to say? But I’ll try to make as short as possible. No promise..lol..
I saw a good movie Sunday night - John Q < DRAMA 2002 > A father resorts to violence to obtain a heart for his son. < Denzel Washington >
You know what? It was a very good movie because the same action could happen in this Province?

Look at my case with those racist members of the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission? In his office, the lawyer Christian Lawyer of the Commission told me- Sorry! There’s nothing we can do! Bring us in court!
Or workers who goes to the Compensation Board and are denied!
Lest not forget the thousands of people who are trying to live on $264.00 an month?
Well? Just this morning, I found out that a person was cut off from social assistance! If that individual goes to the Family Services Office to complain? That individual will be degraded in front of everyone because of the open cubicles system they have in the welfare office in Fredericton.
Family Services are making certain that the less fortunate will not have the right to privacy!
So? What am saying is that the Government will push someone over the edge until something like the movie John Q happens in this Province! New Brunswickers are making complaints to the Human Rights Commission and at the end? They become the victim!!!
Sorry! Not right at all!! As we speak, there’s a demonstration out in the northern part of the Province. They’re blocking roads and they have a good cause! They’re trying to save their hospital! The Government is standing firm but you know something? I strongly believe that the protest are going to get worst during these next few months!
People are getting fed up! I still say that it doesn’t matter which party is in power because it’s those Irving bureaucrats who gives the orders to the politicians!
There’s no methadone clinic in Saint John yet!!! What’s going on with that issue???? I heard the Methadone clinic was suppose to open on March 14th but it’ll take months until they open the door for new patients!
How many more people have to die until the Government takes action? That’s the emotional question?
I volunteered at the Soup Kitchen last night and they served over 100 meals! This is a large amount of meals! Too Bad that I can’t give you the numbers!
OK…I’m going to shut up now!!! This is a first for me!
I made an interview over the internet with a Liberal Politician. I asked the guy some questions and he answered!
His name in Rick Brewer and he’s from the Liberal Party!
Hey???? Any other elected officials wants an interview? Let me know! Here’s the interview in his own words-

1- Which riding are you from?

Rick - Southwest Miramichi

2- How long have you been an MLA?

Rick- A year and a half

3- What is the most concern issue in your riding?

Rick- Jobs and our forests

4-Do you believe there's a problem with the use of
Ritalin in your riding?

Rick- I'm not sure, because I have never been asked
about it within my riding.

5-Is there a prescription drug problem in your riding?

Rick- I think there
is a drug problem throughout the whole province.

6- Are you concern of the matter the Irvings are buying all the newspapers in this Province?

Rick- I beleive in "free enterprise", so if anyone wants to start any business they are free to do so in the province.

7-Are you going to re-offer during the next election?

Rick - Most likely.

8- Do you believe a party can change policies or is it
the bureaucrats who's in charge?

Rick- I believe that it's up to the party but they must work with the bureaucrats.

9- Are the Liberals pro-irving?

Rick- I think the Liberals are pro-business, be it Irving or anyone else.

10- Do you believe that Shawn Graham as premier? Would approached people who protest in front of the Legislature? You know? Just like Frank McKenna used to do????

Rick- Yes!!!

11-What do you think how the VLT'S issue should be handle?

Rick- The VLT issue is a large one and to really fix it will take some long
term planning. But in the short term, the government should be putting
more of the revenues back into prevention and perhaps reducing the hours
of play. There are several issues around the VLT's in the province and
I'm not totally up to date on them all, but I do think that the
situation that now exists must be addressed sooner not later.

Rick Brewer MLA
Southwest Miramichi


Anonymous said...

Rick Brewer may have just caused himself to lose his next attempt at his position solely due to one single phrase (LONG TERM PLANNING)That is one phrase that I strongly believe New Brunswickers are very tired of hearing as the solution for the issues of this Province.
Word of advice to All future Polititions this is the one phrase you want to avoid if a place in Politics is in the cards at the next Election,Eager Ears are listing for the phrase (Action Will be Taken!!)

Charles LeBlanc said...

I must say that long term planning is at least something? It's better than nothing at all but mind you? The Lord Government promise Tim Smith that they will look at the ISSUE OF vlt! From what I heard? There's nothing that's going to happen on this issue so therefore Tim Smith might return to the Capital in the Spring! < Nicer weather!!!!>

Anonymous said...

Is Lord government planning to change the hours of VLTs?????? After the planning a study of the issue may be considered. By the time study is completed, it may be election time or election even before study is completed. All these are delaying tactics with no intention of actually doing something about it. In this case there is no planning either. Some feel good words were said to Mr. Smith and end of the story. When all this is going on more people will get addicted, more will lose money and life earnings/savings, more will commit crime to feed their addiction and more will commit suicide. Let the vicious circle continue and let the government collect large sums through VLTs as if we are not paying enough through all kinds of taxes. Someone must enjoy their lives and let it be politicians in power.

Anonymous said...

And those are the games politicians play.

francois cyr said...

hey chuckie comment ca va

de Francois a Ottawa