Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What don't the Irvings own?

It really probably is a shorter list of what Irving doesn't own in the provinces of New Brunswick, P.E.I. and Nova Scotia but for those of you interested in knowing the Irvings cold reach into our society have a look at this list. I may even be currently working for one of these businesses...


1-Irving Oil

2-Master Packaging Inc.

3-Selecta Brand Toilet

4- Paper Acadian Lines Ltd.

5-Irving Oil Stores Ltd.


7-Cavendish Farms Indian River Farm Ltd.

8-Bus Lines Midland Courier

9-Majesta Brand Paper Products

10- Irving Oil Transport Ltd.

11-Summit Publishing

12- Atlantic Advocate University Press, N.B.

13-Island Fertilizer Ltd.

14-Malpeque Fertilizer Ltd.

15-Atlantic Speedy Commercial Equipment Stores

16-Gulf Operators

17-J.D. Irving Ltd.

18-Georgetown shipyard, PEI

19- Daily Gleaner, Fredericton

20-Telegraph Journal,

21- Moncton Times Transcript

22-Oromocto Post

23-Riverdale Foods Ltd.

24-Irving Pulp and Paper Ltd. West

25-Isle Farm Supply Ltd.

26-Irving Equipment Irving Personnel Plus Inc.

27-J.H. Irving Ltd. Saint John

28-Shipbuilding and Drydock

29-Irving Steamships Ltd.

30-Halifax Shipyard Ltd.

31-Irving Glen Shipping Ltd.

32-Harbour Development

33-Midland Transport Ltd.

34- Kent Shipping Lines Ltd.

35-Kent Homes

36-Irving ProCare

37-Kent Building Supply

38-Sunbury Transport

39-Kent Hardware Stores

40-Irving Forest Products Ltd. Saint John


42-Ocean Steel Ltd. (OSCO) Steel and Engine Products Ltd.

43-Marque Construction Ltd.

44-Irving Forest Service Ltd.

45-Irving Tissue Sales Ltd.

46-Atlantic Towing Ltd.

47- HarthStone Homes

48-Chandler Sales

49-The Home Centre Maritime Tire Store outlets Custom Fabricators and Machinists

50-K.C. Irving Ltd.

51-Russel & Swim Ltd.

52-Phillips Feed Engineering Consultants Limited

53-Superior Propane (PEI)

Again, what we have forgotten, please inform and we would like to categorically organize this list into sector and reveal the absolute reality of this list...


Anonymous said...

Don't forget "[here]" newspaper

Anonymous said...

that's right they bought it because it was a seperate look at things it is currently free (but for how long???)you can get in Saint John,Fredericton and Moncton and the way they took it over was the same method as anything else threats that if they could not have it they would lower their advertising prices to extremely low competitive prices to push them out of the market or force them to charge for the paper which at that point of growth they couldn't afford to do..

Anonymous said...

I have made a quick and dirty search in corporate affairs registry (
and here is wath came back. Over 125 company names owned by the Irvings. Some are old inactive company names that have either been dissolved or merged, but I tought you might still be interested. Like I said this was a quick search, I'm sure ther's even more...If you plan on maintaining an online list I would suggest to separate by categories like: MEDIA, FORESTRY, OIL&GAS, CONSTRUCTION&TRANSPORTATION, PAPER&RELATED, OTHERS

1-Atlantic Graphics
4-Bégin Lumber
5-Belledune Industries
7-Brunswick Books
8-Brunswick Books (Wholesale)
9-Brunswick News
15-Careerbeacon International
18-CFM Fluid Systems
24-Consolidated Marine
26-Dartmouth Marine Slips
27-Dartmouth Slips
28-East Isle Shipyard
30-Fairview Development
31-Halifax Shipyard
33-Hartland Publishing
34-Internet Communities
35-Interprovincial Coach Lines
37-Irving Consumer Products Limited
39-Irving Environmental Services
44-Irving Industrial Manufacturing
45-Irving Industrial Rentals
46-Irving Industries
49-Irving Personal Care Limited
52-Irving Pulp & Paper
53-Irving Services, a division of Irving Shipbuilding Inc.
54-Irving Shipbuilding Inc.
57-Irving Transportation Services Limited
59-ITS Fleet Maintenance
68-Les Editions Beausoleil du Nouveau-Brunswick
76-Miramichi Web
82-Northside News
83-Ocean Finance
85-Publicity Plus Publicité
96-Steel and Engine Products
101-The Bugle
106-The International Money Saver
111-The Northern Light
112-The Observer
114-The Sugar Brook Chalet
119-The Victoria County Record
120-The Victoria Star
121-The/La Cataract
126-Valley Real Estate
127-Valley Weekend

Romain Landry said...

Hi Charles,

Irving has just put out a new weekly French newspaper called L'Hebdo Chaleur in the Bathurst area. He therefore controls both weeklies in the Bathurst area. The English weekly is the Northernlight which he bought a few years ago.

He has also bought an old weekly newspaper in the Edmundston area called Le Madawaska if I am right.

Mr. Irving has complete control of all the French weeklies in New Brunswick except L'Aviron which is controlled by the Peladeau's Québec Or which is no better.

Recently, Irving got involved in a project concerning training the people in the newspaper industry. You should however do more research concerning this last activity. I do not know if Moncton university is involved in this. Talking about l'Université de Moncton, Irving has financed la chair d'environnement. In other words Mr. Irving is mainly concerned about people picking up the garbage left along the road, but is in no way concerned about the real environment problem which he is a part of.

Anonymous said...

I really wish people would stop bashing the Irvings! I used to work for them too & found all of them very easy to get along with & willing to work alongside you to get the job done. They spend long hours "out in the field" checking, loooking, suggesting etc. I know they control a loin this province, but where would this province be without them or the McCains? They both help people we have never heard of & you don't hear about it because they don't go about beating their own drum.
I worked there for ten years & have nothing but admiration for them.
Also many years ago, my father-in-law was in need of money. He approached K.C. Irving about buying some of his land (he didn't have much-3 acres). Mr. Irving bought 2 pieces, which could never have been used for anything, just to help him out. Ten years ago, they came to me and offered to sell it back (they knew I was interested). I got it for a very good price I think. My father-in-law was happy have the land back before he died.
These are business people after all, & they aren't in business to lose it all either. I have never known them to do a dirty deed to anyone. I don't understand why people are so against them. Can someone explain that to me please??

Anonymous said...

The reality of it is that father Irving was actually a very nice gentleman and a good business man the problem today is that Saint spawned three little Devils..

Charles LeBlanc said...

SPIN STORY...I don't mind the three Sons of K.C. Irving but when you have a Billionaire like J.D. Irving who supports racism in the Irving Empire? Well? I do have a problem with that issue!!

Anonymous said...

For acts 'against the law' you can look up their environmental infractions on the web. Their anti-union practices are well established and the fact that NB has the lowest union activity per capita in Canada is proof of the media power (where people distrust unions more than the Irvings-and the NDP is unable to get more than one seat!). There is virtually undeniable research showing a direct correlation between union activity and standards of living in the industrialized world (both increasing or falling together)

International shipping cannot be ethically defended by anybody, and the fact that they are 'no worse than anybody else' is hardly an endorsement. Likewise their refusal to contribute to the salvage of the Irving Whale, which was loaded with PCB's is also telling.

As far as media monopolies go, they were found guilty in the seventies of that, and the problem has grown worse. They simply bought off the politician's, who claimed that it couldn't be proven that their monopoly had 'caused harm'. This is the most telling, since Irving has such vital interests in the province it is no coincidence it owns so much media-if it merely wanted more media businesses, well, there is a whole world out there full of places where they could compete in media.

That they are not behaving as any other business would is specious and untrue, we see many examples of corporations who are contributing members of their society. Nobody is 'forcing' them to clearcut forests to be turned into jack pine plantations, and nobody is stopping them from doing business elsewhere. The idea that somehow New Brunswick wouldn't be where it is today without the Irving's or McCain's is simply crazy. Both are notorious anti union enterprises with horrible reputations among those forced to work with them-go ask a farmer in Northwestern New Brunswick!

New Brunswick ranks consistently as the worst province in Canada for standard of living, and by international organizations ranks lower than 48 of 50 of the states. It would be hard for New Brunswick to have done worse.

Simply because of one personal 'happy story' is not enough to spare them. Many of Hitler's closest friends remarked on what a nice and generous man he was, and even Churchill talked about what an honest and trustworthy businessman Stalin was. RB Bennett is said to have spend most of the depression writing $20 cheques to impoverished letter writers who were crippled by the depression made worse by his policies, again, that doesn't spare him criticism.

Charles LeBlanc said...

The last comment was one of the best one yet!!!!Very well written!!!!

Pat said...

All the companies listed are doing quite well; no need for tax concessions of any kind. Find it hard to understand with so many so called educated people or informed they do not see what has been going on for far too long. But a lot of people do not live in the reality world of trying to have enough money each day and work hard but have to take on more taxes and expect us to keep quiet and pay more than what we have coming in. They expect us to borrow to pay our share and someone elses. Let the billionaires borrow their money; they will still get better interest charges than the ordinary person. Society has not changed at all through the years they are so selfish and truly don't care if someone is having a difficult time as long as they have a great life for themselves. The politicians are at the top of the I don't care but anyone after they are elected. Disappointed in all people even the ones who are busy because they still can't take a few minutes to support the injustices that happen everyday; I'm sure if some day if they had it rough or hard times they would hope someone would be there for them. Tax concessions at the expense all people is wrong. People of Saint John have been struggling too long and the services are not there but we pay the highest taxes. We refined the oil here and we pay the highest for our gas and heating fuel. How many years did Irving ask for help or excuse me they were given help, crown land,water supplied, build on the edge of all our water around the city and still keep further out into the water no questions asked. Do they have permits or did they pay the city for the water rights? We are a generious city because we don't collect taxes well or not at all. We have the health hazards. Yes they employ alot of people when they need the work done but after that watch out. They get start up money, write offs, loop holes and close down or shut down money. In this area we all should pay less for the fuel. This company is like the Banks and Insurance companies they make millions or billions and if they loose a nickel they charge us $100. or more to recoup that lose. What can they ordinary person do when the extra surcharges, taxes, taxes and more taxes keeping coming-- not a thing except stand up and speak up and demand justice and fair taxes for all. We have to help ourselves because no one will encourage us and tell us to stand up. Where are all the professors , doctors, lawyers, dentist,managers, accountants and so called informed - nowhere as far as I can see. We should stand up by the thousands and demand our rights and fair share. Wake up!

Prophet57 said...

You can also list Crosby Molasses and MacKay Forest Products as acquistions of K(ing) Irving as well.
As far as "where would we be without the Irvings". I'd be the first to take a chance on finding out.
There is something severely wrong(legally & morally) when one family can amast so much and so many others live in poverty. That saying the"rich get richer" and "the poor get poorer" has a direct association in this matter.
If you feel you have to lick the boot that has been kicking you for so long, by all means get on your knees and give thanks for those petty gifts bestode on you. For me I feel there is a debt to be paid but not to the Irvings but by the Irvings.
If not for the blind eye policy of these governing bodies, municipal, provincial and federal on all sides, ruling and opposing they would not have the uncontrolable power they now have.
And we the people who let it happen when we refused to stand united against them when they sought to destroy the voice of the working Joe's And Jane's. After all it didn't directly affect us.
It has always been and will always be us against them. They are the haves and we are the have nots.
The fact that you make $250,000.00
a year doesn't release you from an obligation to stand shoulder to shoulder for the good of all.
People are not born lazy, they are born helpless. They are no longer born equal. They are born with or without.
The truth of the matter is, most of us are born into slavery and will die that way. The fact that you are not Physically whipped into submission does not lessen the impact. How many people do you know have vocational related injuries, either physical or mental?
90% of us live in constant fear. The "what if" factor. What if I loose my job tomorrow. What if this? What if that?
It is called emotional slavery. Self induced? YES! But only after years of conditioning.
Sorry I get rather caught up at times.

Anonymous said...

well better a home boy than some money hungary american. some people are good at complaining while others know how to make money

Anonymous said...

Hi Charles,

I would like to post this article that was published in the Valley Viewer on July 26, 2005.
It just shows that the evil empire has nothing better to do than pick on the small businesses and put them out of business in favor of the almighty dollar!

I am NOT associated with the Valley Viewer I just believe that small businesses should be left alone, by the corporate giants.

Here is the article:

Letters to our Readers

We know how much you value and look forward to receiving every issue of the Valley Viewer. You have told us many times how you appreciate the community service we provide, how much you enjoy reading the ravings and musings, how you hang onto each issue at least until the next one comes in. We love getting your feedback; It makes all the effort it takes to bring you each issue not just worthwhile, but hughly rewarding for all of us here at Ossekeag Publishing. We Thank you for that support.

Now we want to ask you for a BIG favor. I am sure you are all aware of the increased competition we are facing in the valley with the new Irving publication, KV Style. We have a passion for what we do and a great confidence in the quality and value of the Valley Viewer. What we don't have is deep pockets. We set our pricing so as to be an affordable cost-effective means to advertise for the many small and medium sized businesses who are the lifeblood of Ossekeag Publication and the Kennebecasis Valley. We cannot offer the deeply discounted prices now being promoted by KV Style. While we can certainly understandwhy business owners would take a plunge and try a product that is so much cheaper, we do want the community to realize this is a very real threat to your Valley Viewer.

How can you help? Very simply. It is through the support of our advertisers that we are able to produce and deliver this magazine at no charge to you, the reader. Please let local merchants know how much you appreciate their contributions in bringing you the Valley Viewer and which publication you support in the Kennebecasis Valley. Tell them, like you tell us, how much you value the Valley Viewer and that you want to see it thrive. Every voice counts and we believe passionately that we are the best community news vehicle in the Valley. With your help with this mini market reasearch project, we can prove it.


Debbie & Mike Hickey

End of article.

Charles ... How many more free speech vehicles are the Irvings going to shut down to protect themselves from fair publicity!

Thank you

Anonymous said...

What I want is a list of things CHARLES LEBLANC owns. Who's the REAL tycoon around NB?

Anonymous said...

Other companies which the irvings own which are not on your list.

RST Transport
Chandler Sales (may have been there)
Sunbury transport
Universal Sales
Could we put the Province of NB?

Wayne McQueen said...

After Bill C-70, the Act to comply with a request from the City of Saint John to offer tax concessions to Irving Oil for the LNG Project. At the vary least it should show that the Irving's own both the Mayor of Saint John and the majority of Council Members.

Let's not forget that the City Solicitor informed Council and the Mayor that Bill C-70 which was passed by Bernard Lord's P.C.'s was not in fact what the City of Saint John had asked for, but the majority of Council voted to give Irving Oil Limited a 25 year tax holiday for the LNG Project. I would suggest that the passage of this Bill put the Lord P.C.'s in Irving's pocket as well.

I don't believe that New Brunswick Southern Railway was mentioned as another company owned by the Irving's, albeit it is listed as a subiduary of Sunbury Transport.

Anonymous said...

Irvings do not own
But if they were interested, it could be for sale. Negotiable of course.

Timmy said...

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Livenwealthy said...
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Anonymous said...

The Irvings also own Shamrock Construction.

Rex Bass said...

Well at least it's a Canadian company that owns them all and not some influx of american interests like the rest of our retail and industry is/has headed.

Anonymous said...

Irving bought out our local newspapers in bathurst as well as our sales Flyer delivery! They almost immediatly cut the prices of the Flyer runs in Half making the working poor even poorer! On Top of this our media is controlled by a few people as to what gets published not good for freedom or free speech but good for big business! thank god for blogs! or is this the next to be taxed,controlled,censored out of the hands of the comman person? said...

I was born an Acadian in NB and raised
in Ontario from age 6. My maternal and paternal grandmother and grandfather were neighbours to KC and his family over 100 years ago. My mom and dad grew up with KC Irving(always called KC by them).
My mother's family farm adjoined the Irving household and my dad's family home overlooked the Irving family general store in Kent NB which prospered with their long arduous working days. Upon the death of KC's parents in the 20's, the two sons inherited much: KC invested wisely, his brother did not, but KC looked after him. (As an aside I have never heard any of my 24 aunts or uncles critize the Irvings except for my mother for the fact that KC got some of my grandmother's land on PEI for unpaid taxes in the 30's.)
Many of my relatives said KC invested heavily in forestry during the depression providing jobs. Some worked for him and related good working conditions and loved working for him.
Additionally KC also invested in mining in Canada(not publicized) and offshore(as related by
KC),at his great financial risk at the time.
My Grandfather John Mooney and his son Martin were the principal sea captains when KC risked much of his wealth with Standard Oil to introduce oil refinery to NB.
During the depression he(as related by my relatives) greatly contributed to
employment. Several of my uncles and their neighbours revelled in telling me stories of how KC in those days would know the names of all of the employees at various lumber mills and give turkeys at Christmas.
I met KC in 1970 in Buctouche. He remembered holding me while I was in diapers(I don't remember), and spoke fondly of my mom and dad and the relatives we discussed. I thought he was an extremely intelligent man with an incredible memory. We talked about past history and family relations: and he volunteered a great deal more of familial and financial history which revealed he and his family have chosen to be extremely private.
They have always been great anonymous patrons of various societies, arts charity and local charities.
I do not nor have I ever had any contact with his children and I do not know them. But I believe he strove to pass on the responsible work and moral ethic to his children.
Gilles J Roy

Anonymous said...

Frankly they own alot more companies but they have become secretative about their newly formed companies. They are into alot of different areas; they have different lawn management companies, entertainment venues and who knows if the new generation is bottling wine or beer. Where ever anyone can make money they have already been there. They get their lawyers to pave the way and they get their tax deals at our expense. Laws for the wealthy and the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Are you jealous? This family is providing most with jobs! Do i care about there net worth? Of course not , they have provided more for our region than the goverment can! I have been a 9 year employee and am privilaged to work dirrectly for both sides of the family and can honesty say your blog is a poor attempt at anything worth reading. Find something better to do with your time, prehaps reading?

Anonymous said...

Irving also has the WSIB Hearings Tribunal Representatives in their pocket. I fought a case in NB last year where it was clear the worker died from a major pipe leak at the St. John refinery and between the time of the injury and the time of the actual Tribunal Appeal, all the WSIB Reports from the Refinery disappeared. The WSIB made them pay a $1000.00 fine. The dead workers family lost their home and are now working for minimum wage for Irving. Bye Bye Bernard
It saddens me to see the hard working intelligent young folks in the Maritimes coming out of university and not having appropriate work, and forced to work for these greedy and in my view, dishonest power hungry control freaks. I attempted to get a story about this WSIB appeal published, but it was gagged at the hands of Irving Dictatorship!
It's no wonder other major companies don't want to go and invest in the Maritimes when you have a huge corporation and 3 provincial governments putting up road blocks at every turn, to avoid free enterprise and real competition.
The guy who is proud of his job at Irving should get his head of the bucket and start thinking outside the box and remember your heritage as a maritimer.
In addition, not many know that the reason the previous Premier of NB, FM went to Washington, and sit on a Board called Carlyle Group was to keep an eye on the Iving Funds that are invested in ARMS that are used to blow up innocent people overseas. There is huge money in oil and arms and war machines. Don't fool yourself, there is more to these tycoons then creating minimum wage jobs for university grads and hard working maritimers!! Think Outside the Box and do your HOMEWORK!

ringgold said...

Very interesting reading. Thanks.


ringgold said...

Irvings will not stop until we all have to move out of NB so he can have the land for himself. Take a look at Redhead in Saint john. LNG is going in at Canaport and now Irvings are talking about putting in another oil refinery in mispec.
I'm so tired of the drama.....then he tries to make nice with the people of redhead by offering to build a new playground on Ocean Drive WTF????

Anonymous said...

I guess you can say we are another casualty of the Irving empire...our sawmill was bought by them last spring and they cut the workforce in half after 2 weeks...those job cuts turned out to be permanent. The other half was saved because there was a special license attached to the mill . Any wood obtained from the license 10 area had to be processed at our mill. This license has been in existence for over 20 years! But now with the new liberal seems the license will apply no longer. Mr Irving himself boasted to our conservative MLA that he would do what he wanted with our mill in Baker Brook once the Liberals took office...Well done Mr Irving! who cares about those little towns and those stupid people...The worst thing is that we can't even get a newspaper to print our story! Is New Brunswick really a democracy or just a herd of mindless people run by bought politicians? Could someone tell me how much total land the Irvings own in forestry alone? Where are the anti-monopoly laws when you need them? Hmmm, maybe North Korea would be a nicer place to live....By the way, Irving is shutting a mill in Quebec so the one in Baker Brook can stay they are saving 30 jobs in Baker Brook after cutting 35 here and 28 in Quebec...all this so they can supplement their mill in St Leonard. A million acres bought from Bowater so that 30 people can work in Baker Brook...that is what I call sharing our resources! nov 3,2006

Anonymous said...

I guess you can say we are another casualty of the Irving empire...our sawmill was bought by them last spring and they cut the workforce in half after 2 weeks...those job cuts turned out to be permanent. The other half was saved because there was a special license attached to the mill . Any wood obtained from the license 10 area had to be processed at our mill. This license has been in existence for over 20 years! But now with the new liberal seems the license will apply no longer. Mr Irving himself boasted to our conservative MLA that he would do what he wanted with our mill in Baker Brook once the Liberals took office...Well done Mr Irving! who cares about those little towns and those stupid people...The worst thing is that we can't even get a newspaper to print our story! Is New Brunswick really a democracy or just a herd of mindless people run by bought politicians? Could someone tell me how much total land the Irvings own in forestry alone? Where are the anti-monopoly laws when you need them? Hmmm, maybe North Korea would be a nicer place to live....By the way, Irving is shutting a mill in Quebec so the one in Baker Brook can stay they are saving 30 jobs in Baker Brook after cutting 35 here and 28 in Quebec...all this so they can supplement their mill in St Leonard. A million acres bought from Bowater so that 30 people can work in Baker Brook...that is what I call sharing our resources! nov 3,2006

Anonymous said...

I see the Irvings own a bunch of companies. And, your point is .......?
I suppose if the Irvings hadn't begin with a small car dealership back in early 1900s we'd all (like magic) be better off ?

I think not. We'd simply have 59% on welfare instead of 48 %

The Irvings should be running a train Alberta. With low priced tickets for the welfares to land and be processed into real jobs for a change. THey can retire here when they've earned the right . and their grandkids can come visit, from Alberta... !!

Anonymous said...

I think we have to do two things in Canada to make it a better country. 1) kick out the Liberals and 2) kick out all the superrich (including the Irvings).

I am from Saint John, NB and I have had to leave there and live in other parts of Canada to obtain employment. I call N.B. the guetamala of canada. It has the lowest welfare rates and there are 12 food banks that run out of food on the 7th day of each month. Excuse me, yes, this is Canada, not Mexico we are talking about.

I believe if the Irvings would LEAVE, New Brunswick would prosper. There would be competition and the wages would rise. They should not be ALLOWED to own the media. If they lived in the USA, this would not be allowed, or even Quebec for that matter. I often wonder if the reason the HST is so high is there is a secret tax just for the Irving family that we are all paying!!

I am against the LNG. I think it is highly dangerous. Why doesn't he build an LNG plant on his property and get his grandkids to watch for explosions??

I would love to return and actual live there, as the rest of my family, but there is no job security; and it is not a democratic society. There are too many have-nots in New Brunswick.

Perhaps Irving should be paying the victims families who die from cancer, since Saint John has the highest rate of cancer in north america now. No it is NOT from smoking cigarettes, it is however from all that crap he puts in our water, ground and air!!

Anonymous said...

A previous poster is correct. New Brunswick is a neo-feudal society, and the Irvings are the Maritime Saudis. Now they have decided to take over or stamp out small local media ventures like Here magazine and the KV Viewer. Ordinarily, a multibillion dollar business conglomerate like the Irving's has much bigger fish to fry. But New Brunswick lore abounds with stories about how the Irvings kneecap little guys. This seems to happen as a matter of policy. It reminds me of the opening scene in Godfather 2.

There will never be a discussion of this on Irving TV or Irving Radio or in an Irving Newpaper. It can only happen in a blog like this one, thanks to Charles LeBlanc.

Anonymous said...

The Irvings need to wake up and live in the real world, they are mean in every sense of the word, lots of properties world wide and no sense of what it is like to be poor or to struggle, get real and get a life irvings

Longtooth said...

I read a good deal of the posts Re: The Imperial Sons and Daughters of the Irving Empire. Little tongue in cheek there by the way, and yes you guessed right, I'm not an Irving fan.

Here is what I need to share with those who profess Irving to be a Canadian / New Brunswick company. Irving Oil is a privately owned company, as is perhaps the case for the rest of what they own/control. This negates the need for public disclosure as is necessary for publicly traded companies and allows them to bypass a high degree of transparency.

This is not by accident. Irving has deep roots with American giant Standard Oil, which in turn has deep roots with the Bronfman Empire which is global but originated largely in Montreal. They have been most commonly associated with their ownership of Seagrams Whiskey.

This association with the Bronfman Empire goes way way back to the formation of Irving Oil Lot's more to the story, but I'm going to go back in my hole to hide now before the storm troopers find me.

Keep up the good work Mr.LeBlanc and all of you who post to these blogs. I expect there may come a day when the media monopoly may try to silence you too. Shudders came upon me when I read the Company name, Internet Communities in the list of their holdings.

Longtooth said...

Here is a link that will shed some light on the secrets of the past.

An excerpt from the above linked article.

Canadian Prohibition lasted until the early 1920s, but American Prohibition lasted until 1933. This enabled Bronfman to establish a lucrative bootlegging operation throughout the 1920s, smuggling whiskey into the 'dry' U.S.

Longtooth said...

Don't bother trying the link now, it appears someone had it removed. Gone within 3 hours.

Anonymous said...

Some more companies you may not know about;
York Steel
Strescon Limited
Ferro-Chemi-Crete Engineering Limited
Kennebec Construction Services Limited
Strescon Atlantic Limited
Schurman Ready-Mix
Ocean Steel New England Inc
Ocean Steel Corporation
Ocean Steel & Construction Ltd
OSCO Group Services Limited
Ocean Holdings Limited
Sackville Concrete & Bedford Ready-Mix
Annapolis Valley Ready-Mix
Glenholme Ready-Mix
Tri-Star Concrete
Borcherdt Concrete Products
Northstar Pre-cast Concrete
Allstar Rebar Nova Scotia
M.S.D. Enterprises Limited
Borcherdt Concrete Products

Anonymous said...

Well the Irvings are attacking Ontario Now. They bought out our company just to get the contract they failed o get 3 times by bidding on it. Within 2 years the office staff which had been there for many years were forced to quit. Then they turned on the truck drivers. I had quadruple bypass and after my return they forced fired me and when I asked what I did. The manager said nothing. No accidents tickets or anything else. Got 2 other jobs in last six months and both let me go without any reason. One said not suitable for the job and the other shortage of work. Really or was it cause there tied to Irving Oil. As they were both in the petroleum business. Been a trucker for 30 years and first time can't get a job. Wife and two young kids and my family suffers because of what RST is saying behind the scenes. Guess it proves when your into everything and connected to all types of business you can blackball whom ever you decide to. Have never ever worked for or even scene any one company so corrupt and brutal to their employees and other people. They will ruin our economy. We all will be working for nothing if they have their way. And anyone who stands up to them will be like me. Blackballed and left to die. Thanks Charles for your site so all can be told.