Thursday, July 07, 2005


Two more deaths in Saint John because of prescription drugs! My questions is this? Once a death occurs in Cape Breton? The news is on the front burner in the media! Why not the same action here? Do you know anyone else who died from these Prescription drugs? PLease let me know. Here's a email that I just received from Saint John!


Some more sad drug related news from Saint John. Two more men
died from prescription drug overdose last week and another is on the verge of death.

The one on the verge of death has been kicked off of the Methadone
program and is now back on the pills full blown.

I am sure you won't read about these stories in the paper, thats for sure.

I noticed that you could get the amount of ritalin that has been prescribed can you also do the same for Dilaudid and Oxy-Contin?

I would love to see the figures from 1996 till today.

These are the synthetic heroin pills that the Doctors are pushing
and the government are getting rich off of and people are dying everyday because of them.

They were not even allowed to be prescribed before 1996 unless you were dying and now look what they have caused, way too many
people are dying because of the legal heroin pills.

The sad thing is that there are so many of these pills on the streets now that the prices have gone down.

It makes my blood boil when I hear those losers in the Legislators say that if the Doctors prescribe them it must be OK.


A lot of families are affected because of the change that the
government made by allowing these pills to be prescribed and in the end there is no help for them.


If an alcoholic admits that he has a problem then he can get help, he can even fall off of the wagon many times and the help is still there for he or she.

If an addict admits that he needs help he will be placed on a waiting list (which never exceeds 100) and this can mean life or death for some.

The thing that really bothers me is that if an addict falls off of the wagon more then 5 times in the course of his/her treatment then he can never get back on the Methadone program.

Well if you ask me one day on methadone for an addict means that they are not stealing, prostituting, or other illegal means to get their fix so Methadone is a good thing because lets face it alot of these addicts have children and families and they need to see normal.

I do realize that there is no utopia with methadone so a person can OD without realizing it but if they have the right dose they should be fine.

Another thing that bothers me is that these patients who are on
methadone must pee in front of a secretary in one Doctors case.

Yes a secretary not a nurse or the Doctor. Their human rights are being violated everyday because most think that every addict is scum.

Why are they so strict with Methadone but they give out Dilaudid and Oxy-contin's like they were smarties without any guidelines.

They can receive pills by the hundreds, they never have to take a pee test, and they are not look down on by society.

In the cases of a person receiving the Oxy-Contin, Dilaudid
who are not prescribed them properly then it seems to be the persons fault not the Doctors.

The Doctors do not have to be accountable (Protected by
Government we here it all of the time if a doctor prescribes it then it must be OK) for their actions even though they had very little training or no training on Narcotics when they first started prescribing them in 1996 (Findings in the Mailman inquiry in Saint John) and the Doctors caused many many problems for families.

Now when a person goes on Methadone they must adhere to all of
the ules e.g.

Must receive dose 1 hour before the store closes, must sign
contract, must show picture ID, no other drugs in system, no stealing or illegal activities and theres more and they change all of the time.

Now if a person is on the legal heroin pills he/she never has to prove that they are even taking them, can have a months supply at a time, can be on any drugs that they want because there is no pee test required, can pick them up at the Pharmacy at any time, 5 minutes before close if they chose to.

The last thing that I would like to vent on is that some patients
on the Methadone have to go to the Pharmacy everyday to drink their dose in front of the Pharmacist.

Now some of the luckier patients can drink one there and take 4 carries home, others drink one and take 2 home, it depends
on what Doctor that you have it really depends on what power trip that the Doctor is on.

Their reasoning is that they are afraid of diversion, well that to me is the stupidest thing that I have ever heard because we all
know that the Legal Heroin Pills are diverted everyday and nothing is done about it.

So as Isee it the Government has made millions in Tax Dollars on
the Heroin Pills so they don't want them to go away and knowing that if they put heroin on the streets they could sell and collect taxes on Methadone which we in New Brunswick had never ever heard of so now they make it on both and for some they will collect the taxes for years to come.

Who knows what the maker Pruda Pharma gives the Government as a kick

Now thats the kind of new money that this Government is enjoying at the devastation of fellow New Brunswickers. Charlie, you haven't had Citizen of the Week for a while and I nominate all Pharmacist who distributes the Methadone to these needy and thankful people and their families.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Carr is speaking up for Agent Orange which is good. But spray was done some 40 years ago and the tragedy can not be reversed. Now this prescription drug abuse is ongoing problem and people are hurting and dying, why then Jody Carr not speak up. Lives can be saved. Is it becuase he will not get as much media coverage as Agent Orange or is it because his government will lose revenues from the sale of these drugs? Too bad, so sad.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You are going to read more about this issues in weeks and months ahead in this blog! Why do the public know the details of someone death In Nova Scotis and not here in New Brunswick! It would wait up everyone eyes if we knew the true amount of people who dies because of Dilaudid in this Province????

Anonymous said...

Glad to see someone speaking up on this very sad issue for New Brunswick. I can say that I knew or had frieds associated with at least 10 people who have died of Opiate related deaths in Saint John and thats just 1 person, it would be nice to see just how many there has been across the Province!

Charles LeBlanc said...

We still don't know the reason the Government refuse to give out this info.....I wonder why??? Maybe this is a way to bring down the people on Welfare? Who knows?

Anonymous said...

I could not believe what I was reading. You must be out of your mind advocating that addicts should be given Methadone just because they are addicted and that way they would 'seem normal' to their families etc. I have had severe chronic pain for the last 5 years as a result of 6 unsuccessfull spine surgeries and have to look forward to it for the rest of my life. It is people like your addicts that make it so hard for all of us legitimate sufferers to obtain the meds we need! They are the reason that the government (DEA) is cracking down on pain doctors and causing them to under prescribe the meds that pain patients really need - not to 'seem normal' but to have a tiny bit of a normal life available to them. As usual, liberal organisations are focusing on all the wrong people and giving their support to those who are part of the problem not to those who are affected by the problem. Shame.

Anonymous said...

HI Charles
Just a note about these methadone patients.....The NBPDP has recently (last week) told these people that if they can pay for a carry they were being cut off assistance..Can you Imagine, Just more ignorance!

What was happening is this.... When you are on methadone and doing well you are permitted to take home carry's, you can get 1 drink in (pharmacy) and 4 carry's, therefor you would not have to travel to and fro the pharmacy for 4 days, costing allmsot 100$...

Well People on the program were getting 1 drink at the pharmacy paid for by the NBPDP and they were paying for 4 carry's, so they did not have to pay 15 or more dollors per day to travel to get thier methadone....
NOW these People that are being assisted by the NB prescription drug program ARE NOT allowed to pay for thier carry's, othwerwise they are being cut off FA.
The NBPDP says, if you can afford to pay for carrys, the you do not need us!!!
NOW these people HAVE to go daily to this pharmacy costing them 15-20 a day in cabs, what the hell is this, tell me? Wyt pick on these POOR People. Just another bunch of BS!!! So now these people are paying 95 a week for transportation to get 49 dollors worth of drugs! Does that make sense to you???

WHY ALL this BS!!??? Why do they treat these people like common criminals....????????/ WHY do they make i so hard for them, if these people had cancer, would it be that hard for them to get morphine, would they have to go every few days to get thier pain meds fore this cancer treatment??? NO NO, NO they why should these methadone patients then!

When you go to the pharmacy do you take 1/5 of your prescrition home, if its a narcotic? Then why do those people on methadone? thier presriptions are for 2 weeks, the most of them are only allowed 2 carry's and then they have to go back to the pharmacy.
when they dispence Dilaudid, Morphine and all those drugs, do they make those sick people go every few days to pick up thier medicine? then why make the addicted person go to the pharmacy every few days...

NOT all methadone patients are criminals, there are some, as there are in every wllk of life,, for instance the NB shrink, that was looking at child porn.

WHY are these poor souls getting treated like this? I am sooooooo damn tired of this ignorant governent treating these people like this, not only do they not give them enough money to live on, it forces good people to do bad things to survive....NOW just think if you were in this position...having to go thru ALL this RED tape, to get well.....

Think for 1 minute, IS it really worth ALL the hastle they are put thru and now this, going to the damn pharmacy daily to get treaetd, HEY why dont they just wear headbands that say I am an ADDICT!

I am sick OF IT you will HEAR alot omre for me!!!!