Thursday, December 29, 2005




Anonymous said...

Great chins, any wager who wins.


LOL more quebec/liberal corruption now with ralph goodale & his department under investigation by the RCMP !.

im sure all who made millions thanks to this quebec/liberal leak all just happen to live in quebec also ! LOL !.

cant wait untill the conservatives & stephen harper win on jan.23 & clean out this dame corrupt quebec/liberal party hopefully FOR GOOD !.

let someone born & raised in toronto lead the country for a change,should save the rest of the country BILLIONS in dollars that would normally end up in quebec.

Michael G. McKay said...

I personally Don't care who runs the Country, so long as he or, she is of a mind to uphold traditional moral and family values, and work on behalf of every Canadian regardless of whether they are rich, poor, or middle-class status. But yes don't let this person be from Quebec we have had enough corruption from that part of the Country for a long long time. I would not mind having someone be prime minister from the Maritime Provinces so long as he or, she is conservative, After all of the dirty laundry is coming out in public, I can't understand how anyone in their right mind could possibly vote for such corruption, the NDP are the same as the Liberals, they just haven't had an opportunity to get their hands dirty yet. And they sure don't believe in the Traditional family and moral values that have made this Nation a great one.

Anonymous said...

Harper was not born and raised in Toronto. Harper is promising too much to Quebec to get even one seat. Harper is no alternative. He has no chance.

Anonymous said...

How soon people forget Mulrony era and corruption. Why you think Conservatives lost so miserably in 1993. Now Harper has additional baggage of Reform party and far-right politics. He will be a lap dog for George Bush and we do not want that.

Former Ship Builder said...

I am saying Brian Mulroney was the Best Person that ever ruled Canada.

But it was his Government that had the Frigate Program operating out at the Saint John Dry-Dock.

Local People were working .

I think whoever gets elected when all is said and done, the Government does away with all Forced Prayer and Prayer Period done away with.

Start teaching more sex education classes, not from a religious or moralistic Value, but from a Private Citizen Educational Value to help keep our Children aware of STD Consequences.

We also have seperate State from Church and Religous Teachings as well.

Anonymous said...

Mulroney was the worst Prime Minister we ever had. Progressive Conservatives never recovered from it. Instead they joined forces with Reform Party to come up with Neo-Conservative Party. Are you forgetting Meech Lake and rolling the dice and other fiascos. Mulroney caused more divisions. Do not forget all the court cases and mismanagement by Mulroney government.

former ship builder said...

How Correct you are 1:31-PM

" Do not forget all the court cases and mismanagement by Mulroney government. "

1:31 PM

And let us also not forget AD SCAM and the GOMeRY Report :

Bottom Line Is, they are all Crooks:

Anonymous said...

May be they are all crooks but I prefer the devil I know than the devil I do not know.

Anonymous said...

You don't like Brian Mulroney?

He brought in a new tax. I thought you believe in big government spending the money of the working on the poor.

Anonymous said...

Runing the goverment is a big job and it almost imposiable to keep track of all your employee.
But just rember that we live in the best country in the world.