Thursday, December 29, 2005


For the life of me???? I don’t understand this site!

Picture 288
Picture 289

This is an area in East Saint John. I would dare to say it’s one of the busiest areas in the whole Province.

Many old citizens are forced to walk across this busy street from Wal-Mart to MacAllister Mall!

I took this picture of a couple of old citizens waiting for someone to stop so they could cross.

I noticed 20 people walking across in 10 minutes.

Why wait till someone gets killed to take action?

This is a very dangerous area especially as the picture shows once the sun sets behind the mountains.

Picture 289

Once I told the elder citizen the reason I took her picture? She quickly said- GOD BLESS YOU!!!! Someone is going to get killed!!!!

Hey? If the Irvings would have paid their own proper taxes to the City?

Maybe they could afford a proper crosswalk???


Anonymous said...

You certainly have a point to make. As long as it is not the Irvings or their family that crosses this street; no money will be invested. Taxes are paid to improve their lives not the common folks! Only after someone is killed would they ever give it a second thought.

Anonymous said...

yeah but that's not the only dangerous section in the City. The new Water Street? It's nice sure. But now there's no street lights for people crossing over on Prince William Street to the TD Canada Trust foot of King Street. And no lights from Prince William STreet to that little island where the bus stops. There were always lights there before for years, now cars are just barrelling up there lickity-split, I almost got hit tonight.
ALso, another beef I have is this right turn on a pedestrian light-business. That came in about 15 years or when does anybody know?
They should go back to the years when there was NEVER any turn when the pedestrian has the green light? Someone, yes IS going to be hit sooner or later
Metcalf Street by McDonalds just to name one, you take your life in your hands crossing over there - these are all CROSSWALKS I AM TALKING ABOUT TOO. The pedestrian has the light to go, the cars just keep coming!!
There was a time when a walker felt safe and confident crossing on a crosswalk green light, not any more!!

Anonymous said...

Keep electing Bernard Lord and MacFarlane and more of this will happen. They accomodate rich only and poor can die, it does not bother them.

You've gotta protect your profit! said...

The truth be told that area brings in more money in one day then most of the rest of the City of Saint John.

There are more Giants of the free trade in that one area than you can shake a stick at but do you honestly believe they would come together and protect their customers best interests??

Not outside one inch of their parking lot!!

We all know darn well that would cut into their bottom line and the shareholders wouldn't like that one little bit!!

We only want their money not their safety,That's up to the City of Saint John-------Go Figure!

Thank God for Democracy!!
I feel equall do you??

Michael G. McKay said...

Sounds like much of the same city Council crap that we are facing up here in the Capital city, there is no reason for the city to not keep the streets and sidewalks properly maintained. they keep saying that the city will go beyond their buget if they go every time there is a little snow or freezing rain. Well, I have a few choice words for those lazy butt useless pencil pushers who claim screaming about going over the buget, if someone gets killed because there is no salt or sand or, the streets are not properly cleaned, then they could be Sued for millions of dollars. I don't think that the people of Saint John and Fredericton are going to make waves if we go a little over the buget. So long as the streets and sidewalks are properly maintained. if someone gets hurt or killed because of your stupidity, I hope that they take you to the cleaners literally.

Michael G. McKay said...

Just one more comment, My observation of these city engineers is that they don't have to walk to 99 Percent of the destinations that they need to go to, they have a care or other transportation that is not the transportation that God gave them, A.K.A. Hoofing it, or walking to where they need to go.

Anonymous said...

I have taken that same short cut instead of driving from one parking lot to another. I need the exercise. I know there are two crossings at opposites end from that section but everyone takes this short cut. I know there are safer options but lets put a crossing where it is really needed after all someone will get really hurt someday.

Anonymous said...

Two thoughts come to mind. First, isn't there a crosswalk, very two, very close to this very site? And second, is there anyone that Michael G MacKay BA does not hate, besides the people at the soup kitchen? His bio says he's a Christian, and he keeps saying so, but he's awful nasty for a Christian...

Michael G. McKay said...

Yes I am a christian and No I am a door Mat for no one whatsoever, or whoever they may be. I have to walk on the streets here in the Capital city and we have many acidents here and especially in the winter season when the Freezing rain and sheer icey streets makes it extremely difficult and unsafe. for the record and consideration of my fellow bloggers and those who comment, I hate absolutely no person. but that does not mean that I have to put up with their incometance or lack of responsibility when it comes to the publick safety. After all, both Fredericton and Saint John are paying enough tax dollars well all I am saying is where is that money going if not to maintain the streets and sidewalks especially at this time of year and throughout the winter months.

Anonymous said...

Hey, was there a person that Jesus didn't gripe about? Sure, he says to 'love', but man he didn't take crap from anybody-even when he's getting killed! He's even rude to his own followers and talks to them like they are retarded. Being christian doesn't mean you are a doormat, usually it means the opposite.

However, how much effort do people take more than griping? It's one thing to complain, its another thing to get in there and get these issues solved. Help advertise Charles' site since he's the only one who talks about it. Get a petition going, find the local councillor-they have small ridings and can easily be tossed out in next election. Go to Wal Mart and tell them you were almost hit, wear a sign in front of their store, start a wal mart boycott. People get away with shite because PEOPLE DO NOTHING BUT COMPLAIN!

It was nice to see the issue about the green light on a walk signal, I thought that was just my intersection! You can bet my councillor will hear about it, in fact I'm telling him if something isn't done I'm running against him! Believe me, start a boycott of Wal Mart and you'll see action at the street in NO time. But why would ANYONE fork out money when all that people do is grumble?

Charles LeBlanc said...

10:38 AM??? You're 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

One or 2 people can't do it by themselves.

And everybody here in Saint John has pretty well accepted the fact, the LNG Deal is Done Deal :

The System Won that One

Anonymous said...

Who's talking about the LNG deal? We're talking about a street without a crosswalk. You'll be amazed at what one or two bigmouthed people can do, and you can bet that once you get going that others will join you. Of course sitting in resignation has been PROVEN to accomplish nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure first that it's not because people are such lazy schmucks they can't walk up the street forty feet to an intersection!

Anonymous said...

There are cross walks less than one minute on either side of that section of road (at parkway mall and one Consumer drive). Dumb asses still cross down the centre though.

Anonymous said...

3:52 PM must be a politician.

Anonymous said...

Is someone planning to cross the floor?

jwmcq said...

The City of Saint John's only priority is to stay within budget. I think the thing that the people were most upset about with the old Mayor and Council was the cuts to protective services but at the same time the City Manager increase the budget for administration. In other words they hired more bean-counters but laid off police and fire personnel.

Nothing has change with the new Mayor and Council, their priorities are still all wrong. Now we are forced to subsidize the Irving's by the tax holiday that was passed, and already they are talking about increasing taxes on ordinary property owners, which will trickle down to the people who rent from them.

Anonymous said...

'one minute' isn't a measure of distance. You can't make a crosswalk every place a bonehead walks, but how about another picture from each direction showing just how far the intersections are apart.

Anonymous said...

one minute = less than 20 paces

your friend, 3:52

Anonymous said...

It gets even better...just up the street the city has installed another set of lights in front of the new Home Depot...approximately 20-30 feet from the set in front of CCA...and both on a heavily travelled hill. Our wonderful city engineers at work! I personally witnessed more than one accident when people tried to stop for the light heading down the hill...they had two choices...hit the car in front of them or swerve onto the side walk in front of the graveyard!

I'm sorry to say but the stupidity of a few working for the city is tarnishing the whole lot. THe engineers do not listen to the citizens who travel the roads everyday.....they think that they their "education" makes them smarter than the rest of the citizens out there. We have what they lack....common sense!

Anonymous said...

What is a 'pace'? Like three feet? So about 60 feet? Can somebody verify this? You seriously can't expect a crosswalk every place numbnuts walk across or you'd never end. In fact that didn't even look like an exit the woman was coming out of. There is a point where some of that 'common sense' comes in handy. If you're that lazy you've no right to complain.

But whats the alternative to putting lights at the bottom of a hill? NOT have lights? If its an intersection that's not an option. Use some of that common sense and go price a street sign-one that shows 'stop ahead' that can be put at the top of the hill and present it to council (better yet, stick it in the ground yourself some night and nobody will notice). THEN somebody might listen.

Anonymous said...

Your right 3:52 :

But your dealing with a bunch of Nin Cum Pookes here.

As far as I'm concerned, if they get popped by a vehicle and their not in a cross walk, then it's too bad, so sad I say.

They complain about having to walk 20 paces, but I bet they'll run 200 Yards to get to the Liquor Store when the Welfare Cheques Come out :

Anybody stupid enough to cross where there's no cross walk, well their brain elevator doesn't quite go to the top in my opinion.

And I'm highly Educated as well, I 'll have you all know ?

Anonymous said...

SJ drivers rarely stop at marked crosswalks when the pedestrian has the right of way at a "walk" light. The majority drivers in this backwards, s**thole city seem to have a "f**k you" attitude towards pedestrians.