Tuesday, December 20, 2005


My God? How time flies??? It was exactly one year ago today that I officially became a bloggler.


I believe that it was a huge step for this individual to spread his views around the world.

For you long time readers, you know my old ways of sending my updates. I would write a long winded one and send it along the information Highway.

Once it reached the person on my list, they would read it or delete it and that was that!!!! It was over!!!

But with Bloggling? It’s a total different ballgame?

Remember when you were in school 30 years ago?

If we wanted some pictures, we would run to the library and look for them.

These days, it’s totally different because of the information Highway.

I noticed that I received many visitors from images Google.

If you go in Google and go to image.

Write Bernard lord and you’ll see artist WCIE works shows up.


I might add that my picture with the Premier is on the second page.

< I don’t know if that’s a good thing? > …lol

Charles 04_07_05 071

You can also write - The Irvings!

Same action happens but the picture of the Irvings and Hitler appears.


There’s no escape for the Irvings on the information Highway.

They can own all the newspapers in New Brunswick but the bloggers do have the upper edge.

Yes, we sure came a long way since WCIE approached me to be a blogger.

Can you imagine? At first, I said – thanks but no thanks!

Very scary stuff.

You wish to see how far this blog came within one year?

Click on this blog?

This is the first blog I wrote. Just click in here and have a look!!!


Big difference eh? I used to put the comments in my blog until WCIE told me to leave that alone and the readers can leave their own comments on different issues.

Charles 04_07_05 081

We blogged away and tried different approached.

He showed me how to pasted pictures on the blog.

I practiced on this new way of bloggling.

WCIE with the help of other people surprise me with a brand new computer.

In the past, I would write highlights of what issue I’m going to write about and go at the Library to send my updates on the information Highway!

With a computer nearby? Everything would be easier.

In the spring, we took many pictures and this made the blog much more interesting.

Charles 04_07_05 088

I used all the pictures in different blogs and it was a good way to attract the readers attention.

Also in the spring, Tim Smith once again came to the Capital to protest the issue of VLT’S!


We quickly noticed that the hits on the blog went way up there especially from the media.

Speaking of the media? It was funny when the CBC workers were locked out. They approached me of linking their blog site to mine. How times have change?...lol


I might add that I did link their site. I didn’t mind.

One day, we had problems with the blog while in Saint John and couldn’t contact WCIE!!!

One guy came to the rescue from Ontario. We called the guy WCIE jr. It’s nice to have a guy who knows what’s going on in the computer world.

I never went into the template and I don’t plan to in the near future.

Everything was going perfect. Nothing could get better for this blog but I soon found out that I was dead wrong!

I received an email from an individual who wanted to join the team!

We nickname the individual Artist WCIE!!!!


I will admit that I truly believe he was the star during the Bi-election in Saint John.


He came out in full force with his talent.


Word spread like wildfire of his unique work. Many people including close friends asked me the name of this individual?

I would always refuse to tell anyone who Artist WCIE was?

The hits were close to 300 hits a day.

What I like about Artist work is that it saves me a lot of writing. If I don’t feel like writing a blog? I just pasted his work and the battle starts within the readers.


On many occassions many would comfront me on his views? I told the guy- Hey? That's artist views!!! Not mine!!!!

So? Everything is fine and nothing can be better.

But again, I was dead wrong!!

All change in Saint John during the bi-election.

One reader knew I was in the area and bought me a brand new camera, software to download the pictures to my computer and all the rest of the kit.


Now, I could go on the streets and have some fun with my little toy.

Nothing better than carrying a camera with you at all times. It’s better that a gun!! …lol….

Picture 021

Not even a guy like Rodney Weston from the Premier's office can enjoy a nice peaceful walk!!!

Picture 022

A photographer from the Irving’s newspaper would walked or drive around all day praying for that perfect pictures but it still has to get the ok from the Irving’s boss!

Picture 018

Well? In my case? I take the picture and send it along on the information Highway.

Last week, I have told that I can no longer take any pictures in the Legislature.


The Quebec security staff took the unusual step of denying my rights to take pictures. I will get to that story in later blogs.

A couple of weeks ago, another individual join the team and we call him - Computer WCIE!

He’s a very handy member to have on the team because if something goes wrong? He’s right there without hesitation.

I’m very grateful that he volunteered his time in this blog....lol….

Last week we hit the 50,000th visitors to this site and I believe this is a good thing.

Word is spreading like wildfire about this blog and I truly believe it’s the biggest blog in this province.

Many would love to have their own blog but they find it discouraging because of the low passage of visitors.

Well? Lets be honest here? If I didn’t have my huge email list?

There would be no one in here.

I would love like to thank CFBC Talk of the Town who allow me to promote my blogsite on the air.


Many regulars to this site first came because they heard it on the radio. Especially many poor people.


Hey? Anyway to spread the word?

I soon found out that this is no longer my blog.

It sort of became the people’s blog.

Every once in a while some individuals would come here and condemn me.

I learned that I have lots of backers on the information Highway. Just like soldiers they will step forward without a second taught.

If you want the MLA’S to addressed a certain issue?


This is the place to do it because they do visit the site.

Lately, the Irvings have also been seen surfing in this blog.

Picture 028

Every citizen from different walks of life are in here and that’s a good thing.

There’s a reason for everything!!! I’m a strong believer of this because what’s the odds of me being in the Capital facing those bureaucrats with the MLA’S every single day and my best friend is the Priest?

Picture 145

Makes a person wonder?

If I was working? This blog will come to a sudden halt because I wouldn’t have the time to spend on this website.

I had a job but the Government labeled me as a security risk.

Charles 04_07_05 063

Lets say that I was working? Would I be truly happy? I would have money but then again that’s what is strange while we’re on that planet.

I mean? It don’t matter if your filty rich or filty poor? We all have to make an appearance in front of the same Boss!


If there’s no life after death? Well, I guess you could call this a big waste of time during my lifetime.

Yes, too bad I don’t get paid for this hobby but what can you do?

I truly enjoy this little hobby and will continue doing so till the end of times.

I understand there’s many out there who hates this site. I received a few emails with a deadly virus! All part of bloggling I guess?

In closing, thank you to WCIE, WCIE JR, Artist WCIE, Computer WCIE and Tim Smith.

As any other group of people? We had our battle within but we calmed down and continue the battle.

What’s ahead for this blog?

Who know? Time will tell? I know one certain fact!!!

There’s never a dull moment in the Capital! There’s always something to blog about!!!!

I bet there's also a lot of people who would love to throw my computer in the garbage!!!



A Reader said...

Congratulations Charlie on the One Year being on the web. Just reading about what has to be done, to keep the Site going and so forth : IE Computer and Program Glitches is scary.

You do have a lot of readers. It's a success alright, all the best for another year.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all! For the hard work that all of you do for us New Brunswickers. This site is a great place to really see what is going on out there otherwise a person might be left out in the dark. Before this site who knew from Saint John what was happening in Fredericton. We already know that the paper only says what they want you to hear so keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

Timothy Smith,Saint John N.B. said...

I too would like to extent my thanks and appreciation for this blogsite Charlie.

I would also like to congradulate you on 50,000 plus hits and the find job you have been doing to keep us informed and to help keep our politicians accountable for their actions or in some cases their inactions.

As you know we will be doing something together very soon on this blogsite to mark a very important ocassion in the New Year.
And with God's blessing all will go well.

I'am looking forward to your visit on Friday as you pass through to your relatives for the Christmas holidays.

A Christmas toast is definitly in order as this also comes very close to the first year of our friendship .

May God bless you in this time of Peace and a big Merry Christmas to all those I have met along the way on our many adventures.

Here's to many more! // A tip of the hat goes to you my friend.

Timothy Smith..

Charles LeBlanc said...

Thanks for the kind words of support. I expected more comments but as usual people read but are affraid to leave views and that's ok because we're reaching another millstone? Close to 200,000 pages read and yes Tim..it's hard to believe it'll be one year ago next month that we first met. It's nice to have two individual with ADHD fighting for a cause.

Lauza C said...

Tim I couldn't of said it better my self. Thanks charles for the year of good reading, good facts and good pictures.I always look forward to comming home from work and checking out your blogg site.All the best to you in the new year. OH... and Merry Christmas to you and to all who read your bloggs.

MacVsog said...

It's 7:46-Am Charlie, 12/21/05, Hopefully this will be the First Official Congratulations Posting, if today if the Official Birthday of your Site.

All the Best for many more Amigo`

Congratualations Charles! said...

Congratulations on serving the people and giving us an outlet to express our thoughts and read others. Very much needed when today we have no true way to voice our opinion. Thank you and continue and best wishes in the New Year 2006; Health and happiness and fair governing and taxation to come!

Sam S.J. said...

Congratulations Charlie;Here's to another year of great reading.
I hope you enjoy the holidays, have a cup of cheer for the rest of us,say hi to Tim for me if you see him.
Am looking forward to next year if it's anything like the past one it should be interesting to say the least.
Seasons Greetings!

Bob D. Fred. said...

Great Job Charles on your first year of blogging,You've come a long way.

Are you going to get into the Federal Election with a little more fire under your feet after the Christmas holidays?

Do you have a favorite? If so who and why?

PoliticsNB said...

Congrats Charles!

Way to go my man. 1 year down, hopefully many more to go. :-)

This is quite a big deal actually, considering the average life span of blogs, is 2 months.

Keep ploughing forward Charles........You do make a difference bud!