Saturday, March 25, 2006


Picture 007, originally uploaded by Oldmaison.

Picture 008

A couple of weeks ago while walking by the Fredericton Police Station.

I once again notice my little cute friend Monice Verma setting up for an interview.

She always just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time….lol

I just stood there with my camera.

The female officer quickly turned her head to avoid her picture from being taken.

Picture 008

I just stood there and never said a word.

The female cop began to be concern and shouted - Excuse me sir? What do you want???

I still remain silent.

Can I help you? She continued....

Monica turned her head and BINGO!!! Got cha!!!! .lol…

Picture 009

The female officer was very stern and
Monica said - Ohhh he’s harmless…he’s a blogger!!!!

She forgot to say - Pain in the butt Blogger!!!….

The police officer still remain stern so to show her that I was ok?

I asked - Do you know Pat Bonner from the Saint John Police Forces?

Picture 009
charlies pics 029

She didn’t know the guy. My God?

He’s been a spokeperson for years and years for the Saint John Police Forces.

These rookies don’t know much I guess.

What I found funny was that she was so concern that I was taking a picture of her and hours later she’s on television!

Picture 009

It’s much worst to be in the blog than on ATV News I guess???


Anonymous said...

Why you delete my comment, Charles? Don't like anyone calling attention to your foolishness?

You're no better than the Irving papers!

Charles LeBlanc said...

Your comment wan't bad but you should have saod f@ck@ng Camera and not fucking camera....we write your comment and post it again but lets be nice.....I can't let comments go with swearing words.....lets be nice......

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Charles,looks like the Irvings have one of there lackeys attacking you! That means you are getting the truth out! Keep up the good work.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I just wish that people who ahtes my views would just stay away!!!!

I was thinking in changing the comments section last night as like NBpolitics but we'll see???

I just want a nice clear and honest debate on the issues.

What else is there left?

The Irving have control of the media and Rogers television are on the other side.

We need a place to voice our concerns especially the issue of Ritalin!!!

Anonymous said...

What coments?
allmost no one leaves coments anymore here.

Anonymous said...

Do you stay away from people who dont agree with your views?
so shut up then ya lazy bum

Charles LeBlanc said...

Good debated comments are good but the only thing that I care about is this -


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Michael G. McKay said...

Hi Charlie: I I think the wise thing you could have done was to back off while the interview was in progress. Then you could have approached and made whatever inquiry you needed to make.

also I would like to add that this is a forum where comments are placed I think that this so-called un-educated street language has no place in what is considered to be a public forum we all have comments and that is all well and fine, but we most of us if not all of us, are adults here and I think that a display of civility should be in order. We can agree or disagree with what every is posted but this is Charles's blogsite, and he is placing this information here for our consideration. I would like to add one more think if I may, I think that whenever or, whereever possible, some of the posts should be referenced so those of us can go to the sourse to confirm its validation.

Cheers for now!
Michael G. McKay Fredericton, new Brunswick.

Charles LeBlanc said...

The interview wasn't going yet. They were preparing the stage. As for rude comments? I need Spinks in here....WHERE THE HECK IS SPINKS?????'s good to take the heat away from me now and then!!!

Anonymous said...

Spinks stinks his comments have no substance other than to rant on or add on to what's already out there. No independence there.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that when someone disagrees with Charles, they must be an "Irving lackey?" Opinions are like assholes, we all have them.
I just don't understand when some people disagree with Charles they are told they are "Irving lovers" or whatever and they are told to stay away from this blog.
I don't know what was in the comment you deleted Charles but in your reply you said " you should have saod f@ck@ng Camera and not fucking camera." Well if you deleted the post for the swear word, why did YOU use it? You could have simply said "no swearing" or whatever.
I do agree with the people who think Charles has a obsessive compulsion with flags that is not healthy! lol I also agree with the people that think it sounds like Charles is begging for someone to buy him a camera.
That does not mean that I am an "Irving lover" or an "Irving lackey." It just means that I have a different opinion than Charles on those things. I also agree with Charles on a lot of the issues he mentions which does not mean that I am a "Charles lover" or a "Charles lackey." It means that I am a person who is entitled to their opinion. I don't think that if my opinion is different than Chalres' that I should be told to go away!
And I would like to point out one last thing Chalres. You love to show how many visitors and all that to your site and that's great! I think the more people voicing opinions is what we need. BUT I really don't think your stats are completley accurate. When someone comes on to your site it counts as a view. Then someone goes and views a page and then goes back to the home page that counts as a view. So if I come on here and view 15 pages, then your counter calculates that as 16 visits to your page. That is not accurate.
Anyways, I am sure that I will be told to stay away but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

actually you are incorrect 11:24. The stats keep track of IP addresses. If you refresh the page it logs you as 1 visitor with multiple page views......why post when you have no idea what you are talking about??

Charles LeBlanc said...

If that was the case? I would have over one million hits....the stats are right hit from any computer every 24 hours!!!!

I did noticed that many are writing charles leblanc to get in here...

This is a good thing...word is spreading!!!