Saturday, March 25, 2006


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Shoppers Drug Mart and the Liquor Store are moving out from the Mall. I wonder what te future holds for the Mall?


Anonymous said...

They should tear the place down. It's served it's Purpose.

Everything else is leaving the Saint Joh area,it might as well.

The uptown area is a Dump anyway.

It's not as nice as out here in Rothesay.

Anonymous said...

I hope if it were to become parking, that the city or a developer would have the foresight to make it a multilevel thing.

Anonymous said...

It was in the paper: the former mall is slowly converting to office space, and is busier than ever. They're not even trying to replace retailers who leave. The new owners thinks the Giant Tiger (do I have the time right?) is fine, alomg with some independent locally-owned shops, but they're ok with the mall becoming a mostly-office place.

Kinda sad to see uptown SJ deteriorating, along with most of the North End, but I can't agree with those who say the blame for everything lies with the mayor and council. This trend was under way a long time before Mayor Suntan came along, and it's happening in many cities in North America too: the money, both business and housing, is migrating to the suburbs. Sad, mostly because it's hard to see what could be done to reverse the trend.