Thursday, June 29, 2006


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Ever since, I have ban for life from the Legislature?


I have been a very busy ADHD political activist.

I have been so occupied that I haven’t blogged much about the people who made this very undemocratic decision.

I just had to confront Tom Mann because I have been told that his letter to the editor was in most Irving’s newspapers around this Province.

What does he know that I don’t?

I heard from some people that a few Union Employees took stress leave because of me.

What happened there?

Did these Government Unionizes workers ran inside the Union Hall crying that I stressed them? I didn't know the employees at the Legislature belongs to a Union.


Many questions and still no clear-cut answers.

I was suppose to meet with Kelly Lamrock at a undisclosed location but he never showed up.


So at noon, I met my partner in crime and her job is to be in the background and take pictures for my blog.

She does really good work.

Once inside the building, I met this very nice and polite secretary.

She told me that Tom Mann wasn’t around and if I wanted to set up a meeting?

I didn’t feel comfortable in asking for a meeting so I asked if there was someone I could talk to because the Union went out of their way to condemn me in a letter to the editor.

Do they wished that the poor be exterminated from the Legislature?

I know these are very harsh words but I need to chat with someone.

A woman came down and I chatted with me.

I told them that a former good friend of mine name Dorothy Dawson told me that Tom Mann was a nice guy.

I heard this from others also but I’m just following the paper trial and it leads me right in this building.

The nice women were a little concern of my partner taking pictures but they never said a word.


I didn’t know if these girls were afraid of me because if people ran inside the building crying that they were stressed out because of Charles LeBlanc!!!

Well. I can understand their side because they were face to face with a stranger and I can understand their point of view.

So I decided to show the girls that I had a sense of ha ha...

I told them that I had a blog and they should locate it on the internet.


I wanted to show them the short video of kung fu fighting.


I still think it’s funny.

After a couple of minutes, I decided to leave but before we left?

I asked for a drink of cold water.

Then suddenly, I heard someone running down the stairway.

I told the girl - Ok..Get ready!!!! This should be very interesting. The woman must have told someone that there's was a nut downstairs?


Sure enough a guy quickly ran in the office and he introduce himself as David Brown and he said that he was a lawyer.


At that moment, It didn’t hit me but I chatted with David in the pass while in Saint John.

He once ran for the NDP!!! Is the NDP behind this???

He quickly told the girl not to take pictures.

He asked her who she was?

I told David that it was nice to see a lawyer running down the stairs.

The girl is with me so don’t worry about it.

I told the Union Lawyer that I was following the paper trial and I wanted to know where Tom Mann got his stories?

The lawyer never said much and I even said- Why do I get involved in these issues anyway????

I wanted to show that I wasn’t upset or out of control.

I just wanted some answers from the Union Leader.

The lawyer never said much but he did show me the door.

I told him - Listen you might tell everyone after I leave that I’m just an idiot and should be ignore.

What do you want me to write once I get out of here?

He didn’t seem to care what I wrote so I guess this is the beginning of a confrontation with me and the Union.

A Union leader who speaks out against the poor must resign.

I left my email address so Tom Mann can email me so lets see what’s going to happen?

Stay tune!!!!

Just for the record? I’m using these pictures because they went out of their way to write a letter to all the Irving’s newspapers about me. So therefore I’m returning the favour.


Anonymous said...

Why do you keep saying Mann wrote a letter against "the poor"? He only wrote about one person, didn't he?

Anonymous said...

Great achievement. You antagonized whole bunch of new group of people. Yes you can be a source of stress because you have no respect for others and you misuse and abuse your privilege.

Anonymous said...

what privelege??

Anonymous said...

They have every right to tell you to stop taking pictures. They rent the building, therefore it's a private place, not a public one. You can't just run into a business and start taking photos.

Charles LeBlanc said...

They had no rights to write that letter to the Irving's papers.....They wish to play games? I love games and guess what? I'm not done with them yet. Not from a long shot!!!!