Sunday, September 10, 2006

Bernard LeBlanc will win I guess?

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I walked into the Liberal headquarters this afternoon in Memramcook and had some fun. I guess Bernard is a shoe in....


hohowildnite said...

Good choice,either Bernard Leblanc,Charles Lord,or another Beer.

Anonymous said...

Poor Bernie he got intimidated by Tanker and allowed himself to be blackmailed. That is no leadership.

Anonymous said...

I'd say the last poster is a bit confused. Bernard LeBlanc is not Bernard Lord.

Main difference:

LeBlanc should and will win. Lord should not, but might still win.

onewrong said...

yes,You are right.I never heard of Bernard Leblanc.

Anonymous said...

Bernard LeBlanc is a former mayor of Memramcook.

The Tory candidate is Fortunat Dugay. That is pronounced FOR TUNA in English.

(It just hit me...he could have used a "whole chicken of the sea" theme for his campaign)