Sunday, September 10, 2006


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Big Thumbs Up

Tony Huntjens is a P.C. mla from Charlotte-Campobello
He don’t like me too much.

We haven’t been in speaking term since the by-election in Saint John Harbour.

He was very angry with me because I campaign against Bernard Lord.

He believed that I should have remain neutral because I was a blogger.

I explain to Tony that I didn’t truly believe that he understood what was a blogger?

I believe this guy is like Abel LeBlanc!

He speaks his mind and people respect the guy for this action.

Big Thumbs Up

I predict that Tony Huntjens will be re-elected!!!


Anonymous said...

"He speaks his mind.." There is a serious disconnect between his mind (brain) and mouth. That is the serious problem. He speaks and his brain kicks in hours later or a day later or never.

Anonymous said...

He absolutely blew it on the autism cost him big time!

Anonymous said...

Robert Tinker, the Liberal running against Tony Huntjens will win. Robert has a bigger base than Tony. Huntjens only won the last time by 167 votes & Tinker was not the one running against him. Bye bye Tony!!!