Sunday, September 24, 2006


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Dear Mr. Carr,

As far as I can see with your party, it is to make jobs a priority. I believe you should be making the justice system a priority.

Not to be giving certain law firms and appraisers, which are all in one big family, a lot of the tax payers money. (This seems to be another sponsorship scandal).

The facts are I could get a 1 acre lot appraised as a citizen for no more than $350.

The government when they are taking peoples property, they will pay $2500 to appraise one lot.

The government has taken my land and have given it to MRDC to lease to the tax payers for a 30 or 40 year deal.

They have not just taken my land, they have taken away my livelihood.

This started in 1997 and by march of 1998, after they knew I refused $33,000, they paid an appraiser $10,000 and sent me out $20,000.

In October 1998, I was forced into getting an appraisal to get the matter settled by a meeting that was arranged by John Raymond behind my back.

I told them right from the beginning on February 12 when this government appraiser Steven LeBlanc, who also married to my wife's cousin, that I would only sell the total property because after they came through the property it would be useless as a residential property.

I am a licensed carpenter and have been a contractor for over 20 years.

This is why I bought the land in 1992. I knew I had 19 building lots on it, 500 meters from the town property line.

The highway was shifted in alignment on December 11, 1996. I believe the highway was shifted because MRDC would get a 27 million dollar bump in 2002.

I believe the first alignment would be less expensive. This has been an on going fight for 9 years now and I am still fighting to this day.

My lawyers have presented me and the province with a bill, which will be taxed in court, for $212,000. and left my eight year of cost out.

I paid an appraiser $21,000 for a fraudulent report, my lawyers forced me to get a second appraisal, where I paid the second appraiser for around $7000, now look at who new what. Mr. Raymond knew about the McLeod case because he was apart of this case heard in the year 2000.

Mr. Caldwell, the N.S. lawyer, and Mr. Goodwin, the appraiser from Moncton, also were included in this case.

Richard McLeod had a claim for $100,000. The appraisal bill of Goodwin's was $85,000. Caldwell's bill was $200,000.

Look at the results, Mr. McLeod received $36,000, Mr. Goodwin received $8,000 less, the lawyer ended up with $70,000. Would it have not been better to give Mr. McLeod $100,000 at the beginning or was he the acoa program?

Does the government deliberately set out to destroy a person? No matter if I would have got my total compensation in court, how do you pay a person back for 9 years of life delay and is still going on today.

It has destroyed more or less my retirement.

Is it wise to put a person on the street in one respect it is. He cannot continue to fight for his rights.

Who will be rewarded for doing this, irresponsible government workers who have no responsibilities to the tax payers of this province, similar to the Westray Mine disaster in N.S.

The government inspector knew the mine was unsafe, but kept the people working.

Was he rewarded with an early retirement package? Will Mr. Raymond get an earlier retirement package as well?

Look at what it cost the tax payers of N.B. for me to take them to court. I would like an investigation done on this MRDC lawyer outfit and now government lawyer John Logan, the Law Society of N.B., Appraisal Association, and the Ombudsman office.

How in this day and age these things can go on, where the government can pressure you to give up on life.

I believe you are self employed, what would you do if I came along and took your equipment and only give you enough money to buy a horse.

I decided to sell some of my assets in the summer of 1997, to move to Alberta.

They have stalled me continuously and ceased in life, I need some closure on this matter. Was Mr. Raymond involved on the Shilo hog farmer?

I can understand why this man took his life, the disappointment of losing your life's work and monetary.

From your once neighbour,

Richard Harris
506 260-7960


Anonymous said...

Premier-designate Shawn Graham will have difficulty choosing his cabinet from friends and allies, says a former Liberal premier.

Camille Theriault, who became premier in 1998, said he found it "gut-wrenching" to decide which of his friends and allies to put in cabinet.

"No premier who has ever been elected can avoid going through what he's going through right now," said Theriault. "It's pure hell."

Graham will unveil his new cabinet when he and his ministers are sworn into government on Oct. 3.

Please MR Harris,look what suffering liberals have to go through!hell,just pure hell,like real hell,,for their friends.
Doug young needed that, please.

Anonymous said...

jackie vautour was pepper sprayed and then beeten till they brock his bones this was the R.C.M.P and two parks canada employees . after they did this to a 70 year old man they went after his wife yvonne who was 68 at the time . They grabed her and held her under water till she ran out of air and she inhailed wated and she past out . and the three criminals who attaked my parents were never charged for this . why ?? we have evidence that the kouchibouguac pard is not leagle and that is why the government will not let us present our evidence in the courts they know we have evidence . i'm fed up with the suffering they are making parents .syblings and myself go true , the truet must come out for the love of GOD . MAUREEN VAUTOUR AND I'M PROUD TO BE JACKIE VAUTOUR'S DAUGHTER .