Sunday, September 24, 2006

Will Shawn Graham do the right action and give a cabinet post to Abel LeBlanc???

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Many say that he won't because Abel speaks his mind on any issues. As a matter of fact? He dared to tell the media that banning me from the Legislature wasn't right at all!!!!

He's one of the best and should be in the Cabinet!!!


Anonymous said...

Uh, Charles have you talked to Abel about Cabinet? He doesn't want in.

Abel's a consituency guy. He likes being able to go about his riding helping the most needy.

Unlike Tanker, Abel could care less about the gov't car, the aides and the salary bonus.

I don't think you'll see Abel in cabinet and I don't think he'll mind one bit.

Anonymous said...

You write the most biased views on politics in all of NB!!

He deserves a cabinet post and is a good guy because he was on your side on an issue?

Give us all a break!