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The Government must hold a public inquiry or do something about the way the doctors are prescribing prescription drugs in this Province.

The drug companies in the U.S. are making Millions in New Brunswick from prescribing pills to our kids to adults complaining about pain.

Oxy-contin used to be prescribed only for people in Cancer treatment but no more.

We are paying a huge price for this action.

Prescription drugs are the major number one problem in New Brunswick.

You have to wait two years to get on the waiting list for methadone.

While these people wait? They commit the crime.

At the end, New Brunswickers are paying the price BIG TIME!!!!

I would love to know the crime being done within the Family Unit that’s not reported to the Police?

Will Shawn Graham have the courage to confront this issue?

Bernard Lord didn’t have the guts maybe Shawn will?

These lobbyists for the drug companies are very much alive in New Brunswick.

Is there a way to stop them???


Anonymous said...

Is it really the number one problem?

Anonymous said...

Definitely one of them, depending on how much you care about other people's suffering.

Someone who cares for the NB addicts. said...

It has killed more people than car accidents or any thing else that I can think of. There is a way to help and that help would have to come from the Doctors. If a person admits that they have an addiction problem, instead of putting them on a 2 year waiting game to see if they will die or not, there should be Doctors assigned to give the addict the Dilaudids or Oxy-Contins that they required daily (Just like Methadone), seen by a Pharmacist daily, and the Doctor weekly, to control their cravings until help is available. There should be strict rules, same as Methadone, they should be checked for needles, other drug use, etc. Methadone is an opiate and is also addictive. If the Doctors controlled patients with Methadone then what is the problem of them controlling their pill problem. I say put the problem back where it came from and this would eliminate crime to get their fix until something better comes their way. They need HELP NOW NOT LATER!!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that part of the problem has to be placed on the medical system. A system that will meet with a patient for 10 minutes and pull out a prescription pad to give a patient a drug they know is addictive. Doctors need to learn alternate ways of treating medical problems. Especially depression - try counselling and other non-medical alternatives. Drugs should be for the clinically depressed (as an example). I was given a prescription for morphene without even asking following a surgery. I didn't take one, why would I risk it.

While we all make our own choices in life, why encourage or promote addiction - look to alternate ways of addressing medical concerns.

Anonymous said...

In the TJ on one of the days that they printed the TJ version of your trips to court, I think it was on Sept 28 on the bottom of your story the same judge that represented you said that from what he has seen legal prescription drugs are causing addiction. Its about time that someone with power is seeing what is really going on out there!

Don Robertson said...

Yes, Oxycontin, is coming into Canada legally from the U.S. pharmaceutical giant and manufacturer Perdue Pharma. As a highly profitable part of the wider spread addiction economy, Oxycontin has been given the green light-no speed limit from governmental regulators in the U.S.

When Perdue Pharma set out to create Oxycontin, there intent was to manufacture a synthetic heroin and get it approved by the FDA in the U.S.

Up until the introduction of Oxycontin, heroin was not legally available anywhere in North America, but since Perdue Pharma knew it could fix the processes of government oversight, the processes of drug approval at the FDA happened as if there was no problem seen, but there surely was.

There is a clear and obvious predatory scheme behind Oxycontin's introduction against a long history of known proscriptions against such a drug.

Synthetic heroin is heroin by any other name.

The only solution is to get the public attorneys involved in filing a class action suit against Perdue Pharma. Some attempts have been made here in the U.S.

This however, is an expensive, long and not likely to succeed process simply because there are few attorneys who cannot be bought off by the pharmaceutical industry's deep pockets. Those who are face threats or even murder if they take on the now legalized drug syndicates.

The other end of the problem is doctors who prescribe Oxycontin for any reason short of end of life hospice care are at fault. Even here, morphine is a much preferred drug for this purpose, so there really is no reason for this drug's introduction other than greed. It clearly was not a market need.

It's easy to come up with addicts who extoll the virtue of Oxycontin because everyone who ever used Oxycontin is an addict. This is why heroin has been historically proscribed (not available).

The extent to which Oxycontin is available on the streets seems to indicate Perdue Pharma is actively engaging in lax, and perhaps even criminal distribution systems.

Hey, Phillip Morris got caught peddling contraband in Canada, didn't they?

The drug cartel is no different. Minimally, doctors are receiving incentive money to prescribe this drug just like they do for prescribing many other drugs being pushed into society by pharmaceutical companies.

The costs to society are just too high for Oxycontin.

Don Robertson, The American Philosopher
Limestone, Maine

An Illustrated Philosophy Primer for Young Readers