Friday, December 29, 2006

The great Lou Murphy must be turning in his grave!!!

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Lou Murphy who died in 1995 would be very upset if he was still around today.

He fought very hard to remove the tolls on the Harbour Bridge but without any success.

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What really got him going was the time a funeral possession drove over the Harbour Bridge and each vehicle had to pay 25 cents.

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This issue really got Lou Murphy and the rest is history.

The toll are going up to 50 cents beginning on Monday and there’s nothing the citizens can do about it.

Lou Murphy would be very upset indeed. He surely must be turning in his grave.



Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a user pays system? THere should be more tolls in NB so people who don't use particular stretches don't have to pay for them.

Spinks said...

...because that's part of the reason we pay taxes. If the government wants to toll every road, okay but taxes should go down accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Your taxes have gone down by much more than 50 cents.

Spinks said...

Naw, they just put it in one pocket and take it out of the other. Property taxes have gone through the roof the last few years which affects property owners and renters who get hit with higher rents. It's time to ditch the tolls on the Harbour Bridge. Why does Saint John have to pay when Fredericton doesn't, or Moncton, or Miramichi, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Fredericton, Moncton and Miramichi should have to.

Spinks said...

Don't forget Hartland, Florenceville and of course Nashwaak Bridge. Even their name screams to have a toll put on it. :)

Anonymous said...

To toll all bridges is not the solution. Bridges and roads that are meant as short cuts could be good candidates for tolling.

The stretch of highway from Moncton to Fredericton could be tolled because it was built to make it more convinient for drivers to o the route, though you still have the choice to come through Saint John.

jwmcq said...

With the tolls on the Harbour Bridge doubling, any incentive to use the bridge is gone, because I can get off at Catherwood Street, and get back on the throughway at Garden Street without incurring a toll. To stay on the bridge from Catherwood Street, to Garden Street, is exactly 4.6 km., and to get off at Catherwood and drive around and get back on at Graden Street is also exactly 4.6 km. The only difference is that I may save a couple of minutes by using the bridge, but them it will cost me $.50, I am stillusing the same amount of gasoline, so what is the incentive to give money to the Harbour Bridge Authority in order to pay some bureaucrat's salary? Thanks but no thanks. I will choose come tomorrow to drive around except in an emergency.