Friday, December 29, 2006

Yes..I know it truly can be very stressful being an Irving's employee!!!

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Anonymous said...

At least they have a job, which is more than you've got. Not that you couldn't find a job if you really wanted too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, many places are looking for nurses, you are a qualified nurse right charles? And there are many jobs for database administrators, you do know how to program in XML don't you? Of course there's always Lord's old riding, how would you like to make $80G a year?

Anonymous said...

Hey Charles, having ADHD is not an excuse to not bing able to find a job, neither is beign NB's biggest blogger. Ty on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover has ADHD.

So now what is your excuse, because I know you have one.

And I am an Irving employee and I like my job very much. So stop writing stuff you don't know anything about and get a real JOB!

Anonymous said...

Hey, stop telling charles what to do and get back to work! Who told you you could slack off! Charles has a job, and its this blog. We dont' come to your work and tell you to get out and go do something else, so don't do the same here. Slag off hoser. I thought you were going to stop posting those Charles? You need a mediator, you need somebody to recieve the posts first and take out all the rubbish like this so you don't have to listen to it.

Anonymous said...

Fine jounalism, screening the posts before allowing them on this blog site. Isn't that the type of thing Charles is protesting the Irving papers of doing. If he did screen the post that would make him a hippocrite.

And for your information I wrote that comment from home on the weekend on my own time not from work, so I wasn't slaking off.