Sunday, December 31, 2006

A reader with a view!!!!

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I just wish to say that I always believe that Noel Chenier was only a photographer??? Maybe Noel can explain a little in this blog?

This is the email-

A friend of mine wrote to me to tell me their thoiughts and wants me to ask you to blog this for them. It will shed some light on the truth of it all. Would you please blog this so that the citizens and everybody else who's interested in this world can read it and understand how we get shafted each and every day in Saint John alone.


What a very descriptive writer this Noel Chenier is.

I didn't think you could describe a pile of DUNG in such a fashion .

Isn't this the same Cambridge Narrows where hard working IRVING people tore through the HEART of BLUE HERRON nesting area?

These are the same Foresters who cry about power rates and get it reduced; the same foresters who have 5 foot water pipelines running from the city's water supply and does not pay what I believe fair market value; the same foresters who operate a sewerage holding pond for one of their mills within a stones throw of a rResidential community and whose owner suggested that he was going to fly fish in a "dead little river" in front of National T.V.

These are the same foresters who had a warehouse in the Grand View Industrial Park catch fire in 2000 and exposed all Saint John Firefighters that fought the fire to unknown hazardous chemicals because they didn't have access to an updated inventory list of the warehouse.

Then the chemicals ran and mixed with the water into Hazen Marsh in Red Head until the city RAN out of water in that particular system at which time the Water And Sewerage Department of Our City comes up with a plan to build a inner connecting system to supply a 12,000,000 gallon of water for any part of the city for 3 consecutive days in case of an industrial accident ever occurring again.

These foresters belong to the Saint John Board of Trade who are on record of agreeing for the need of such a project but don't agree on who will pay for said project which will cost $ 180,000,000.00 {residential taxpayers}.

That been said let's review what I understood at the Saint John Water Symposium in the spring of 2006 .The City of Saint John consumes 38,000,000 gallons of water a day and 10 Members of the Board consume 60% of that water some of those members would be Courtney Bay Power, Bayside Power, Irving Oil, Irving Paper, Irving Pulp and Paper, Irving Tissue. So if they pay 5 cents for 1000 gallons of water and they consume 60% of the 38,000,000 gallons these major consumers would pay collectively [38,000,000 x.6 x[.05/1000]=$1,140.00 a day.

How Fair Is That?



rivercap said...

What do you expect, this is GOD and when you are GOD you do what you want and we the pesents under him bow and pay. I'm surprised we were allower to have a Santa this year I thought we would be sitting on Mr. Burns knee and instead of putting our money in Sally Ann kittles we would have a 36" pipe in the malls to put our coins in.
This company is distroying this country and keeping out some big and important jobs. It didn't take him long to destroy the Daily's .

Anonymous said...

What does NC have to do with this an what is it about?

Anonymous said...

Foresters do forest management not build wearhouses, pipelines and sit on trade boards.

So Charles tell your friend that wanted this posted to do some research before blaming innocent people.

Mabe this story will make it to the NB Foresters Association, and they will come and set you and your idiot friend that blames innocent foresters for all the problems in Saint John