Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saint John Police Force - Appeal process is done!!!

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The prosecutor decided not to appeal the Judge’s verdict in my case.

Now, we wait for the verdict from the Police Force in Nova Scotia.

I have yet to receive an apology from the Saint John Police Chief so lets see what’s going to happen?

I believe that maybe my only option will be is to bring the Saint John Police Force to court in a civil suit.

The only problem with this suggestion is that I cannot find a lawyer to take a case like this one.

If it was down the States? I would have to use a chair and whip to stop the lawyers from bugging me.

It’s funny how out system is very different from our neighbors from the South.

I don’t know if this is a good thing or not????

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Anonymous said...

Its easy to bring it to court! !100$ to file in provincial court.Notice of action with a statement of claim. serve all officers involved and the city since they are responsible for thier employees.make out your affadavits that you served them.find a commissioner of oaths and swear out that you served them and return it to the courts at which time you should have to wait for a court date to bring it before the courts.they migt try to settle you out of court seeing that you have clear evidence against them? you have two years to file so you have time to prepare and get it right!
all the forms are on the nb courts website, You can also look into canlaw or similar sites for reference.. there must be some people reading this blog with a law background,like SJ police,Government . It seems they liked it before they probably are still reading it to see what your next move will be! if you had a regular site you could see the IP addreses of everbody visiting your blog and would be surprised who`s looking at who!!!