Sunday, July 30, 2006


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This week, I walked passed the Irving Golden Ball in Saint John and guess who came in with his vehicle at the same time?

It was Kenneth Irving himself!!!

The funny part about this little confrontation was I was wearing my anti-Atlantica t-shirt.

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Sure was funny. Any normal human being would have quickly zipped up their jacket but not this guy.

Kenneth recognized me and I was covering my t-shirt and said - I don’t know if you wish to chat with me with the t-shirt I’m wearing???

I believe it was the first time that he ever saw the anti-Atlantica T-shirt. It was given to me after I left the jail cell.

The individual knew that I wasn’t a protester so they gave me a free one. Hey? I’m on social assistant so I can use a new

I had a very good chat with the Irving Billionaire.

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As a manner of fact? It went so good that his phone rang but he never took the call.

I will not disclosed our 10 to 15 minute chat because it’s between me and Kenneth.

He’s a truly nice guy. He’s one of the Irvings that I truly enjoy chatting with.

There’s no hold bars and the cards are on the table.

But I will add one thing?

At the end of the conversation, I quickly went for my camera in my pouch.

If there would have been security personal around?

I would have been shot! It goes to show you that we live in a beautiful part of the world.

Where else could Billionaires walk around freely and safely???

Going back to the camera?

I said- Ok....the party over!!!

Lets take a picture of me and you!!!

Kenneth didn’t seems to enjoy having his picture taken. I reminded the Billionaire that I have his cousin J.D. Irving on front blog and since you’re the one that I truly respect? Come on! One picture??

Picture 026

He didn’t like having his picture taken and I respect his privacy. I follow the same action with his uncle Jack. I chatted with him last month but he didn't wish to have his picture taken.

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He did allow me to take a picture of the vehicle he was driving.

Pretty one eh???

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Yes, it was nice to meet Kenneth Irving face to face again and as I said in the past and I will say it again.

I got nothing against the Irvings.

They’re fine individuals of the society but it’s the Management that I can’t stand.


Too bad that I didn’t get a picture but you readers know that I wouldn’t spend the time blogging a false story like this one.

There’s never a dull moment in my life.

Always something!!!


Anonymous said...

The buck stops at the top Charles, same as anywhere. That's why Irvings have managers do their dirty work-so they can look at the nice guys. If you think anything goes on in the empire they don't know about and cant' control, you don't know the Irvings very well.

Anonymous said...

He didn’t like having his picture taken and I respect his privacy. I follow the same action with his uncle Jack. I chatted with him last month but he didn't wish to have his picture taken.

So you'll ask billionaires' permission to take his/her photograph? How about extending that courtesy to everyone else or are you just an average suck-up despite all of your anti-Irving ranting? You're such a hypocrite, it's revolting.

beenscrewed said...

It's true.The Irvings have bought better people then charles leblanc.And believe it!Irving hires the dirtiest managers.Irving owns every lawyer and accounting firm in N.B,etc.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he is a nice guy eh.
He has complete controll of Saint Johns Democracy and there are many residents who are losing their land and many others that are going to have a property-value- depleting- pipeline going through their backyards.

Evil has many faces Charles and I guess you were fooled.

Charles LeBlanc said...

When I'm saying that he's a nice guy?

I am not looking at the Irving Empire.

I am not looking how they got to be Billionaires.

I am not looking of the way the Irvings control the media.

I am not looking at how many people they hurt.

I am looking at the individual way of talking and style.

Kenneth always had a good open minded conversation with me and this is the reason I call him- A truly nice guilty.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that, he is a 'nice guilty'. It's easy to be 'nice' when you don't have to do the dirty work but have somebody to do it for you. They are like the british aristocracy who owned all the land during the irish potato famine. Some of them even donated money to the quakers while the landlords in their employ threw out the starving irish of their estates.

I'd have to agree that it is quite disgusting to have somebody like an Irving called 'a nice guy' and respected. Yet somebody who does far less damage-like Bernard Lord, gets his picture taken even time he walks outside. Anybody that thinks Lord is more powerful than the Irvings is simply delusional. The irvings don't have to worry about voters getting rid of them.

Far more would get accomplished if Charles was 'hunting down' Irvings instead of bureaucrats and politicians. If Irvings could feel what its like to be on the end of a microscope then perhaps they'd act differently.

Its so bizarre to see Charles go on about how Irving is like 'old germany', how weird then that he would say "but Hitler was a nice guy, it was just his 'managers' I have trouble with"

Charles LeBlanc said...

Once again, I will say it again!!!!

When I'm comparing Hitler to the Irvings or Rogers television?

I'm not talking of the mass murders of the Jews or its citizens.

My main point is control of the media.

I still stand from what I write.

As for the pictures? If they don't wish to have a picture taken? I must respect their privacy.

Politicians are fair game.

I stand by what I said and no one will change my mind.

Kenneth Irving is a nice guy and that's the way it is.

Sighhhhh,,,what a bunch!!!!!

"an atlantica protestor" said...

So you won't post Kenneth Irving's picture because you respect hs privacy, but the average citizen isn't worthy of your respect? I ahve repeatedly left comments asking for my photos to be removed, and they still aren't. What's with that double standard? If someone did something like that to you, you would be blogging them constantly, complaining about them constantly.

Please respect my requests and my desire for privacy.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is trying to change your mind, we're just pointing out how hypocritical it is to respect an Irvings privacy but say a politician is fair game. Politicians have far fewer resources than those 'nice guys'.

It's true they are paid by the public, but Irvings empire was built by the province and its resources. Just because they say 'good day' and will let you ramble on is no reason to kiss ass and say that they are any different than anybody else. Tom Mann's privacy was not respected, neither is Dan Brussieres even though they just do their job (they make far fewer mistakes than the Irvings).

The irvings got you fired, got you labelled mentally incompetent, now refuse to print your letters. Yet you blame the small guy who is just trying to keep his job, and 'respect the privacy' of the people who are in control.

If an Irving wanted your letters printed, not only would they be printed, they'd be on the front page.

Either extend the courtesy to everybody, or else stop being a wus.A guy stands there while you are arrested and the next time you meet you call him a great guy! The Irvings really do have it made, even bloggers whose blogs go against everything they do go on about what nice people they are. Hitler was voted 1938's 'Time Man of the Year'. Winston Churchill thought Stalin was 'a great man' and 'an honest man'. Just because they talk politely doens't mean they won't put a knife in your back the minute you turn around. If that's your idea of a 'nice guy' then I'm surprised politicians aren't your favourite people.

It's an open blog, you are entitled to your actions, and we are entitled to call you on it.

I think the regular readers of the blog are the ones who look at blogs like this and say ..

......sigh! What a bunch" (of nonsense)

Billy-Jo said...

I was shocked to read this blog. You are referring to Kenneth Irving as if he is some kind of "god" or something.
And I'm in agreement with 2:18 a.m. It seems that you, Charles are "star-struck" by the rich and powerful, i.e. Kenneth Irving.
Why isn't Kelly Lamrock and all the rest of them shown the same courtesay. You have taken peoples' pictures and used them on here for your site without even the person's knowledge.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I believe that I forgot to add one important point for not taking Kenneth Irving picture.

I knew that I was on his property.

The picture of his uncle Jack was taken on the sidewalk.

Anonymous said...


What do you say to non-famous people who are also nice people who don't want their photos on your blog? How come an Irving gets to keep his picture out and the less rich and powerful cannot?

Anonymous said...

"The irvings got you fired, got you labelled mentally incompetent..." 1:35 PM were Irving wrong. They hit the nail right on the head on that one.

Now even Atlantica protestors are fed up as their pictures are posted without their permission. Is there anyone left you have not pissed off yet.

smileyoumayberemembered said...

Yessir,and guess who appeared on the doorstep of the very poor family,who owned the family farm,where the beechwood irving was built.Why one of irvings jackasses,who knew the transcanda was going through that farm,but the family didn't.Yup,stole from the poor.A single parent large family.And their name weren't Jed

Anonymous said...

4:34pm: It's fairly obvious that Charles doesn't care about people who aren't rich or famous or into politics. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants, trespasses and sneaks photographs of people, manipulates photos and ridicules average people on his blog.

I believe that I forgot to add one important point for not taking Kenneth Irving picture.

I knew that I was on his property.

The picture of his uncle Jack was taken on the sidewalk.

Important? How is that relevant? You have been on private property before and taken photos of people without asking permission many times. You of all people, after all of your ranting and raving, should practice what you preach and treat EVERYONE with equal respect, be it billionaire, politician or a complete stranger walking down the street minding their own business who may not want their photograph on your website. The fact that you treat your "enemies" with more respect than you do an average citizen is disgusting.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I have been on private property taking pictures? Name me one?

Anonymous said...

Saint John Trade & Convention Centre.

Anonymous said...

10:08 PM got you on that one Charles

Charles LeBlanc said...

I guess he did...He reads the blog better than I do!!!!

beth said...

Nice t-shirt Charles, are they really yours. LOL.