Thursday, January 11, 2007


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Well, my day began with lots of actions.

Yesterday, I was told by Abel LeBlanc to meet him in front of the Government building this morning.

I told Abel there could be trouble?

Abel told me that he’s the MLA and ordered me to stand there.

So this morning, I was supposed to meet Abel with Tim at 8:45am.

Once there, I noticed many people walking by and even one of them asked me if I was supposed to be here?

I told the individual that Abel LeBlanc told me to stay right here and that’s exactly what I’m doing!

I noticed Dan Bussieres walking towards me and he quickly walk in the back of the building.


I said to myself - OK!!! Here we go!

I noticed the Commissionaires walking by me but they never said a word.

These guys used to chat with me all the time but Dan Bussieres gave the orders that anyone caught chatting with me will be fired!

Pretty sad but Dan got the orders from the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission that he can do whatever he wishes.

I’ll get to that next week.

Anyway, I waited and waited.

Abel was late!

The next thing you know Wayne Soucy < Commissionaire > came from behind me and ordered me across the streets!


I told the guy that an MLA told me to wait right there!

He continued insisting that I’m not allowed on the sidewalk that I have to go across the streets.

I told the guy to call the Cops!!!

He quickly went inside and I said to myself - HERE WE GO!!!!


Dan Bussieres is really playing dirty and will go to the limit to disrupt the memorial for the dead.

These Quebecers don’t have a heart as you know.

Minuted later, Abel arrive and I carry the stuff to my room. Abel gave me $20.00 to help Tim with his bus ticket to the Capital.


I was in the parking lot of the Legislature and I expected the Quebec Security staff and the swat team from the Fredericton Police Force to surround us with guns?

To arrest me and bring me in court would be a huge waste of taxpayers money but the Government have already spent thousands of dollars to jailed me so why stop now?

I learned one thing this morning? It’s going to be very difficult for me to stay with Tim Smith all day on Friday!

I carried the stuff to my room and my hands and toes were frozen!!!

I’m getting old I guess?

Just for the record? I wish to make myself very clear on one issue.

I’m going to be with my buddy Tim Smith tomorrow and I’m ready to go to jail for the cause.

Dan Bussieres will go to the limit to get me in jail and tomorrow might be the day?

What we need is the evidence of the people who made the complaint and this will be bought up in court.

I know of one person who made a complaint and as I said in the past?

I will not go public with the individual because it’s very very very dirty!!!

It goes right to the Premier’s office. If I was Dan Bussieres? I would just let us do our little thing in front of the Legislature tomorrow because this is not the place to make an arrest.

One thing is certain? I will not back down and will stand side by side with Tim Smith.

He’s arriving by bus at 11:00am and we’re going to be live on CKTP 95.7 FM at 3:00pm!

I’m certain this issue will be talk about!!!

Dan Bussieres reads this blog 10 times per day and I pray that he understands this is not the place or day to play games.

Stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

I have a hard time to believe that Mr. Bussieres gave orders for people not to talk to you or else they would get fired.

You are just looking for trouble. I am starting to think you just want to be in the media, and once the local paper doesn't bother with your games you will complain about that too.

Take my advice and get a job and stay out of trouble.

Anonymous said...

You are being very selfish. Even though I don't agree with the protest, its Tim and the attention should be on it. Instead, you are trying to make it all about you. You want to get arrested so the press will come talk to you, put you on their radio shows and make you the center of attention. Shame, Shame

Anonymous said...

It really doesn't matter if Abel LeBlanc told you to stand there or not. The fact that you've been BANNED means that you can't.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Dan Bussieres could clarify exactly where you are allowed to stand. Are you banned from the outside from the Legislature, or the inside? And if you're standing on the sidewalk, isn't that City property? Does it legally count as Legislature property if it is maintained by the City?

It is nice to see someone with balls ... i.e. Abel LeBlanc. Good work on his part.

Anonymous said...

Come on give your head a shake. Dan and the Human Rights Commission are not the cause of all your problems. YOU ARE THE CAUSE. You go and bother people and put your nose were it doesn't belong. For example at the court house earlier this week.

Your actions got you banned from the legislature not Dan Bussieres.

You just walk around looking for attention. You are going to get in serious trouble someday either by tresspassing or for taking pictures of people without their permission.

At the court house you were politely told by someone in the media to behave and mind your business and you couldn't even do that, you had to get some attention. Keep it up and you are going to get banned from more places.

Charles LeBlanc said...

These comments must be from the staff at the Ligislature.

Once I was banned? They were leaving all kinds of comments on other websites.

C'est la vie!!!

Anonymous said...

There you go again blaming people without proof.

You are a class act.

Spinks said...

I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here briefly. I think Dan Bussieres is actually pretty good at his job and has made some unfortunate but necessary changes at the legislature when it comes to security. A committee of MLA's banned Charles for reasons the general public has never been prive to although lots of heresay has gone around on it.

I've personally witnessed Charles in action at public events and have found he handles himself quite well. Should he be allowed back at the legislature? I tend to think yes but without the details of his eviction it's hard to know for sure. I think Dan Bussieres is a pretty good guy and I tend to think Charles Leblanc is a bon gars too. A meeting between the two to reach a compromise is long overdue.

Michael G. McKay said...

You cannot be banned from standing on a public sidewalk Charles, I would strongly suggest that you contact your liberal buddies like Premier Graham and have him use some influence to get this ban expungeg revoked. this foolishness has gone on for far too long everyone knows what has happened with this and it is old news. get it rectifiedand lets move on and if an MLA told you to wait on the sidewalk, then you do just that not the Legislature property but the public sidewalk. they have no authority on the public sidewalk

Anonymous said...

what a bunch of whiners

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with the critics from the legislature above (even if they aren't).

In reality, an MLA can't break the law any more than anybody else can. Just stand off the grounds. You don't even need to be there to cover it if Tim has a camera, or you can simply be across the street and use the zoom. There is no reason to break the law-even if its a lousy one.

I tend to think the reason Charles was banned was the politicians view shared above that Charles was 'sticking his nose where it doesn't belong'. Of course politicians think people should vote then shut the hell up and stay out of the way until they're needed again to legitimate the process.

However, this does detract from Tim's protest, that's what its all about and this just makes it about you for no reason. At least if the legislature were meeting then media could address the MLA's and the committee that got you banned. Since the committee hasn't met yet it can't reverse the previous decision.

That means its simply a matter for law and order. You are putting yourself above the law and flagrantly saying that the rules we all live by don't apply to you. That's a bad move because even on here you will find few supporters, and of course everybody else will just hear the media version.

I agree with the above, simply ask Abel when the committee will be meeting. Give them an opportunity to lift the ban, then at least when House is in session and they can be held accountable, test the waters. If the new government refuses to lift it, then you at least have reason to break the law. It's just a matter of a month, prove all your critics wrong that you are just a media hog. This is Tim's protest.

Anonymous said...

Go get them tiger. Do not be distracted by detractors. Give it to Dan Bussieres. It is your time to shine and show the world that you are not afraid.

Anonymous said...

Its not going to hurt Dan any to call the cops and have you arrested.

Anonymous said...

Charles are you trying to get sympathy to hang with Tim? If you are banned from the legislature why must you continue to try to go around there? You're just beating a dead horse. It's obvious the Conservatives don't want you in the Legislature and just as well the Liberals don't either because nobody is doing anything about it.

I hope you find something to do in the new year besides go around the legislature.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that all of those negative comments were left by Dan "Brassiere" himself. Charles keep fighting for us man your doing a good job!! Bonne Chance!

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't. Far more attention needs to be paid to the legislature than currently, most people don't even know what legislation is being passed, let alone how their local MLA voted. That's why they don't want Charles to be there, and why he should be.

But the committee hasn't been formed yet, which is why they can't reverse the decision. Since you praise Graham so much for being accessible, simply ask him when he's going to reverse this decision. If he doessn't say or refuses then I definitely think it's time to break the law. First you exhaust all the legitimate ways though, then you'll have credibility. It helps if the legislature is sitting too.