Thursday, January 11, 2007


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I just received an email for Tim and he ran into a problem.

Abel LeBlanc picked Tim up this morning at 7:45am but they ran into a problem.

The sign wouldn't fit into Abel's car. Abel has an appoitement for 9:00am but he took Tim's bag with him and I'm leaving to pic pick them up.

Tim will have to take the bus to the Capital. He'll be here at 11:00am!

Listen, he's on social assistance and has a daughter to support.

If you visit Tim on Friday? Please hand him a couple of bucks to help pay for his bus Ticket.

You got to admire the guy. He won't give up!

Ok...I'm off to meet Abel!

A little set back but it won't stop him to go ahead with the memorial on behalf of the people of committed suicide because of the VLT'S!

Please give the guy a helping hand!



Anonymous said...

Charles, I wrote a few days ago about where you receive your funding from to commit as a full time bogger or as you claim a journalist. I cannot find a response from you. One person wrote and claimed that you were on social assistance. If you are on social assistance then how can you claim that you are unemployed yet claim, and have stated in court, that you are a journalist. As the person also stated you accept funds on your web site via pay pal. I checked and you do ask for funding on your main page. This I would consider income. Have you declared any of that funding with the government? As I was reading today, Tim Smith, you claim is also on welfare and is going to protest on Friday in Fredericton. Do people on social assistance have the right to claim money from the government because they cannot be employed and can travel about the country on tax dollars that I have and other hard working tax payers have contributed?

Charles get a REAL JOB. Stop being a beggar. oh, no I mean a blogger!

Anonymous said...

VLT's are really addictive.

Anonymous said...

To the poster above, and any new people, we'll go over this yet again. Charles doesn't receive any money from the donations at this website. He does not run the website, in fact he CANNOT run the website and barely knows how to post blogs and pictures (sorry Charles:) This has all been stated before.

If Charles or Tim ask for some money, that's certainly no more than anybody on welfare does if they know anybody. Welfare is not money that can be lived on, these people have no rights, and welfare is essentially a subsidy for all the Albertan landowners who own these buildings.

I was one of the people who convinced Charles not to edit or censor the posts in the name of free speech, I'm starting to regret that now.

Charles has in fact saved New Brunswickers tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars simply by not suing. So if you are worried about your tax money, try being a little nicer since Charles very easily could sue, and there goes a hell of a lot more money.

And once again, Charles had two jobs that he was fired from either directly by the government or by government legislation.

I too think he should get a job. Namely, the department of education should share the cost with the department of health to put charles in charge of an investigation in the use of prescription drugs in the province. He could still run the blog and would be paid for what he does.

So write to Sean Graham, his email is available on the left side of the blog, and tell him you want Charles hired to combat the prescription drug problem in the schools.

If you are REALLY concerned about your tax dollars, then write your MLA and Graham about the quarter of a billion handout they gave the forestry industry, and the hundreds of millions that Irving will get in the LNG terminal deal. Why grouse about a few hundred when there is hundreds of thousands to be had?

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:57 am, as much as I agree with some of your points, I also feel that without people like Charles and Tim, these issues would be fading into oblivion. Our newspapers do not hold public servants and politicians accountable, and our government does not, but as soon as a private citizen does it, his/her income level is nitpicked to the extent that their RIGHTS are questioned.

I have no doubt that Charles and Tim are both quite employable and that they are both enjoying being in the spotlight.

I'd rather see them working for a living and being taxpayers. It may very well be that employers don't like their high profile in the media and don't want to hire them. It may also very well be that neither of them wants to give up on their full time activism to take a full time job. However, you cannot negate the fact that both of these men have done for NB what nobody else has dared do - get these important issues into the spotlight.

It would be nice if the gov't dept of Family & Community Services could be PROACTIVE with both of these men, and sit down and talk with them individually about what they could do to help them gain employment, whether it be continuing their social assistance while they go to college or with helping them get a job.

Tim said...

This is for those who think I'm liviing so greatly of of your Tax dollars.

Most everything I recieve like bus tickets, Lunches, Drives, Materials...Etc.

Comes one hundred percent,
Through the generousity of people just like you..Of which I have NOT asked for but am givin with NO not being an option from those who love to help with such issues that effect us all.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you all very much for this now and in the future.

Because I could not otherwise do what I do or should I say it would only make my cause that much harder to do since I am too stuborn to willingly let people die at the hands of our Governments Need fro Greed through a Community Exploitation Program such as VLTs.

Thanking you one again....Timothy Smith, Saint John N.B.

P.S. I would also like to thank all of you who have sent my daughter your Best Wishes for a speedy recovery on her injury.

Charles LeBlanc said...

People believe that I want to be in the media?

Those days are long gone!!!

I just blog issues away and that's ok with me!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see that you are sensoring postings and not putting the negative ones against you up. I sent a comment that was my opinion on this issue.

Hey isn't that what you are acusing the Irving papers of doing? You always say that people should be able to give their opinion but yet you will not post my previous comment. That make you a hippocrite.

I am sure you will probably not post this either but that's fine with me, now I see that you are just a person starving for attention and that everything has to be about you.

Anonymous said...

Why should Charles be different than Irving? They are protecting their interests, they protect theirs. If Charles didn't censor them then Irving and the government wouldn't quickly fill them with nonsense and insults. What good is that? Of course Charles censors it, how many letters in Irvings papers are critical of Irving? Very few. So why would Charles act differently? When Irving changes policy then Charles will do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Charles have Tim pick up an envelope at Government Members office when he get's to Fredericton

Charles LeBlanc said...

I don't wish to sound foolish but that's the Departmental building right????

Anonymous said...

Charles listen! I said have Tim pick it up.

Anonymous said...

The machines were full today I'll tell ya, its awful, seeing people trying to get money out to play them and then the atm machine says insuffucient funds, saw one guy today try but there wasn't any there so he was putting, which I would assume his last change on him into the machine.