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Am I pissed???? You darn right I am!!! I learned late this afternoon on CBC that Josh Beutel was force out the door by the Irvings.

Who’s Josh Beutel you may ask?

He’s just the best political cartoonist in New Brunswick.

As a matter of fact? He could be the only one?

I quickly made a few phone calls and this is what I’m told.

Jamie Irving ordered Josh to do political cartoons on the daily editorial < Irving way > only!


He wasn’t allowed to do his own work.

Just like this one he did a few months ago about the friends of Rockwood Park.


This is pure dictatorship! But then again? This doesn’t surprise me because he was truly the last freedom of speech left in the Irving papers.

It’s all part of the final solution in New Brunswick by the Irvings.

Take a look how the Irvings have changed their style to brainwash the readers via their newspapers?

It all started when Peter Haggert came from Ontario and took over the Telegraph Journal.

He told me via a phone that no critical letters of the Irvings will be printed in the Irving papers. I told the Canadian Senate about this issue.

The only reason he phoned me is because I made a complaint to the Atlantic Press Council.

This group doesn’t exist any longer. I believe the Irvings got rid of the Press Council.

During the summer of 2003 Peter Haggert wrote a column telling the public that from this day on? Only one letter per month will be printed by a writer on any issue.

Three weeks later, the Irvings close the shipyard and the regular writers had their say and that was the end of that.

But the editor told the regular writers that it was old news.

Then came the famous donation of one million dollars to Saint-Thomas University. < Journalism course >

The Irvings will train their future soldiers ...oppss I mean future journalists to follow the Irving’s way!

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If these journalists dare to write or investigate the Irvings?

They will be fired right on the spot! Therefore, since the Irvings owns all the newspapers in this Province. These young journalists will be force out of the Province.

The Irvings had to take care of the HERE Paper because it was beginning to be very critical of the Irving Empire.

They bought the paper and ordered in their soldiers...opppsss I mean journalists in their place.

The Irvings even played a role in cancelling the talk show CFBC talk of the town.


They will crucify in their editorial anyone who doesn’t follow the Irving’s way.

Took a look at my trial in Saint John? I wrote a letter complaining of their tactic but it was never printed.

Democracy is truly dead in New Brunswick and there’s absolutely nothing we can do.

I will send a letter to the Senate asking for an investigation but it will be a total waste of time.

As for Josh Beutel?

Well, being a person who loves to give his views on issues? He sure can email me his work and I’ll blog it! It doesn’t pay one single cent but his message will be out there for his

Just for the record? He’s the one who made this funny piece of work which became my trademark.


I was surprised that the Irvings printed his piece of work of me being ban from the Legislature.


Regular readers of the Irving paper will say- Ohhh??? This is not bad because we will still read the views of Greg Perry < political cartoonist > but there’s only one itty bitty problem?

This good cartoonist is from Halifax!!!

He phones the Irvings < Jamie Irving > and they tell him what to do?

Sorry that’s not Josh’s style. He likes to do it his own way!


As one idiot told me this evening? If you work for a person and get paid? Therefore, you should follow the boss orders!!!

Boy? Did I ever went over that guy!


It’s supposed to be a place where the citizens have a say!

Many of you readers get very upset when I use this picture -


But really? Beside not executing the people? Is there really a difference?

When Hitler took control of Germany? He took control of the media and we all know what happen?

What can New Brunswickers do?

They have to good underground.

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What happen to Josh Beutel should concern everyone in this Province and the Senate should investigate this issue!

Freedom of speech is OFFICIALLY dead in New Brunswick!


Anonymous said...

Do you realize that the FoRP cartoon was being critical of the group. It said their protest came too late.

Anonymous said...

At least in my office, a newspaper is still a work place. Our editor gives orders and has the final say.

Seadog said...

The Here paper was our first hope of a truly independant publication and they certainly had a lot of influence on the Saint John municipal elections a few years back. Then they sold out and now the Here paper SUCKS!!! I kindly brought the issue up on the Here message board a few months back and my post was deleted by the site admins within a day or two.

We need someone to start a newspaper publication that won't sell out to the Irvings!

Seadog said...

And yes, Josh Beutel was a talented cartoonist and it's a shame to see him go. He'll probably ditch this town and work for a big city newspaper somewhere where they will appreciate his talent.

Rivercap said...

Charles you make it sound like the Irvings should care for fatheful employees like Josh, nothing could be further from the truth. This bunch of leaches only care for two things, Irving,& money and not nessarly in that order. They are like wild animals they have no feelings for anyone, except them selves and anyone that has money and thats only because they want to take the money for themselves.

Spinks said...

In reality the media can do what they want (except CBC we pay for them) but free speech is alive and well thanks to the advent of the Internet and the blogs. Sure they might not have the same number of readers but the word still gets out and they do get read by the media and government types.

Anonymous said...

Free speech is far from alive and well. The internet does next to nothing to affect that. Irving has massive resources that continuously drum messages into peoples heads through radio and newspaper and online. In NB there isn't even an independant media site such as they have in Newfoundland, BC and Nova Scotia. That's like saying free speech is alive and well because you can talk to your plants and nobody will arrest you. Simply look at the narrow focus of most blogs to see that, virtually no blog but charles even mentions the Irvings.

I wouldn't say free speech was alive and well even before this guy got canned, even the Senate committee said that, although they made it clear they have no intention of doing anything about it. In fact, there wasn't even any coverage of a report that recently said canada has more media concentration than almost every country in the industrialized world.

Anonymous said...

Most newspapers are owned by corporations who have some influence over what's printed. Unfortunately, that's the reality. It would be nice to see a Maritime-based independent newspaper start production, wouldn't it?