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After January 12th in memory of the people who killed themselves because of the VLT’s.

Dr. Ed Doherty could be called - Dr. Ohhh Wellll!!!

Lets go back to the year of 2005..

Ed Doherty first got elected in a by-election in Saint John.

Myself and Tim Smith worked very hard to get him elected. We’re not like the ordinary high class individual who demands a job or contract after an election.


Not us! We got issues and we believe Ed Doherty would look at our concerns.

Unfortunately, this never happen.

Tim Smith bought the name of a guy who was addicted to Dilaudid asking Ed for some help?

Tim never got help from Ed and I got the same action with 555!

Ok...never mind those issues.

Tim Smith is very concern a Pizza Hut restaurant located across Minister Doherty office on King’s Street has two VLT’s in their restaurants.


Now? You would say- There’s nothing wrong with that picture right?


The restaurant is full with students during the lunch hour.


These machines should be located behind a wall or in a room.

The machines are in the open for the students can be brainwash at an early age.

Tim Smith bumped into Minister Doherty a few months ago in front of Pizza Hut!!!

He told him about his concern?

Ed Doherty answered- Ohhhh wellll and kept on trucking by.

Sorry there’s something wrong with this picture?

Ed Doherty told me that same thing about 555? Ohhh well????


Dr. Ohhh well????

I’m certain if Shawn Graham had lost the by-election? He wouldn’t be Premier today.


Last year memorials? Ed Doherty never bothered showing up to support Tim Smith issue.

A good MLA eh?

Don’t be surprise if Tim Smith don’t bring this issue up on January 12th!

Dr. Ohhh Well indeed!!!!


Charles LeBlanc said...

Terrible grammar.....I’m going to bed.....

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it make more sense for tim to go the the legislature when the elected members were actually sitting? seems like a waste of time to be there when the politicians are not.

Anonymous said...

Can't see Dr Doherty stepping up and making a real effort; please prove me wrong. We never hear much for regular citizens or their concerns.

Anonymous said...

This is just plain funny Charles. Everything you believe in you throw it out the window like a cheap Wh*re. You sold your soul to the Liberals now you are branded and I am glad. You are suppose to be a journalist not a Rick Mantle but again your true colours show "rouge". You play with a tricky game and you always get burnt. STOP BACKING ANY MLA'S. If you had of been Rooton for Hooton you might of actually did more good then bad. Now you have a government that is always running defecits and we're not even into the first year of a mandate.. How pathetic and to think you support Shawn and his mafia style liberals.

Timothy Smith said...

Charlie I was surprised to see this blog this morning on Dr.Doherty, considering I just did an hour long telephone interview with "Here Magazine" Yesterday and this topic came in that as well.

I told them that I did have a concern with his new Non-Interest in the things that mattered to him the most before entering office.

And Your right, I will be talking about that when I'm There as I am Quite set back by his reactions to our community problems now that his is in office.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't make sense to say 'stop backing any MLA'" and then saying 'you'd have done more good backing Hooton'. It's one or the other. But lobbying issues is different than backing politicians. A politician is bound to let you down some of the time. But politicians have rubber spines, you blog this issue about the pizza hut, and you blog Doherty. But you need to do more than that. You start in his riding and you make sure everybody knows about this. The only thing a politician fears for is their job, and if you aren't political, they aren't afraid of you so will do as little as possible, that's what they are trained for.

But it seems very strange to blame Graham for running a deficit when they haven't even done anything yet. If there is a deficit then its because of Lord. But don't worry, deficits have a way of 'miraculously' disappearing in the third and fourth year of any government's mandate. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, isn't it illegal to run a deficit?

Tim said...

I am also a Liberal member and I truely do believe in my party of choice in the over all but that certainly doesn't mean that I shouldn't hold individual members accountable that are not pulling their weight when it comes to working with and in the best interests of the people of New Brunswick.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Letters | Racino would aggravate social inequity

Published Saturday January 6th, 2007
Appeared on page A6

The worth of any government is ultimately measured, not in terms of its apparent economic achievements, but in the manner it treats the most vulnerable in society. Saint John has a disproportionate percentage of vulnerable families. The Greater Saint John Community Foundation reports that in 2001 one quarter of the population of this city lived below the poverty line. In 2004 the top 10 per cent of New Brunswick families with children earned an average of $255,056 (highest in the nation) while the lowest 10 per cent earned an average of $16,938. In 10 years, this gap has doubled.

This enormous problem with social inequity can only be exacerbated by racino development. A study by the National Council on Welfare determined that in New Brunswick "problem/pathological gamblers are more likely than non-problem respondents to have an annual income under $30,000." Many of these people cannot afford a lottery ticket, let alone the losses that they will incur at a racino.

A 1998 Nova Scotia Department of Health Survey of 18,000 adults VLT users showed that 16 per cent of regular players were problem gamblers and that these accounted for 53 per cent of VLT profits in Nova Scotia. A 2002 Canada West Foundation study showed that there were 24,539 at risk or problem gamblers in New Brunswick.

It is these vulnerable individuals, many who live below the poverty line, who stand to loose the most from a decision to permit racino development.

No amount of economic development can justify the pain inflicted upon a segment of society already suffering from serious social inequity. Even if a gambler had $600,000 to lose (as did a Nova Scotia woman, sentenced recently in an armed robbery), would any caring Saint Johner want to take a share of this money to put their child in organized hockey, as a recent article in this paper suggested could happen?

Saint John is blessed with caring people and social organizations that respond daily to the glaring inequities around them. This was proved once more during the recent "Harbour Lights" campaign, which raised more than $93,000. The tragedy is that three problem gamblers can lose more than this in one year.

The generous people of our city should not be faced with further social disintegration. They deserve a decision from this government that is proactive for a change. This government has the opportunity to live up to its campaign slogan "people for a change" - vulnerable people, who will never own their own home, let alone dream about being a horse owner or breeder.

I am unable, in this format, to address all the issues relative to racino development. These include family disintegration and abuse, youth gambling addiction, bankruptcy and debt, increased crime, organized crime, suicide and the myth of "destination gaming," among others. The Telegraph-Journal, which provided the racing industry a four part series over the Christmas week, owes it to the people of Saint John and New Brunswick, to provide a more thorough investigation of these issues.


Senior Pastor, Calvary Temple

Saint John

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what is meant by 'destination gambling', but if he means that people are less likely to abuse gambling machines in a centralized location, then he's wrong. The problem is that with centralized gambling you have to CLOSE all the other VLT's or you don't get the benefit. In ontario, people wouldn't be flocking to Niagara falls if they could simply play in their neighbourhood.

The essential problem is what charles and tim state, that government is addicted to this revenue and so doesn't want to control it. There are obstacles occasionally put in front of venues, but none for the people.

In switzerland people are given a gambling card which cuts them off after a certain amount of time. In most european cities gambling is meant to bring in money, so local people are banned from local gambling establishments.

The reality is that the government simply doesn't care about these people, it wants/needs the money, so there are no programs designed to actually help people.

Tired of Waiting for Racino said...

Are you guys just noticing now that Pizza Hut in Saint John has VLTs?? My God, these VLT's have been in there forever. What about last year's school kids? Any worse for the wear? If the kids don't want to play them there they can go into the Delta Hotel Lobby Shop. THere's 2 or 3 more in there!!
I'm not for or against them.
I think a person should be in control of their own destiny. I can put $1 in one and leave.
Willpower is what it's all about.
As far as the Oh Well, Doctor, I don't know how he got elected anyway. He dosen't care about other issues that were brought before him either.

Anonymous said...

It's only about willpower when you have it.