Sunday, January 21, 2007

My walk around the block to the Fredericton Soup Kitchen. You be the Judge????

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Two days after the City was snowed in. You be the Judge?

The City didn't clean the extra block? The buck stops at the Irvings?


The block is mainly use by the poor of Fredericton.

Here's the walk-




Anonymous said...

Hi Charles,

I am the person who wrote that the city had cleaned he sidewalk by the shelter on Saturday.

Today I say to you; I am sorry. When I went to eat at the Diplomat, which is just beyond the shelter, the sidewalk was clean there, so I assumed that it was cleaned just 500m away from the restaurant. But obviously from your pictures the sidewalk near the shelter is not cleaned at all.

Again I am truely sorry for second guessing you, I made a mistake. I for one will talk to my councillor and ask him why that part of the city is not cleaned but the rest is.

Anonymous said...

Great post Charles. That's what you get paid for:)

Anonymous said...

Wait a moment, Charles i thought you didn't get paid for being a blogger. Now i'm confused. Please help me to understand.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Sure I get paid!!!! It all has to do with the Day of Judgement!!!!

Nothing else really matters does it???

Anonymous said...

So then to the one who accuses Charles of taking money for his work for the advocacy for the poor.

I must offer that perhaps your attempt at misdirecting the focus of this issue of the poor once again being left out or your attempt at falsely accusing Charles, for whatever reason ( i can only imagine)is of course in vain and quite typical of the mentality of the powers to be.

Shame on you.