Friday, March 23, 2007

Fredericton South Side Redemption Centre - GIVE ME A #&^%*# BREAK!!!!!

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Yesterday while walking down York Street. I noticed this picture.


I just couldn’t believe what my eyes were witnessing????

I was very upset! This picture really got me going!!!!

It was the Fredericton South Side Redemption Centre!!!

There’s always a huge line up of vehicles in that area. < Worst than Tim’s Horton > but this time around it was different.


Between the fancy vehicles were these two guys waiting to cash in their empty bottles.

These individuals are poor and they can use the extra cash.

I have been told it’s been like this for years.

The owners treat everyone equally on a first come service.

Sorry! I can’t agree with this system.

Can you imagine standing in the cold or rain while waiting for a few bucks?

It’s very degrading!!!!

I understand it’s a private company and they can do whatever they want but this is very degrading to the poor in Fredericton.

I might add what would happen if a poor individual gets hit by a car?

Who will get the blame anyway?

This is the only City that has rich bureaucrats and the poor side by side. You see it every single day in the Capital but to parade the poor in this public manner is very upsetting!

Fancy vehicles and shopping carts in a line up?

Totally ridiculous!

These youths offered this guy to sit down in their car while they waited to exchange their bottles. Pretty nice of them.


If the business is that busy? Why not have a special area for the poor who don’t own a vehicle?

How would they like to be standing in the cold winds or rain for a couple bucks???

Give me a @z#@ break!!!!



Please have a second thought for those who are truely down & out :) said...

Yes Charlie your right on this one for sure.
That is a very bad seen to say the least.Here in Saint John they let them come strait in from out side, They do go in order but their set-up very well to handle those who are inside.

I am very hopefull that they will see this from your point of view as in looking from a distance and can't believe what your are seeing.

Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

Umbrellas are pretty cheap, I'm sure a couple of runs to the Redemption Centre could pay for one that does the job.

There's no reason for certain types of people to be favoured over others. If they created a rule that would let pedestrians leap over cars, then I would just pull off into a nearby parking lot and walk over (as I'm sure others would) and thus stall the line for people who opt to drive through.

The system is fine the way it is. Don't wanna stand around in line and don't own a car? Get a friend that has one to take 'em in for you; give 'em a cut for their time or buy them a beer to thank them. There are logical ways to do everything by the book without making it tougher on others, so there's no sense on throwing your hands in the air everytime it looks like "the man" is holding someone down.

Anonymous said...

i've seen people go right before the cars before, charles you should start up your own bottle depot over at your place

Anonymous said...

11:55 it's obvious you own a car!

I walk everywhere, and not only is it not fair to stand outside in line behind cars its dangerous, embarrassing and for someone like me who would walk my bottles to the depot I need to money to buy food or pay for bills, I can't afford to pay someone to take me there.

Fred said...

There's something to be said for treating everyone the same, right? Also, each one of those shopping carts is worth about $300. It costs the business owner a lot of money to replace those carts which are lifted from the store lots. I'm surprised you didn't saying something about the people who steal those carts. That is not fair to the business owner.

Anonymous said...

That's about the only place I've ever seen with a set up like that. Most places simply have the lineups inside. You park your car and bring the bottles in on a cart.

This is bad from many points of view, not just the 'standaround' factor. First, how many of those cars leave their ignition running? That's very bad for the environment, want to cut down greenhouse gases very easily? Build a parking lot.

Second, want to make some easy cash? Just move really slow, then when a car bumps you-sue them! Not only can you sue the recycling depot for a dangerous setup but you can sue the driver. There is tons of info online on how to launch a lawsuit. Oh yes, don't forget you can also sue for breathing in all those noxious fumes coming from all the car's exhausts while you stand in line.

It's not just 'poor people', plenty of people live in the neighbourhood and aren't we trying to cut down on driving, for many reasons?

So that has nothing to do with the poor, or even being degrading, whats degrading about caring about the environment and not sitting in a car with your ignition running?

There's a reason that lawsuits are available-because companies and people make stupid stupid decisions and deserve to pay for them. We expect all those who break the law to pay their debt to society, we expect companies and people who hae idiotic harmful policies to do the same. By the way, class action lawsuits are now available, so find all those poor people and get them together.

But first I'd check to see what happens if you just walked in with your bottles.

Bow wow said...

You've never been there before? What do you do with your empties?

Anonymous said...

I brew my own beer. No empties and .25 cents a bottle. Plus it tastes far far better.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so mad Charles? Why should some people get better treatment than others? In your complaints about how the government treats the poor you say that they should be treated the same and have the same level of service. Well this is the same. Everybody is treated the same rich or poor. Hey don't get mad at me for getting off my butt and having a job so that I can purchase a car and use it.

Be Fair if You Want Fairness said...

No anger for those people who steal the shopping carts and then ditch them there?!?

Anonymous said...

That's a bizarre definition of fairness when some people are quite clearly treated differently than others.

Fairness would obviously be what every other city in the world does, which is have a parking lot and people walk inside with their bottles and get in line there. I dare somebody to find any other city that operates a bottle depot like that. Can you imagine during tourist season? That's an embarassing disgrace to see those pictures, imagine driving by. What a black spot.

If you want fairness, apply it to your own reasoning. There's a reason why you aren't allowed to walk through a drive thru at a fast food restaurant. Most of them state clearly that its for safety reasons. So obviously its a safety hazard.

Anonymous said...

i've walked through a fast food drive thru before.

Anonymous said...

Excellent point - which fast food drive-thrus won't let you walk through them? There are several restaurants that close their dining rooms earlier in the evening but keep the drive thru open all night long. I have never heard of pedestrians not being allowed to use the drive-thru after hours. If the dining room is open, it wouldn't make any sense to walk through the drive-thru.

Besides, comparing drive-thrus to bottle redemption depots is like comparing apples and oranges. Try a better comparison. It's actually none of our business how the owners run their business.

Anonymous said...

hey bubbles fixes shopping carts for a living, he might be interested in those carts.