Saturday, May 19, 2007

Another Irving watchdog site in Saint John!!!

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Since they will not print critical letters of the Irving Empire. Website are the way to go....

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Just Passing said...

It is an interesting article, at least the part from the Parkland Institute . The subject of neglecting our own countries needs has been pointed out many times before in the past and almost always ignored by whom ever happened to be in power at the time. The oil and pipeline companies have no interest in insuring we have a domestic supply of course. They are content to sell to the closest and biggest market available, the U.S. It would take a lot more public pressure to convince government to do anything more than pay lip service to the Parkland Institute's concerns.
What is odd is that an article that essentially is promoting building more pipeline access into and through this province ends up on a web page concerned about " unsustainable fossil fuel developments" and even more strange to end up on this blog surrounded by anti-pipeline articles. But I guess when it comes to bashing all things Irving, you take what you can get. Even when it exposes your own hypocrisy.

moncton news said...

well i thik he posted that just to point out that we Canadians are taken for granted and will not fight the big companies since we are afraid of retaliation so instead we bury our heads in the snow