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I’m planing to put a Civil Suit against the City of Saint John in the near future. I can’t seem to find a lawyer. I’ll have to do it on my own.

Should be interesting?

We haven’t heard from the New Brunswick Police Commission. It could be a nosy time in the Capital this summer.

Cops lying in the stand to convict the citizens in Saint John and they're doing a good job???

Give me a break!!!!

I have lots to say about this issue and the Legislature but my lawyer is holding me back. It's like keeping a Pittbull in a cage!!!

The Iron Horse is doing his job well.

Stay tuned....

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Mary-Ellen Saunders
Published Wednesday May 2nd, 2007
Appeared on page C2
A public opinion survey commissioned by the Saint John Police Force has found a majority of people saying they have faith in the city's police force but think crime is on the rise.

Heather Shuve, vice-president of Ipsos Reid, presented the results of the poll to the police commission during Tuesday's meeting.

The poll last November asked 454 Saint Johners a series of questions about the police force. Shuve said the survey also looked at the different regions of Saint John by asking polling an equal number of people from each of the city's four areas (north, west, east and south/central).

While 54 per cent of those surveyed thought crime in the city had increased over the past three years, only 28 per cent thought it had increased it their neighbourhood. Residents gave police a good performance review with 49 per cent saying police were doing a good job of ensuring the safety and security of citizens and 22 per cent saying they did a very good job.

"In some cases the perception of crime is actually higher than the reality of crime," said Saint John Police Chief Al Bodechon.

"I know from our reports that our crime has flattened, there isn't an increase in crime. So there is a difference between perception and reality...."

The survey showed people are the most concerned with different crimes in their neighbourhood than they are in the city.

Speeding cars, burglary, break and enters, youth crime, vandalism to property and theft from cars topped the charts of concerns in neighbourhoods. But in the city overall citizens were concerned about homelessness, the presence of drugs and drug dealers, speeding cars, youth crimes and assaults in that order.

"Actually I am very pleased with the results, an area brought up by the city, interestingly enough, is speeding cars, which seems to be a concern throughout the city and we have already made a significant decision to move to a full-time traffic enforcement unit and I think you will see a response in that area," said Bodechon.

While most of the people in the city were satisfied, or somewhat satisfied with the police, the results differed in each area. Citizens of the North End were the most satisfied, with 87 per cent polled as being very satisfied or satisfied. The South/Central area had the lowest percentage of satisfied citizens, with only 73 per cent claiming to be very satisfied or satisfied.

While most residents said they thought police service has remained about the same in the south/central, east and west areas, 54 per cent of residents in the North End said their service has improved.

Shuve said she was most surprised by the number of people who were satisfied with police services, especially in the North End.

"In terms of the level of improvement of police services in the North End, it really stood out as something that has been clearly targeted and has been recognized by residents in the city," said Shuve.

Bodechon said the results will be used to help form a business plan for the police force. He said the results of the survey will play a role in how the police deliver both strategical and tactical services.


Anonymous said...

Hello Charles
I disovered your website via a link on the "Vive la Canada" website.

I hate to say it, but I cannot be bothered to read website content that has so many spelling and sentence construction errors.

The heading of your post is just one example.

How can you expect your blog to be taken seriously, when you have elementary school level English writing skills ?

If you can't express yourself coherently, you waste your time and will likely be perceived to be lacking in intelligence.

This is not meant as an insult.
If you want your message as a lobbyist or "citizen journalist to be taken seriously, you have to take the time to proofread your posts.

At the very least, I suggest you find an assistant to proofread your blog.

CJ said...

Your Lawyer is not keeping you back, you have nothing about the legislature. If your lawyer was keeping you back and doing a good job he would help you with your civil suite.

Again you are just looking for attention. I am willing to put money on the table and bet that by September 1 we still will not know any more about your ban from the legislature and the NB Police Commission will still ignore you because you are a pest and you will not have filed a civil suite on the SJ police.

How do I know this? Well you have been crying wolf for over 5 months and you are all talk and no action.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Yes, I will admit that my grammar is terrible but what can a person do?

There's one comment that I will refuse to post in this blog.

Comments making fun of someone grammar.

This is terrible.

Even people who havs a hard time writing or spelling must have the right to share their views.

That's the problem!!! A reader will go by the writing style in deciding if this individual is intelligent enough to write or run a blog.

I will admit that I often kicked myself in the butt often after posting a blog.

I see mistakes and I just say- Oh well!!! C'est la vie.

I might add that I write like I talk??? BACKWARDS!!!!

There's also lots of THAT THAT THAT!!!!!

As for my lawyer? He's not interested in a Civil Suit. Takes too long.

I'm going to launch a suit alone.

I want to see first hand if a poor person is arrested by the Police and they destroy the evidence < OVER 200 PICTURES!!> Lets see is something can be done?

I might add it'll be one hell of a good blog!!!

Stay tuned for more bad grammar blogs!!!!!

Just Passing said...

Is it possible that your lawyer is not interested in a civil suit because he knows it most likely would be a loosing cause? It is odd that you can post endlessly, threaten to reveal so much, tell everyone to stay tuned!...its coming soon!...then suggest that its your lawyer holding you back...Its starting to sound an awful lot like the hype is becoming more important than the message.

CJ said...

OK readers remember this date and this blog. I am telling you all Charles is just all talk and no action. By September 1 Charles will still not have filed the civil case, he still will not have told us the reason that he is banned from the legislature and we will still be seeing the "Stay Tuned" line.

I am not kidding about this. Like I said I am willing to put money on this bet.

Charles LeBlanc said...

A anonymous individual making a bet???

Ohh boy......all kinds in here!!!

At least he or she has a username

Anonymous said...

If CJ really wants to put money on it he should contact Charles. Because I'll also put money on it. The initial forms will be signed and presented at court. After that, its up to the slow pace of the courts. I'll put a hundred bucks that Charles will do it. Heck, if nothing else, this wager will make a nice blog up to september:)

I think that that is an excellent idea. In fact, now that the NB courts have outlawed lawyers from helping poor clients, I think Charles would be doing a valuable service blogging the entire process with the rules of court. Poor people have lousy representation and usually don't know their rights or even what is going on.

Keep in mind that although the pace is slow, NB is starting to catch up to the rest of the continent. A study recently showed that it will be possible in the future to sue the government for failing to protect taxpayer's resources, like mining, agriculture, forestry and fishing.

Likewise, Irving was already sued in Quebec, and lawsuits may be the only way that people can deal with large corporations-its clear the government won't do it for them.

So this wouldn't just be a good blog but a valuable service. The main reason that people don't sue is they can't afford a lawyer. However, most of the work can be done without a lawyer, so long as you know what you are doing. So a 'legal course' online would be invaluable.

I don't think Charles that you should block comments on grammar, you are going down a slippery slope, how long before people can't criticize at all.

It takes one minute to read over a blog to see if it sounds right, and you used to post in the paper where you had good grammar as well. It is of course up to you whether you bother or not, but the commentor above has a point, and shouldn't have it censored just because you don't like the message. That's also like Irving, that also has free speech...for views they like or can control.

So its one thing to ignore criticism like that, its another to ban the comments entirely.

By the way, can you PROVE you had that many pictures? Did you show other people the pictures,etc.? You'd have to prove it.

Embarrassed! said...

I am embarrassed that someone would have the nerve to make fun of another human being for not being as educated as 6:17 would like.
No wonder society is the way it is. You must weigh this much, you must have this type of education, you must look this eay.
I think that we are forgetting that this is Charles blog. We are only guests who can CHOOSE to read it or CHOOSE not to.
If you choose not to I am sure that Charles does NOT need to know why.
I don't know Charles but know what it is like to not be PERFECT. I am sure that he has enough problems that he does not need to hear such negativity.
My apologies Charles for the behaviour of 6:17.
We also have to keep in mind that Charles is French and English is his second language. Re-read his title. I read it exactley as something someone who is french would say.
Maybe we should see if 6:17 can type the same title in french. LOL...

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the poster above was very polite. Charles writing is not as bad as it is here, he simply refuses to read it over. He used to send out email letters on a mailing list and was always easy to understand, although sometimes there were spelling mistakes.

So the issue is not that Charles is not educated and can't make things legible, its that he doesn't bother. That of course is his right, and its often funny and usually entertaining. Someday that will be known as a 'charlism' where a statement is made followed by four question marks even when it isn't a question?????

But those comments are few and far between. If Charles is talking about important issues, I expect the people will be back.

Anonymous said...

I'm the person who commented about the Charles lack of proof reading no his blog.

The previous poster said:

"So the issue is not that Charles is not educated and can't make things legible, its that he doesn't bother."

That is exactly my point.

I commonly make spelling mistakes when typing quickly.
On the other hand, if the document I am creating is something meant for professional use, I spend the time to proofread it.

Any person you presents themselves as a journalist, has a responsibility to ensure their facts are both correct and well presented.

Would you have any confidence in a new car, made by a company that can't even bother to make sure the vehicle was painted correctly ?

Would you hire a lawyer who can't even bother to make sure his shirt is buttoned correctly ?

Would you buy meat from a butcher that never cleans their shop ?

If a blogger is too lazy to compose a sentence better than a child of primary school age, why should I assume the rest of their blog has any integrity ?

At first glance, why should I not think Charles is a crackpot ?

Like I said in my previous post, this is not meant to insult anyone.

Professional authors and journalists have editing staff and proofreaders.
Every blogger who wishes to be taken seriously should work like a professional journalist.

1) Get your information from multiple sources and tell your reader where that information came from.

2) Proofread your posts.

embarrassed said...

I think that once again the issue that is is Charles Blog and he does it for fun. HE DOES NOT GET PAID...therefore he can do whatever he chooses.
Yes, we are all away that there is a processes but we are not talking about a published newspaper/book/memior. This is a blog. I would much rather Charles get the current events out mis-spelled and not having proper punction if that means that he is going to get us the current events quicker. If he was to get them proof read etc that would mean a delay in his posting.

Keep up the good work Charles!

Anonymous said...

To the above poster, you still have to remember that CHarles has been making these typos for a long time. He COULD take time and read them over, but the reality is that Charles writing, combined with running around all day, combined with his ADHD means that the blog probably isn't going to change much. Of course he may say just to bugger off if you don't like it, but usually there are good issues here, and Charles himself is an issue in and of himself. So I would suggest you get used to it and don't write him off. Lots of politicians, lawyers and writers write well, just don't have much to say. I think you'll find that Charles is both a crackpot as well as a blogger worth reading...and listening to.