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I first wrote about this issue last December. My predicton was wrong I guess....

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violentmonkey said...

That's a sin. Stupid cops. I doubt those dogs were vicious and I doubt there was a need to use tasers on them. ANIMAL CRUELTY!

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew more of the story than just this headline and Charles' old blog story :(

violentmonkey said...

I read about it in the paper. A lady on Lincoln Road owns a boxer named Muscub and a spaniel mix named Bear. They said Muscub was a teddybear. Someone called animal control because they were out of their pen when the lady was away. Animal control claimed Muscub was a vicious pitbull, even though he's a boxer, and the cops were called and they tasered the dog. Bear is at the SPCA but sadly, Muscub died from the taser shortly after.

What a sin.

NON STATUS said...

It really saddens me that they had to use it on a dog.

Just goes to show that animal control can not even control a dog.... and whoever that person was that came from animal control... SHOULD BE FIRED~!

It does not surprise me and now that an officer has "tasted blood"... you can expect them to move on to the humans.

Sounds like the Fredericton Police Force was looking for an excuse to use the tazer in action.

I can see it now.... some cop tazes someone for nothing. When the person is down on the ground, writhing in pain, and unable to control their nerves and direct coordination of the limbs.... are getting yelled at to put their hands behind their back.

They would be unable to do so because the electricity is playing havoc on their nervous system.

But... even though the cop is aware of that.... the thrill of the taze makes them taze the person again... for not following an order they can not accomplish. Then they get tazed until they go unconscious because the cop does not want to deal with the person in pain. Easier to deal with the person when they are out cold!!!

I think the Fredericton Police Force should hold a community meeting and allow a different citizen to taze every officer on the force.... and show the public just how unsafe tazers are. None of those one shot demonstrations either.... 3 long consecutive tazes. Their commander should go first!

They tell us that they are safe and that they are needed.

Prove to us that they are safe.

Every officer should have to be tazed before they should be allowed to taze another living human being!

Line them up at the FREX next year and give demonstrations!



I am glad that my family is leaving this city!

Anonymous said...

And you NON-STATUS should have the balls that these officers do and face what these officers do each and every day!

Anonymous said...

rcmp have their tazers in the door of their cars, right in the storage compartment...