Friday, June 08, 2007


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Last evening, I noticed a new tent being set up at Officer’s Square.

Being Charles, I had a look.

I was told this weekend it was the St.John Riverfest.

As the case of the Maritime Countryfest?


I approached one of the organizer’s and told the woman that I was a blogger.

She quickly said - Charles LeBlanc?

I told her that everything she heard about me is all true!!

I explained to her I could go inside during the event and take pictures and leave.

I would post the pictures in my blog.

She said she has heard of me from the ban of the Legislature.

At the end, the organizer didn’t want me to take pictures. They have their own photographer.

I told her it was ok.

It’s the same as the Fredericton Winterfest?

If you google that event my blog site shows up without any pictures.

During the year when someone search for info on the Maritime Country fest? These photos will show up -


I have many other pictures which I will post and it's a great way to spread the event for next year.

It's called good public relation skill.

Same will not happen in with the St.John Riverfest. There will be no pictures.

You see? I did hear on a few occasions when people mention the ban of the Legislature.

This is like having a record on my file and I’m not allowed to see the evidence.


This is the reason I got to fight that ban till the end of time.

As for the St.John Riverfest?

They look like a snobbish little group anyway.

I sent them an email last evening but never receive an answer. C’est la vie!!!


Anonymous said...

i wouldn't have put nothin on here if i was u, just cause your ban is on the leg, don't mean nothin, and you could have promoted this very good for them...

CJ said...

Another "No ding dong event". That's great good for the organizers to say "stay out". Now people will be able to go without being bothered by a camera and nonsense stories from the "all mighty Saviour of Fredericton"

Why Bee? said...

The problem is: one false move on their part and Charles will blog negative publicity. They don't want to take the risk. That's their choice.

Charles LeBlanc said...

CJ? I believe from now on? You better write your name with all your negative comments.

Don't surprise if your views are not posted?



Anonymous said...

I am new here but why were you ejected from the Legislature again? Oh, and btw - when you make a comment like "They look like snobs" that might be why they said no. That is not journalism, that is a personal, biased statement. You never hear Peter Mansbridge say, "and my opinion on this is....." cause a journalist just reports the facts - without opinion.

So go ahead, no one is listening Charles. Signatures and protests don't seem to be working for you, just giving you negative publicity. But. like Lindsay Lohan, any publicity is good publicity I guess.

Emily said...

Charles, to avoid this sort of thing, you could try paying to go to the event. Then, take lots of pictures and put them on your blog. Give them a chance to see the benefits of having you there. Then, the next year, approach them about free admission in exchange for publicity - since they will know that you deliver, and that you are courteous and professional, you will have a much better chance of getting in.

Where you shoot yourself in the foot is that you just show up bleating about being a blogger and therefore a journalist, and expect to get in for free without showing the organizers what you can do for them. If they go to your blog to see what you are all about, they see a bunch of personal opinions and biased rants, and no wonder they don't want you at their event.

What you need to do is show people that your brand of "journalism" does help with publicity, and the best way to show them is through action. You can't expect people to just trust that you will represent them fairly with no prior familiarity with your work. That's just not good business.

Anonymous said...

never hear Peter Mansbridge say, "and my opinion on this is....." cause a journalist just reports the facts - without opinion.

CBC's Peter Mansbridge?

violentmonkey said...

I don't remember Charles saying he was a journalist ... just a blogger...?

I agree with one of the posts above ... pay to get in this year and show them what you can do.

Anonymous said...

You're just incredible. The festival shuts you down. This gets you frustrated, calling them snobby. St. Mary's Security kicks you out of their strip mall with your petition and you almost applaud them. Well at least you're not calling them names. Why is that... Scared of saying negative comments at them?

Just Passing said...

I would think that it might be considered good blogger relation skills to not base your opinion of events happening in this city on whether they decide to allow you to attend and take pictures. You do yourself no good service insulting a group just because they decide they do not want your particular service. Even if you feel they are missing out on some great opportunity is it not still their choice? Likewise, trying to insinuate that your banning has something to do with their decision only underscores the hubris in much of your blogging as of late.
Does it now take free passes, and unquestioning acquiescence from any event organizer in this city to get a good "review" in this blog? Does not being "cooperative" in the eyes of this blogger now inevitably lead to unflattering stories complete insults? Does supplying bloggers with ball hats and jackets now result in weekly business promotions? Can "Charles certified" events, businesses and services be that far away?

Anonymous said...

I agree with justpassing.
Also, why would you say that to cj? they obviously always use that "name" on here so why now all of a sudden you decide that they have to use a name but it's still okay for all your friends to just use anonymous? at least cj always lets you know it's him (or her)

Charles LeBlanc said...

Sure!! I'll pay to get in...

Send your money to

Charles LeBlanc
75 Carleton Street

Just Passing said...

Come on Charles its not that some organizations are willing to let you in for free and post their activities, its that it appears now you seem to think they "have" to let you in for free. What concern is it of yours that they choose not to let you do what you want at their event? It doesn't look good on you Charles...A bruised ego must be a terrible thing hmm? Your attitude of entitlement is starting to look an awful lot like a certain large family owned company in this province. Your in danger of ending up being just like what you complain about most

Anonymous said...

I hope someday that I hold an event that you so desperately want to attend that you trespass into the event. I would take great joy in calling the police to have you arrested for trespassing.

Just Passing said...

Took your advice Charles and I don't quite see what your point is. There were close to two dozen hits all directly related to RiverFest 2007, including plenty of pictures from past years. Even your comments showed up there a few pages along...(it was the only one with insults though). Perhaps if you tried searching for the actual name of the event you might have had better luck. It is actually The St. John River Society's "Fredericton Riverfest" not "St.John RiverFest" So maybe they had a point when they said they just didn't think they need your services hmm?

Anonymous said...

you guys need to grow-up just a little...

Just Passing said...

Why is that anonymous 8:37? Looking some pointers yourself?

Anonymous said...

and thats another reason...