Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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Last weekend while being at the protest against te U.N.B. Woodlot.


I noticed a few media people around.

As a blogger, I like to know who’s around me.

I saw this guy with a fancy camera. I knew he worked for the Irving papers.

I approached him in a friendly manner and said- What’s your name?

In a very hateful ay he quickly replied- I DON’T HAVE NOTHING TO SAY TO YOU!!!!

I quickly shot back- What’s your problem?

He continued by insisting that he didn’t want nothing to do with me by saying no comment!!!

I reminded the Irving employee that it was funny because I get along with most of the media people especially the photographers.

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He walked away by once again saying - I GOT NO COMMENT TO YOU!!!!

I reminded the Jerk if he was looking to be blogged???

Well, he’s just been blogged and I wonder who the Jerk is?

Maybe he was just having a bad day or he just plain hates my guts?

Who truly knows but one thing is certain?

The Irving can do without employees like this one!!!



CJ said...

Hey its his right to not talk to you just like it is your right to ask him his name.

There you go again taking a picture of a person who clearly doesn't want anything to do with you and without his permission and insulting him on your blog site.

You should have respected his wish to have nothing to do with you. I think he was polite enough to say no comment and say that he didn't want to talk to you, at least he didn't hit you like the guys at the bars. But again this proves how rude and ignorant you are.

I told you last week in another blog comment section that if you don't stop you are going to get another slap on the mouth and this proves why.

Anonymous said...

How do you know he works for the Irving papers? He didn't want to talk to you. By the sound of the title you don't even know his name but you know he works for the Irving papers.

Did he have an ID tag? By the look of the pictures he didn't. You should not make the assumption that he works for the Irving papers.

Anonymous said...

You are the jerk who bothers people and harasses people. You are truly a jerk who is rude and ignorant. He was minding his own business.

When would you get it that people cannot stand you. You are like a stinky disease that people want to avoid.

Anonymous said...

and probably allowed in the legislative building...

Anonymous said...

You took the picture of this gentleman probably without his knowledge. Definitely without his permission and posted it without his permission. You violated his rights. However, when people avoid a pest like you, then they are Hitler, Germany all over again and democracy died. Try to understand this simple fact, annoying pest.

CJ said...

Well Charles nice to see that you are a coward yourself by not posting my comment.

I did not use any bad language, I did not call you any names, I simply gave my opinion on the situation just like you do, but you will not post my comments because you are afraid of something

Anonymous said...

Hey were is my comment?

Anonymous said...

so he said " I DON"T HAVE NO COMMENT TO MAKE TO YOU". Hope he's not the writer or he'd be in contention with you for poor grammar. The Irving's ROCK MAN, you know why, cause you hate them just like the GOVERNMENT and everyone else you slander on your site.

Charles LeBlanc said...

You idiots must understand that I'm not paid for this therefore I'm not going to stay on line 24 hours per day!!!

You idiots wish to pay me?

Send me money at

Charles LeBlanc
75 Carleton

Then maybe tour comments will be posted a little faster.

As for the Irving employee? He was plain rude and he degraded me in front of a few people so I just return the favour!


Anonymous said...

OOOOOHHHHHHH, now that's professional. Calling your viewers "idiots". By the way, every tax payer in this province pays you - it's your welfare cheque.

Anonymous said...

Do you understand 'rude'. You are rude and ignorant. First look at yourself before you blame others.

You say you have good relations with other photographers. It is all in your head. Would single one of them come here and confess such good relations. They all avoid you, pest.

Charles LeBlanc said...

What are you people doing reading my blog on a nice day???


Get a life!!!!

Go find a job somewhere.......

Anonymous said...

goverment workers

CJ said...

"Go find a job somewhere" Well there's the pot calling the kettle black.

You go find a job.

Just Passing said...

Sadly, postings like this are a prime example of why the vast majority of blogs end up being little more than extentions of their authors own ego. When the messenger starts to become more important than the message, the activist takes a back seat.

Anonymous said...

It is totally outrageous. This welfare guy lives off others who are hard working people. Then he goes around and insults these very people. That borders on criminality.

Carl said...

I have to agree with the writer who said that you are paid to do this Charles - you get the paycheque each time you pick up your welfare cheque and the citizens of New Brunswick are paying that for you. If you really want to prove how much you're worth, tell the welfare people you don't want their money any longer and that you will get a real job, but of course, your answer to that is "who would employ a blogger?" Thousands of bloggers are employed at regular jobs and don't try to pretend that they're entitled to welfare so they can be bloggers. Too bad you can't understand that.

Anonymous said...

Carl, he doesn't want to work. He's far too lazy.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until a second person punches him for his behaviour. It seems that maybe that is going to be the only thing Charles understands - violence. Heck, he often says how much he loves a good fight.

Reasoning and logic certainly goes in one ear and out the other with him. Some people just have no common sense, no manners and are beyond hope of ever learning any of either.

Anonymous said...

It's ray bourgeois, any encounter I've had with him he's been the most depressing photographer I've met. He has much deeper unethical tendencies than Charles could ever think up. He's the photo editor for the gleaner, and has gotten himself in trouble with other papers for assuming (you know what happens when one assumes.....)

Anonymous said...

everyone needs to stop with the arguements.. there is another god's minute coming up.

Anonymous said...

Charles, obviously you hit a chord of discontent and concern. This "photographer" must have his own following or fan club for such comments to appear. However, rude and hateful comments are never warranted. Makes me wonder who are all those anonymous people checking your site so regularly early in the day, and why are they so quick to defend or condemn. Perhaps there are real issues in this city, and the more they divert attention to an incident such as this, the more the real serious issues get neglected. I think what bothers them most is that you are persistent!

Anonymous said...

charles, i usually enjoy this website, but i didn't like this post very much.

this man you call a "jerk" taught me a lot of the things during the time i spent at the daily gleaner as a job placement for school.

be nice.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter that Gleaner guy is a good photographer or bad one. Once he says he has no comments then leave him alone for God sake. Why Leblanc has to be so rude and obnoxious.

Charles LeBlanc said...

If there is a story about the photographer then that's one thing. You investigate it, find out what the story is, then blog it.

However, I have to agree with the griping malcontents on this one. We all know that its the same people posting here over and over again criticizing Charles, but that's not the point.

Nobody griped at Charles for his pictures of the worker at the UNB development.

This is a serious issue though, if the guy doing the development is a 'good guy' just because he'll smile and pose for charles, and people are 'bad guys' simply because they don't want to talk to him, then thats pretty skewered 'coverage'.

It's one thing to take pictures of crowds at events, or sunsets, or people who clearly want their pictures taken, but when people are called 'jerks' just because they won't talk to charles, and have that blogged for a lot of people to see, thats way too much.

The guy using wireless also didn't exactly look like he was posing. I don't care about them, I'm sure they'll live through it, but it does reflect poorly on charles. In those cases I'd have to agree with the 'nuisance' label. It's almost as if Charles wants to make more scandals of himself now that he's ignoring the political ones.

For the employment thing, that's just stupid. There are lots of people on welfare and they don't have blogs.

Virtually every New Brunswicker gets money from the government in one way or another, one third of the budget comes from the federal government.

That certainly doesn't make him an employee...if he did he should be paid a lot more.

But in this case I'd have to reluctantly agree with the griping malcontent choir that so often complains about everything.

I probably wouldn't agree if you just had a picture like the one above that said 'who is this person', for a legitimate reason. If he doesn't wear credentials and is taking pictures of an event then that is legitimate coverage.

However, to be insulting people just because they won't talk to you is just, well, bad form. There is no reason for it, it only hurts your credibility, and it just adds credence to the claim that you are a nuisance.

However, the posts above about violence should not even be posted. People give up their freedom of speech when it changes to 'hate speech'.


Charles LeBlanc said...

I just wish to ay that the guy was extra rude.

I approached the Irving reporter with a polite attitude.

Sorry this coming from especially an Irving Employee???

Too much for this blogger.......I had to blog something....

Anonymous said...

I just wish to ay that the guy was extra rude.

I approached the Irving reporter with a polite attitude.

So anyone who doesn't want to talk to you, you call "extra rude"? That's hilarious.

Oh and I'm "sure" that your "polite attitude" was angelic... as if.

Anonymous said...