Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dan Bussieres - Did he order the Quebec Security staff to make theClown cry???

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One of the security guy turned around and said- Charles? You supporting this guy???

I quickly answered- I'm just covering a story!!!



Anonymous said...

hes funny, but

Anonymous said...

Same old, same old. What is new besides this crap which you have repeated some million times.

Carl said...

That is really so sad. Not only was the guy only sitting on the steps and not doing anything but he looked so passive. Hard to believe that it took one commissionaire, two plain clothes Fredericton police (off-duty?) and one uniformed Fredericton police officer to escort this man off the legislature grounds. There really is significant overkill in these pictures and I'm glad that Charles took them to show us what went on. Maybe New Brunswick is no longer the great place that I thought it once was. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

But they are the same picture day after day. Nothing new.

Anonymous said...

It only goes to show that they are no longer our servants!The extra police were in case they had to pummel the Clown to a pulp then all lie to back each other up!

Just Passing said...

How fortunate for you to be there just at the right time Charles. Why were it not for your honesty and humility one might thnk you two had this planned.
So it took a few people to persuade the clown leave. He was not suppose to be there and it's obvious when asked he wouldn't leave. You can argue all you like that he should be able to set there but the bottom line is he doesn't.
I find it hard to believe you would whine about overkill. Would you prefer the commissionaire to have simply dragged him off the property by the arm or maybe the police could have sped up in there cruiser and restled him to the ground? Actually I think some of you would have preferred it so you would have something to really whine about. Complaining about this shows how desperate some must be.
Good thing Charles was there to record the dramatic events.

Anonymous said...

The Clown is who? Better yet why the boo hoo?