Tuesday, July 17, 2007


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Am I proud of myself?

Not really!!!

I was in an area and I noticed the Speaker of the House Eugene McGinley walking by with a gentleman.

Once he sat down, I decided to confront the Speaker on the ban.


I will not disclose our conversation but it was in a very friendly way.

The other individual invited me to sit down with them but I politely decline the invitation.

What I didn’t like is I began to talk about the Shawn Graham Government changing this Province into a fascist State.


Of course, I mentioned the Quebecers at the Legislature who made it clear that they will prosecute New Brunswickers without providing the evidence.

This is pure fascism.

I also added that not one New Brunswicker works at L'Assemblee National in Quebec.

They shouldn't be allowed to work in the People's House!

I did tell Eugene of the issue that I haven’t blog yet.

One more issue was that Minister John Foran might officially announce a fascist State during the next few weeks.


This is going to be a biggy!!! Truly Stay tuned.... I hope the media jumps in on this one.

I didn’t enjoy bringing these issue to light in front of the individual who was sitting with the Speaker but it shows one thing?

I’m very serious in confronting the Politicians on the streets or anywhere about the ban.

I’m ready to cause a scene to defeat Fascism in New Brunswick.

What can happen? Call the Police? They know that I’m right and I did email the reason I was banned to three individuals.

What could be very interesting is when I show up at the next Liberal Meeting in Edmundston.

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Trust me! The situation could turn very ugly.

I will fight till the end for freedom. It’s a darn shame that the Liberals decided to follow Dan Bussieres orders of the ban.


As I wrote in the past? You wouldn’t see me in the Legislature a lot.

The Liberals could have me around without me saying a word but to talk about fascism?

This is heavy stuff.

I gave the guy my card and told him to visit the blog. After I left? He must have asked the Speaker- What the hell was all that about????


The battle continues in the Capital for freedom!!!


Anonymous said...

Fascism? It is all in your head and you are full of it.

You have been harassing people on the streets of Fredericton. Imagine what you are capable of in an enclosed place like the Legislature. You should have been banned long before than you were. It was a right thing to do.

Now city must do the same thing. You are a nuisance and a pest on city streets. Too many people run or cross the street when they see you. A ban is the answer.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

"..This is going to be big-- Stay tuned..

This is getting very tiresome and in fact downright boring. Charles, you have lost any sense of proportion. Who cares anymore about your imagined complaints?? There are so many real issues out there to root out, yet you are stuck on your being banned from the Legislature. Stop slandering people and get back to investigative reporting!

Nothing worse than a Blogger who becomes boring!!

Anonymous said...

You've got it backwards, Dan Brussieres is following the orders of the legislative committee. He can't order them to do anything, he works for them and can be fired by them.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Fascust Quebecois Dan bussieres believes the Legislature is his House. YOU DON'T BELIEVE MOI?

Read this past blog -


Enough said....

As for John Foran? This is very serious stuff......

Stay tuned....

Anonymous said...

You are doing just fine Charles.

I look forward each day to getting your blog site pictures and news.

It's great and u are doing a good job.

As for that woman and her huge boobs and the ticket ~ I hope she wins in court but I doubt it ~ it's a unfair under-understanding system sometimes ~ and the Mounties ~ poo-poo ~ always get their man or woman ~ not that I agree.

I still hope she wins in court.

CJ said...

More lame stories from Charles.

Just Passing said...

Still can't quite figure it out Charles. You can pass along your so called "reason you were banned" to most anyone that asks yet can't bring yourself to say it? So what do they have to do swear some kind of oath of secrecy before you tell them?
I can tell you just what the gentleman with the speaker though... "I am glad I am not in politics!! do you have to put up with this s**t all the time?"
As much as you might like to think your a voice of deep concern to these people they actually hear from folks like you all the time. Most of your ramblings are forgotten with a shake of the head. That doesn't mean they don't watch you, just not for the reasons you think...Its just that they take troubled people serious every wheres these days.