Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Can Elizabeth Weir make a political comeback???

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Last weekend while sitting on a bench. I noticed Elizabeth Weir walking by. She said- HI!!!

She caught me off guard. I asked - Can I ask ya one question.

She never stop and just kept on trucking. I wonder why?????

I believe Elizabeth is toasted after accepting that huge patronage job from Bernard Lord.elizabeth weirBut what do I know? Can she come back in a few years???


Anonymous said...

Would love to see her back!

Ex-Service said...

Why would she want to? - Her party is down in numbers and she had a good job where she is.

Anonymous said...

Why would she want to go back to politics? She's making a killing in her new job and no longer has to be a public figure. Its a pretty good deal

NB taxpayer said...

Why bother? She wasn't much of a charismatic leader or party builder. In other words, she failed in her pursuit to empower hoards of NDP members to go out and sell the party. If she did, her party wouldn't be in the shape it is today, both financially and membership wise, in all regions througout the province.

Not to mention, if she had left any type of impact or legacy for socialism in New Brunswick, then why was a demographically poor riding like Saint John Harbour (which Weir carried in '95, '99 and '03 by 1,000 + votes) void of any strong organization on the ground for the NDP? I think the NDP all candidates meeting prior to the by-election in 2005 attracted a little over 50 members. Some legacy that is. Maybe the bureaucracy is a perfect place for her?

Furthermore, if the NDP are ever to be a threat in New Brunswick politics, they must elect a builder type leader in the mold of a Preston Manning or Tommy Douglas. Bringing back Elizabeth Weir is not the answer. Trust me.

Anonymous said...

Go figure, I for once agree with NB Taxpayer!

Just Passing said...

Why ask "Can she comeback" if you have no idea if she even wants to? Surely you could have come up with something a little more relevant to blog while pondering on your park bench.