Tuesday, September 25, 2007


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WOW!!!! New style for the CBC or the Premier’s office????

I was told yesterday that Premier Shawn Graham was going to be a guest on an open line talk show on Fredericton Information Morning,


I got up early and had my coffee.

The Premier was going to be on at 7:10am.

I know there would be lots of calls because we don’t have any talk shows in New Brunswick.

I called at 6:58am and got through.

This guy Richard answered and politely asked me if I would call back because the Premier would be on in 10 minutes.

Fair game! I did just that!

I quickly found out the lines were jammed but luckily I got through at 7:20am.

The phone rang and rang and rang.

Finally Richard answered the phone at 7:45am and asked me what issue I wanted to talk about?

I said- Ritalin!!!

He said - Can you call back?

I quickly replied - Do you believe that this is not an important issue?

He insisted that he’ll call me back.

I was surprised by this answer because this meant that I wasn’t allowed!

I gave him my phone number but he never called back!

It’s funny because I phoned these talk shows for years and always behave.

Rogers took the huge step in stopping New Brunswickers from calling talk shows and now CBC is doing the same???

There’s something funny going on here?

Maybe it was the Premier’s office who gave the orders because the same happened with Bernard Lord as premier.

Are these the same people with Shawn Graham who were with Bernard Lord?


As you know? I have great praise for the CBC but to deny certain New Brunswickers the right to speak on a talk show is a huge step backward for the CBC!!!



There you have it???? I finally wrote something critical of the CBC!!!


One thing is certain? I will let Premier Shawn Graham know that someone could be in his office denying New Brunswickers the right to speak to the Premier.

Is Tim Porter still around???



CJ said...

What was the topic that the premier was talking about? If it wasn't about health care or ritallin I understand why they did not let you on the air. You have to talk about the subject that is being discussed, you can't just call in and talk about something completely different.

Not everybody is againts you talking, they have protocals to follow. You are paranoid saying that the government, CBC and the Irvings are againts you.

You think too much or better yet not enough.

Anonymous said...

There was no specific topic.

Anonymous said...

There not against You as a person but just anybody who brings ups subjects that your Leaders dont want to deal with!

Wouldnt want to insult GlaxoSmithKline or Roche ,Big Pharma ,Big Business Etc,Etc!

They would sooner Talk about some other issue that deals with something thats currently been flagged by Government or the so called Free Press ,something fancy eye and ear catching but of no real substance!
They dont want to hear about truth and something that is going to eventually cost alot of money and bite them in the behind! Its cheaper and easier to buy off the news and ride these issues out hoping that people die,go away or just plain give up trying Kinda like Kingsclear!
Tory, Liberal, NDP ,all the same garbage just different colored bags!

Spinks said...

I really need to supply you a better picture Charles. :)

I doubt there was any kind of conspiracy but I suspect the decision was a CBC thing more than the premier's office but who knows?

The topics were everything from here to the moon including forestry, uranium and why won't the premier's office take a phone message so ritalin wouldn't have been out of place. A few people began going off on tangents but Terry Seguin did a good job moderating. Seems a bit odd to single Charles out. There were plenty of people calling with an axe to grind and they clearly switched to a broadcast delay just moments before it started. The only concern I would have with Charles is him going off on a speech but Seguin could have reeled him in pretty easily..well reeled him anyway. Probably worth calling Richard and asking him. Maybe there were too many callers ahead of you.

Senior Reader said...

Maybe the Liberals are starting to show their TRUE COLORS,not that the Conservatives were any better of course.

Anonymous said...

"There’s something funny going on here?" and that something funny is you, you. Irving, Human Rights Commission, Police Commission, Public Employees Union, Legislature, Rogers and now CBC and on and on. They all cannot be wrong. You are a pest and crazy and people just about had it.

just driving by said...

CBC is not set up with multiple phones lines to keep 15 people on hold, waiting to talk to the premier. When you call, they take your number and call you back. If you didn't get a call back, it was because they had too many people ahead of you.

"We'll call you back" is NOT the same thing as "your call is not welcome".

There were plenty of cranks on the air today whining about their pet issues.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Just for the record?

I'm still a big fan of the CBC!!!

I just didn't agree the way it was done.

A true talk show goes by first call first up!!!!

This open show did the same but I found it funny the way it went.

Maybe a misunderstanding?

Who truly knows???

Just Passing said...

What makes you think you were the first caller up or for that matter anywhere near the top? You most certainly not the only person with a question for the premier or the need for a little public attention. Maybe you just didn't want it bad enough hmm?

Anonymous said...

It is true they control the callers and the questions. They can't handle the hard questions and want things to go smooth. We have this with all news information and especially the Irving paper' radio and TV. Corporations control what gets out to the people.

We speak of other countries we are no different in many ways.