Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why is La Riviere Saint-Jean so low????

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Lots of Seagulls. Do they know something that we don't????



CJ said...

It's the St John River you ding dong. Call it by it's real name, you don't like it when people call you Chuck well don't do it to others and that includes name of places, rivers, lakes ect...

Like the old saying goes: Do onto others as you would like others do onto you.

Why is it so low? Well since you know everything I would have though you would have known that NB Power has restricted the flow from the dam and that it hasn't rained in a while. Put those two factors togheter and voila! That's the reason the river is a little low.

Saint Jean said...

cj do you have something against the French name for Saint John river or something?

EB said...

By the way, the St. John River was given its name by Samuel de Champlain and he called it 'La rivière Saint-Jean' because he first saw it on June 24th 1604, feast day of saint John the Baptist. So, no problem in calling it by that name which was later (much later) translated to St. John River.

Anonymous said...

On peut dire la riviere Riviere Saint-Jean ou the St John River si on veut.
C'est la meme chose.
CJ est trop stupid pour parler francais.
New Brunswick est une province avec 2 language.
On peut parler englais ou francais.
So va chier CJ.

-- maurice the homeless guy --

Anonymous said...

Oh yeh!
"So va chier CJ"
that is the chiac language.

j te beterai que tu sai pas quose que cer le chiac.
but nous autre on parle le chiac par icite. So on peut parler 3 diferent language pis toi tu peut yink nen parler un language in CJ?
Anyway avec un nom come CJ par icite on tapellrait une tapette.

-- maurice the homeless guy --

Anonymous said...

The french were defeated long ago,but I guess a little patty on the head is ok.

Anonymous said...

Rivière-Saint-Jean, QC

Just east of seven Islands.

bozo said...

waill Cj a manger un round dans s'te blog icite! ces le temps qui c'fait metre a ca place... avec tout les comentaire niaiseux qui a rester dans le passer! On devrais fair la meme chose pour "just passing" heheh! pis j'aime pomale les comentaire a Maurice the homles guy!!

Anonymous said...

On vas les avoir les anglais!!!!!!!!!!

-- maurice the homeless guy --