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Here I am on a Sunday evening and I will admit that I’m very tired.

I don’t feel like writing but I must give my views on the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival which I covered as a Blogger.

I believe this was history in the making. A blogger applying for a media pass and was accepted.

Many would say - Hey? Next year, I’m going to apply for a Media Pass as a Blogger?

It’s not that easy!!!

Number one you cannot ask as an Anonymous blogger. Sorry! It just won’t work!!!

Number two? You have to be charge by the Police. You have to be assaulted on the streets and you must have a long list of enemies.

The life of a blogger isn’t an easy one.

Ok..never mind that!!!

I started Thursday evening and the City was ROCKING!!!!

This was my first time in the tents.

I expected mostly an older crowd but I was wrong. The organizers had all kind of performance for our young generation.


The youths behave and everything went fine.

I noticed four Police Officers walking the beat. Four cops for thousands of people?


Let me tell ya that if this event would have been held in Saint John? The Riot Squad would have been on the Streets.

Pictures 070

I only noticed a couple of incidents and that was that.

I quickly learned to be a blogger in a public event can be dangerous.

I noticed someone on the ground with two First Aid attendant around helping out.

I said to myself - Great shot to promote the First Aid staff.


Well? I was quickly approached by a friend of the guy who fainted. I quickly deleted the picture and moved on.

Speaking of moving? Let me tell ya that I really moved since Thursday!!! I would go inside the Main Entrance of a tent and quickly found out it took me a long time to reach the front for a few good shots.

I tried to be as polite as I could.

It was a mad house but once I got there? I had to do the scene all over again.

People were having a good time and I got a few hits on the head from people who were moving their arms while listening to the music.

I learned that I could take a short cut on the side door.

I would explain to security what I was doing and it would save me a lot of time.


No problem!!! I was in and out.

Then the next time I showed up?

There was a different guard in place. Some would allow me to take that short cut and some wouldn’t!


At the end, I didn’t have a problem. I remember on one occasion the place was jam with people and the security guy shook my hand wishing me the best of luck to get out front.


It was a mad house in there and I could have been killed!!!

I made it about the 10th row.

My God? People were having fun and it was great!

Security had a very difficult job! Many would try to go inside without the proper papers. It was so bad that someone approached me and asked if I would sell them my media pass because I could get another one.

Deal or no Deal???

Sorry NO DEAL!!!!

I just kept on trucking and trucking I did. I never stop!!! I was in and out. My ADHD came in very handy.

I began to take pictures at 6:00pm and continued till 1:00am or 2:00am!!! My memory card can hold 350 pictures and it did just that!!!

Pictures . . . running . . . clicking . . . It went on for three solid nights and I was very tired . . .

It’s a hobby and I enjoy it. Darn shame I’m not paid one dime for what I do? C’est la vie!!!

I met many strangers who reads the blog. I was very surprise and it gave me a good feeling.

Ok . . . never mind ME..ME. ME . . .

The true heroes in the Festival are the more than 700 volunteers who made this festival a possibility in the first place.

IMG_5671IMG_5647IMG_5551IMG_5481IMG_5385IMG_5382IMG_5717IMG_5694IMG_5697IMG_5682IMG_5485IMG_5424IMG_5413IMG_5405IMG_5381IMG_5370IMG_5369IMG_5509IMG_5476IMG_5458IMG_5450IMG_5451IMG_5443IMG_5411IMG_5410IMG_5409IMG_5408IMG_5386IMG_5384IMG_5482IMG_5483IMG_5456IMG_5455IMG_5433IMG_5431_editedIMG_5430IMG_5429IMG_5428IMG_5410IMG_5409IMG_5682IMG_5688IMG_5432_edited I sure couldn’t do it!!!

Some of them would be station in a certain area and stay there for hours.

Rain or shine? The job must be done.


Many of them would love to do like me? Going to different tents enjoying the different acts.

I also notice they always had a nice smile on their face while greeting the people who attended the Festival.

I’m certain they were beat once the Festival ended!!!


My blogger hat goes out to them for a job very well done!!!

Will I return next year? Who truly knows?

The Irvings could push that bloggers are NOT allowed at the event!!! Who knows???

I wish send a very good Merci Beaucoup to the organizers in giving me a chance to see the event first hand and it’s an experience I will never forget. More media pass to different events in the future?

Stay tuned!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great Stuff Charles! Kudos on your new carreer as a full fledged journalist with Press Pass!
Lots of great photos and commentary.
Did you forget about the one of the four of us busking on the rail fence? You promised me it would be here.
DP Stewart from Miramichi