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Jim Wilson contract should be renewed!!!

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I got a letter printed in the Irving's paper this morning.

I might have made a little boo boo.

I added Carla in the letter but she's not an Outreach Worker but she helps a lot of people on the streets who's trying to kick the habit of doing drugs.

You can listen to Karla words by clicking below


Here's the letter with pictures.

Outreach workers do much

There are certain issues in this city that many ordinary citizens will never hear or know about, such as the people who work for the outreach program.

Last year, Mike Ryan worked very hard on behalf of the poor.

These days, Mike is taking a course in social studies at St. Thomas so he can have a stronger voice on behalf of the less fortunate.

The individual who took his place is Jim Wilson.

What do these outreach workers do?

Many poor individuals don't have a vehicle, so Jim will pick them up (once per month) and drive them to the local food bank.

What about other issues such as evictions? He will try to act like a mediator.

I might add he would speak up to the media on behalf of the poor.

Karla is another individual who nobody knows? Who's Karla? She used to be a junkie who got hook on Dilaudid.


These days, Karla attends AA or NA meetings trying to help these poor addicted souls.

Pictures 231

These individuals are not social workers! A person such as Karla has been there and knows exactly the way of thinking of the addicted individual.


They know deep inside that they made someone feel good about themselves and that's their reward at the end of the day.

The poor people on drugs or alcohol live in a world of their own. The word "trust" is the utmost importance. It takes months for these poor souls to let anyone into their little world.


This is where Jim Wilson's work comes into action. He works as an outreach worker for the YMCA and his contract is coming to an end.


The poor population needs someone like trustful Jim Wilson so their miserable lives can be a little happier.


Charles LeBlanc



Michael G. McKay said...

I have known Mr. Wilson for quite a while, now and I agree with Charles on this all the way. I am a volunteer at the Kitchen on the weekend and I sometimes help out through the week if help is needed. I have often found Jim Wilson in the middle of helping the poor, and low income in our City, by driving to the food bank or, to pick up a prescription from the doctor or ,even a doctor's appointment. These people take a long while to trust a person because they have been messed around by so-called well meaning people with good intentions.

I strongly believe that it is in the best interest to keep Jim on at least until a someone can slowly work their way into his position. But to just arbatrarily replace Jim at the drop of a hat, is not a good thing to do, bdcause the trust has to be built up all over again.

Anonymous said...

You hate Irvings. You curse others when they publish their letters in Irving papers yet you seek them all the time to get your name in.

Letter is not bad and these folks are doing a good job and they do not harass people as you do.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well.There will be many people out there without a way to get to the places that Mr.Wilson now takes them to.

Just Passing said...

Just curious, I see you say his contract is expiring and you of course are saying you would like to see it renewed. What you don't actually say is if he still wants the job. Now you might know him so well as to think this is obvious, but a lot of people don't know him and your letter never really says what he wants.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the outreach positon is badly needed. Jim did indeed do a great job as I am sure he will continue or who ever replaces him will do.
I think someone else who deserves mention here is Mavis Doucette, she has been doing this job for the past 5 years 4 to 5 days per week as a volunteer , she walks the streets with clean needels condoms and non perishable food items, she drives people to places, helps Jim Wilson at the YMCA and advocates every chance she gets for the homeless & addicted population. I know just this past week she helped a homeless man get his dog back from the SPCA and helped another young lady replace her tent and sleeping bag when hers were destroyed.
Hats off to all the people out there who give in any way they can to help those less forunte.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Yes,,,Marvis is very worthly to be mention in the letter to the editor.

Trust me, I was strongy thinking about it but space is limited.

Since Marvis has appeared on talk shows and on television in the past?

I believe that Karla but it's Carla should be mentioned.

These are the unsung heroes behind the scenes that we never hear about,

Yes,,,Marvis is a fine individual!!!!

Michael G. McKay said...

I know this for a fact that Jim Wilson has recieved letters of Reference from the different organizations he has worked with and through as a street outreach worker. I myself was proud to offer my support when he asked me for a letter of support. I have been a volunteer with both the shelter and the and have been employed at each of the two Establishments a few years ago on a government ten week contract i have been around the shelter volunteering since Jim Lewis was the Director there,I also was employed at the Fredericton Community Kitchen and am currently a Volunteer at both places.

plus a few years ago I was where some of these unfortunate individuals are now. I was not into the needles or sniffing Cocain, but the addiction is still addiction and I was into the pot and other drugs not to mention prescription medication. So I do know what I am speaking of.