Thursday, November 01, 2007


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This should be very interesting!!!

It’s a battle between Roy Boudreau and Abel LeBlanc.

Roy Boudreau would be a guy who would follow the procedure of the House. You know? It would be borrrriinnggg!!!!

Now? Abel LeBlanc would be an interesting choice because as a former President of a Union Movement?

He got experience to control a meeting.

I might add that this could be Dan Bussieres worst nightmare.

Dan Bussieres brainwashed Liar Tanker Malley to ban me from the Legislature.


I predicted this before the decision came out.

Maybe Abel LeBlanc could demand that only New Brunswickers will work in the Legislature.

He could maybe remove all the maudit Quebecois from the House???


This should be very interesting.

I was going to go public with the reason I was ban before the House goes in session but I’ll wait to see what’s going to happen during the next couple of months.

How much longer can I hold on? Time will tell?

Stay tuned....


Anonymous said...

And in between these battles going on could we not have a hugh massive rally with millions of supporters coming out for a tour of the NEW Highway,thanks to BERNARD LORD,and the Acadian company of Robert Tozer, CEO of Atcon,with Mr Lord in the leaders auto!!!!
Thanks Bernard Lord!!!!

CJ said...

Yup we are still staying tuned. Your ban will not be lifted and Dan will not lose his job even if Abel becomes the new speaker. You are just looking for attention any way you can.

You constantly lie and make up crazy stories just to give yourself attention. Here is some advice that many have given you. GO GET A JOB, and don't give me that ADHD excuse.

Charles LeBlanc said...

If you only knew the reason that was given to me by Kelly Lamrock the reason I as banned?

All the media knows and hundreds of other people.

They all shake their heads in disbelief. < including me >

I was confronted by many angry Liberals on the streets of not going public with the issue.

It was so bad that the Police were called.

It's dirty and filthy!!!

As for the job? Call the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission to complain.

It's their fault because I'm not working.

CJ? As a bureaucrat? Stop reading this blog on my taxpayers time!!!!


Stay tuned!!!

Anonymous said...

You pay taxes Charles?

Anonymous said...

charles is the new speaker of the house

Anonymous said...

Let's nominate Dan Bussieres for the Oreder of New Brunswick. He deserves it after getting so many cheap shots from Charles. At least he does his job and does not make the rules- he merely enforces them - Charles does not have a job and feels that he is above all rules. Stay Tuned!!

Just Passing said...

What does the speaker of the house have to do with the security staff? What power does the speaker have that would make any difference as to whether you were banned or not? Your assigning a power to a position that it does not have Charles. I feel sorry for Abel if you think he is going to be able to change anything about your banning just because he was named speaker. Will he soon be on your list of "bad guys" too?

Beth said...

I think Abel Leblanc would be the best man for the job, he's honest and a good person. You go Abel.

Anonymous said...

Stop blaming others for not working. If ADHD prevents you from working, it sure does not prevents you to walk around town, take picture and write a blog. Maybe you just don't want to work.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I work hard every day but I don't get paid a single dime???

Care to make a donation to help moi???

Go to Pay pal on top of the blog!!!

Charles LeBlanc said...

I pay tax every instance I buy something...


Anonymous said...

No, Charles, you do not pay taxes when you buy things. Taxpayer money funds your welfare cheques, that's not money you earned, so the only people paying taxes are the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Charles income status is at the bottom of the scale and takes the least from the budget! What about all the waste in Government and its services and high paid employees as this is what really sucks up money ! Look around You well and see how many people are direct or indirect employed by them then look up thier job description and thier annual salary! And whether Charles pays Taxes,Yes he does wether it came from a welfare cheque or not, what it was a GST rebate or some other tax kickback is he paying tax then? At one time if you worked for the Government pay was not so good now its one of the best meal tickets with the most perks and the best salaries with worst track record of providing what the public wants or really needs!

Anonymous said...

So people who are Civil Servants are the same as they are Basically high priced Government Welfare and if they pay taxes do they really have a right to complain about what is done with it?

Maybe you should look into what Ritalin and all the others Drugs under different names do to the Human Brain and Who is at fault for prescribing this garbage and how many people it incapacitates?

Maybe We should stop loading the public foods up with Sugar type laced products Aspartame and MSG (a real nasty additive) and its various names it hides under (26 that can be counted)and maybe the Children (and Adults)can sit for more than 3 seconds without a squirm and wonder why the behaviour is so erratic?