Thursday, November 01, 2007

Higher ups wish Blogger Charles LeBlanc to be killed?????

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A blog is like a diary so therefore I’m going to share a little story that happened to me today.

First go to this blog I wrote a few months ago. Click below -


A few weeks after that accident, I was walking down King’s Street.

I was listening to my music but I believe I heard something behind me.

I turned around and present were two young punks!

I heard the word -Diggler!!! < Is that how you spell it? >

At first, I didn’t know what was going on?

I walked across the street and chatted with someone.

After a few minutes, I told the guy that I would chat with him later.

I followed the two young punks.

Once they saw me following them? They turned to face me.

They accused me of taking pictures of kids.

I quickly told the young punks that I always have the consent of the parents.

They continued - You take pictures of naked kids!!!

I quickly continued walking passed them and said - Yeah right!!!

I walked ahead of the guys and just ignored them!

The next thing I knew a stone missed me by inches.

These punks had anger in their eyes and were shouting.

They said - We’re going to follow you around the City and tell around you’re a pedophile!!!

I continued walking slowly until a big rock missed me almost hit the people who were sitting in front of Reid’s Newstand!

A young child almost got hit by the stone.

I almost went for my camera but decided to let well enough alone.

I never heard much about that issue until today.

This afternoon, I walked inside Tim Hortons on King Street.

I noticed five to six punks on their bicycles outside.

I noticed their mouth was wild open and screaming at me.

They acted like wild animals!!

There’s only one problem, I couldn’t hear them because I had my headphones on listening to LoverBoy!!! < Wrong song for this blog!! > lol


Anyway...I walked inside and ordered a donut!

I walked right back outside and passed by those punks who were still screaming at me.

Once at the corner of King and Regent Street, I shut down my music and heard the word - Pedophile!!!

I said to myself - Ok...Here we go again!!!

As luck would have it? The light just turned so I stayed right in the corner waiting for someone to attack me.

I had my back turned and listening to my music.

I noticed something flew over me and landed on the streets.

I turned around and two punks left on their bicycles.

Now? Where would a story like this get started?

Good question?

I knew when I started taking pictures of kids that someone would say something?


Pictures of kids is a very touchy issue these days and it should be with the internet.


I remember in one case? I posted a picture of a young girl and the parents agreed.

Someone else didn’t agree and it cause a huge war! So big these former good friends haven’t talked to each other since.

Just last week, I walked by a little 4 years old who had her hands over her eyes crying.

I walked by and ignored the little girl.

My guilty conscience clicked in.

I stopped and turned around.

I asked the little girl- Are you ok?

With her tears rolling down her face she answered - My friends told me they will not play with me anymore.

I told her - Go see your Mommy and Daddy and I’m sure that everything will be ok and I left the area.

Now? What would have happen if the parents would have look out the window and see a stranger talking to their child?

I could have been in big trouble and rightly so!

Remember three years ago when that little girl was drop off the wrong area by the Bus Driver?

The little walked around the City for hours until some students from UNB offered to help the little girl who was lost.

Why did the adults ignore the child? If they would have stop the child? They could have been accuse of child molesting.

Very scary stuff!!!!

Just like Father Brien told me once.

In the old days? Kids would say - Father Brien!! Father Brien!!! He would give them a nice hug.


But those days are long gone!!!

If the parents are not around? He won’t chance to hug the kids.

Very scary stuff!!!

If a person is caught and charge molesting a child?

Their days to live freely is over!!!

I’ll use my hometown of Memramcook for an example?

A guy name Roger < I won’t use his last name > got charge and was convicted of molesting a young child.

Roger was the type of guy who had lots of woman.

He would chase the bar scenes and have fun.

I believe he was sentence to two years less a day in jail.

After he left prison, he went back to Memramcook.

He got dress and went into a bar.

Well? In a matter of minutes, he was surrounded by 5 guys and was told to leave town or suffer the consequence?

I might add that the guy did leave the area of Memramcook in 48 hours of less and never return.

Same goes for the guy who got caught with many Child porn pictures in Beaver Harbour?

Do you think that guy will have a good and happy life?

Nope!!! He’ll have to move.

Going back to my little problem. As someone close to me said - Charles? You a pedophile? You hate kids???

I always said - I’ll fight for those kids against the use of prescription drugs but to take care of them?

I’m not interested!!!!

So? Why did I decided to write this little long winded blog?

Well? I had a few people telling me that I should contact the Police? But I don’t want to do this!

Of all the rumors to start against someone? This is the biggy!!!

I have lots of enemies reading this blog who wish to do me great harm.

But that’s ok!!

I don’t scare that easy.

As I told someone today?

If there was 1% in my mind that pictures of kids turned me on? I would be scare shitless! I would have to leave the City and fast!!!

Yes, I take pictures of kids.

Out of 50,000? I must have around 300 of them. Once I take a picture?

I tell the parents who I am?

I give them my card. It says Blogger on my hat and my jacket.

I usually tell them of my arrest in Saint John or the guy who lived in a tent in front of the Legislature.

Once I gain their trust. I tell them? Once you see the picture of the kid on the blog? If you don’t like it? Just email me and I’ll remove it.

I never use the child name.

I understand there’s lots of sickoes out there so I have to do it in a safe way.

This happen twice in two years where a parent asks me to remove the pics.

I love taking pictures of kids because of their facial expression.

Same as dogs? They gave you the expression - Who the hell are you???


I often use them in my fight against prescription Drugs!!!

Pictures 122

So why write this blog?

Well? I don’t exactly know where these stories began?

If something does happen to me than the readers will know my side of the story.

We’re very close to get to the bottom of my arrest in Saint John.

The investigation is almost completed and I might be paranoid but there’s no way in the world that I’m going to let something happen to me without a fight.

I don’t wish the police to tell the public that Charles took one picture too many!!

I was told to walk around with a knife but that’s not my style.

When people with ADHD lose it? They lose it!!!

Many of us end up in jail! This is the reason we must abstain ourselves with any weapons.

We’re so full of Hyper activity that nothing stops us.

Of course being 48 and a smoker? Maybe I don’t have it like I used too? Who knows?

Because if I have to use a weapon like a knife? I would really land myself in trouble.

Maybe it has nothing to do with the higher ups?

Maybe it’s just someone who saw me take a photo of a child eating at the Soup Kitchen < With the ok from the Parent >

and blown everything out of proportion?

Who truly knows???

I mean we can’t have the whole world seeing a child eating at the Soup Kitchen can we?

It’s a very touchy issue but one thing is certain?

I will continue walking the streets and taking pictures.

Some might want me off the streets and this is the only way to do it???

But this is New Brunswick where the Irvings or the Premier can walk the streets freely?

A well known blogger with a big mouth can also walk to the same standard or can I?

But one thing is certain? If I’m attack? If I beat the punk? Fine!!!

If he beats me??? Fine!!!

But I will lay charges and let a court decide where the young punk or punks got their stories.

Truly stay tuned!!!

< I sure don’t!!! >

SH@T!!! Close to 1,400 words!!!! Way too long!!!


Anonymous said...

Charles, I did read with interest your long winded story. I must support the fact that no one deserves to be harassed, name called and feel scared walking the streets. Those little "punks" should go to school, volunteer or do something more productive than harass someone walking the streets. It is a scary world we live in when any association with a child is seen as "sexual" in anture. Children are the most innocent and wonderul little creatures God made and yes, sometimes sick people take advantage of that. however, Charles, with your high profile I don't see you as a "pervert" when it comes t kids. Annoying and opinionated - yes, but a pedophile - well that's a stretch for sure.
Don't ever be afraid to stand up for your rights - as someone once told me "you have nothing to fear if you are right".

Why Bee? said...

It's been a while since you didn't write anything serious that doesn't contain half truth, name calling, accusation without proof, titles to provoke, bigitry, pictures with no story,revenge, exageration, borderline paranoia...I hope there will be more. If you look at your blog content a while back, you will see that you had more content and less of the above that discredits the reason you have a blog.

Charles LeBlanc said...

Hey Bee?

Take this


Why Bee? said...

Charles, I didn't mean for my comment to be an insult. Just trying to wake you up. Your blog used to be alot better (I think alot of people would agree with me). Take it as a compliment of your past blog and an opportunity to improve your present blog.

Sorry if I insulted you.

Have a nice weekend.

Just Passing said...

There is no denying that this should be a serious concern for you Charles. Accusations of any kind without proof are bad enough but to suggest someone is a pedophile without strong evidence is truly a despicable and cruel act. Unfortunately it is one that you must take serious. If these people are convinced that what they say is true "real truth" will mean little to them and they could well be a threat. That being said Charles suggesting conspiracies from "higher ups" and unseen "enemies" is not going to solve this problem. Being vigilant and reporting these people to the proper authorities could help. It might also be worth mentioning that perhaps you might learn a little something from this yourself. Accusing people of things without proper proof and name calling can be hurtful to others personally and to their reputations. Something you might think more about yourself in light of your own situation. Knowing that others (no matter how small their numbers) believe slanderous statements made against you is not a pleasant feeling is it Charles?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dont leave home without your asthma puffer Charles!
If you see those punks take a few puff of your asthma puffer and do what you used to do.
You were a good street fighter.
I rememder one guy that was hastling you in St. Joe. Well nobody bothered you after that. He was a bloody mess.

-- maurice the homeless guy --

Anonymous said...

Those days must be over for charles due to the devastation he suffered from his part in defeating Bernard Lord,to be replaced by a hide behind the biggest boy type,who has no idea whats going on in the present,but is a future time machine expert,another H.G Wells.

Anonymous said...

You kinda had a taste of your own medecine here, Charles. As you can see, harrassing and calling people names ain't fun, is it? Hope you can learn from this.

Charles LeBlanc said...

I want to learn if I still have it?

I'm just waiting for one of those punks to attack me and I'll make an citizen arrest LAPD style!!!!

Stay tuned!!!!

Anonymous said...

These Punks try to rule the Streets,They 1st try to Beat or Harrass older folks and when We have enough of thier crap they run crying for the Police! They do know how to play the system well!

Just Passing said...

From reading his later postings I don't think he learned anything. Me thinks its just hard to see past his own ego. Perhaps Charles is just reaping what he sows. Lets hope he realizes it before its too late