Wednesday, November 07, 2007


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After leaving Montreal around Midnight.

I decided to have a nap.

The evening before, I didn’t sleep good at all!!! If I knew that I was heading for Ontario the day after? I would have made certain to have a good night sleep.

I woke up and we were on the 401 in Ontario.


I took over the wheel and headed for Toronto.

Once in a while, you would see a truck passing us and the traffic was light but little did anyone knew what was coming ahead of us?


At around 5:15am, I notice a bunch of cars coming in the back of me.

A hour later, the guy woke up and was surprise of all the action going on?


I was in the middle of a six lane highway and we were surrounded by trucks and cars.


I told the guy we were driving bumper to bumper at 60 miles per hour < NASCAR style >


He told me not to follow the car ahead so close!!!


I replied - If I slow down? The truck behind us will hit us!!!!


It wasn’t my car so he once again took over outside of Toronto.

My God? It was scary!!!!

Where did all these vehicles come from?

It was like this for hours and hours!

No wonder Toronto have a problem with the snog!!!!



Anonymous said...

Do you have a driver's license?

Anonymous said...

It's the busiest Highway in North America!

Why Bee? said...

Charles doesn't need no driving permit. He's a blogger with a media pass. LOL If he gets caught, he'll make a complain to the Human Rights Commission; bring the cop to court; take zillions of pictures of the cop; blog the issue to death; and blame Dan Bussière and the Irvings monopoly of Newspapers in N.B....and get away with it. LOL

CJ said...

Hahahaha that is funny why bee. Funny and sad at the same time because that is how Charles many brains work.

He probably beleives that is the way it really works.

Anonymous said...

why bee? OMG you made me laugh. you have summed it all up in that one. The only part missing was .. Stay Tuned!!!


Charles LeBlanc said...

Moi going to the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission??


You are correct on one issue?

If a cop arrest me without any reason as in Saint John?

You darn right he or she will be blogged to death!!!

Or make me lose a job like Dan Bussieres did?

You darn right I'll blog it to death.

Or do like the Irvings calling me a protester before the trial began and covered it the first day until they realize the cop was lying on the stand and disapear?

The story made the New York Times first and the Irving's paper the next day.

Will I blogged tem to death?

You darn right I will!!!!


Anonymous said...

Charles found a driving permit in box of Cracker Jack....Stay tuned!

Charles LeBlanc said...

We should eliminate all driver's courses in this Province!

Just take one from a box of Cracker Jack Box and you can drive in a safe manner on the 401!!!!