Sunday, November 25, 2007


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I believe I have to blog this one before it’s too late.

The first time I set foot in the Legislature, I was very surprised to notice members from the Fredericton Police Force in the building.


Ever since I’ve been banned from the Legislature? The Quebec security staff are always sending the Police Officers after me.


Now….I believe it’s time to settle this issue once and for all but those Quebecers are digging in their heels.

I tried to chat with some liberals to lift the ban but someone just doesn’t want me in there.

Now….I wish to make myself very clear on one issue?

I believe I have a good relationship with our local Police Force.

I mean I don’t go around and act like a rat but when there’s action going on? They don’t bother me.


Maybe that will come later?



Last year the Chief of Police Barry McKnight acted quickly when the Police arrested the protesters in front of City Hall.


The protesters claimed it was racism and the Police Chief quickly told the Media that an investigation will be held.

Lets say a few months ago, the Fredericton Police Force would have arrested me during the UNBSJ protest?

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Dan Bussieres would have given the orders to the cops and I would have landed in jail.


What would have happen once I was place in jail?

Does this mean that the Fredericton Police Force supports a Fascist style of Government like what Dan Bussieres is pulling?


Well, I was told not to use that word but I believe it is indeed fascism because in a Fascist State people are convicted without having the right to see the evidence.

This is exactly what is happening in this case.

Of course, Kelly Lamrock told me one of one reason. It’s dirty and


It has nothing to do with the Legislature.

It’s so emotional that I was confronted on the streets by some members of the Liberal Party.

They were very upset that I threaten to go public with the issue.

I collected a petition of 1,000 signatures asking the Liberals to re-examine the issue but they refuse.


Of course, if I’m arrested or charge? The issue will come public and it’s going to be a terrible experience for some families.

I might add that the Liberals will cut all ties with this blogger.

If you believe I was bad against Bernard Lord? This is going to be much worse.

IMG_7234Picture 066

I will blog this issue for many years to come.

I held on going public with the reason but Liberals seem to want me to blog it?

The question is WHY???

All the media knows the reason and it’s disgusting!!!!!


So? Could the Fredericton Police Force be labelled by this Blogger as a Fascist Force?

Well? If they support Dan Bussieres’s tactics?

It could cause many problems for the Force Public Relation wise.

The Quebec Security Staff should take matters in their own hands.

IMG_6126_editedquebec flagCharles 04_07_05 015IMG_5625

Dan Bussieres should have the R.C.M.P. in the Legislature in place of the Fredericton Police Force.


It should be very interesting during the next few weeks to see if the Fredericton Police arrest this blogger?


But then again? Lets not forget what happen in Saint John? Maybe it’s going to be payback for this guy?

I am told the bureaucrats are working together to get this blogger off the streets.

I could end up like Ashley Smith?


Who truly knows?

The bottom line is this!!!

The Fredericton Police Force shouldn’t be inside the Legislature.

I wonder what's the reason we can't settle this issue and move on??? Naahhhhh......I'm having too much fun I guess?


P.S. The clown always tries to go inside the Legislature but they never arrested the guy?


I wonder why????


Anonymous said...

Who paid the Fredericton Police force?

Don't they get there pay from the city?

Does the city bill the N.B.Government for service?

Do they charge HST tax?

Disgusted,saddened and troubled! said...

This young women was a child and has been in jail for so many years for throwing apples. She needed help and never received it. I hate to bring this up because the thought of what probably did happen while she was chained was rape after rape. She was treated worse then we treat animals.

An Angel in heaven for Christmas. Her parents need to know all of the truth painful as it will be; and compensated for all the wrongs committed. Jail time for those who committed the deeds is the only punishment that would give some light of justice.

No one should be left with just a gown no blanket, pillow and definitely throwing apples doesnot call for shackles. Losing her temper is all she had to defend herself. This is so sad and if our government doesnot correct this then we all could end up this way.

How could you sleep at night doing this to this young girl who could be your daughter, sister, mother and a human being who needed to feel safe and be loved? We all want that.

No wonder the jail guard and people who were suppose to do the right thing were let go. They deserve to be taked to court. Is this another story like Karl Toft; nothing changes. Where is there the back up to make sure no one is take advantage of and tortured.

Canada needs to clean up their act from the jails to the airports; tasering people who need help not killed.

Anonymous said...

Very good points,but forget it.
Remember mckenna wanted to pay people to snitch on your neighbours.
Remember canada has gone downhill in the corruption scale since chretien takeover.
Just WHO do you think is going to stop the decency drain.
Years ago when they started to take away the guns,I warned what would be next.
Its all written in history,and I have read it.

Anonymous said...

Charles, regarless of what dan may think your doing a good job but you need to put a stop to this, come forward with your information and stop them once and for all.

Anonymous said...

People in Government Sleep well as they are basically just Pure Evil as You would have to be to not let this bother You,same Mindset as Mass Murderers,they feast on your sorrow and pain

Anonymous said...

They're just there to taser the deer.

Deer like to be tasered.

Anonymous said...

Dear Charles,

As a concerned citizen, I want you to reveal everything. You didn't park that tent on their lawn to be their coverup stooge.

What - are they asking for a holiday reprieve or something? Surely they don't plan on hiding this issue or spinning it away, are they?

If the general public can't be told, then they've already botched whatever it was anyway, so they'd better take their lumps sooner, rather than later.

I respect a government that admits it messed up a lot more than one which covers things up.

Anonymous said...

Does it have anything to do with this?

Taser a guy in the back of the head, eh?

Anonymous said...

Charles man - you need to team up with this guy - form a coalition of citizens willing to confront our monstrous rulers.

Just Passing said...

Would you please just go to the legislature tomorrow and walk in through the front door and put an end to this constant whining.

Just Passing Gas said...

But who would entertain you?

Anonymous said...

You call every person you don't like every name in the book yet yu "HIDE" the "TRUTH" about your ban. If it's so "BAD" let it out and make them all look "BAD". What a freakin' joke. Stay tune!(sic)

Just Passing said...

Well Charles could still be entertaining of course, their not going to toss him in some dark dank cell for ever after all. But lets be fair Charles is just one source of entertainment around here, theres plenty of places to go to be amused.

Anonymous said...

It has to do with Murder!
Thats how serious it is!
Charles! tell the whole story for christ sake.
You have been keeping this a secret for too long.
Stop acting like a wimp and tell the whole f**n story.
I know this and I know that .. bla, bla, bla....
tell your readers the thruth once and for all.
There not going to let you back in the leg. no mater what so spill the beans.
Its been a year that you have beeen yapping about it.
either tell your readers the real story or wimp out.

Oh yey Dan Bustier Sucks!

--maurice the homeless guy--

Demand Justice for all not just a few. said...

Why are all of you making light of everything that has happen or choose to accept it or don't care. The comments don't help to change anything. But at least think before you go off about nothing.

Justice may take a while but like many other wrongs; it will happen.

Something is wrong and we have to put pressure to have it corrected not accepted. It seems as long it is not you and your family, who cares. Praying I am wrong and more people feel strong enough to really care.

Trying to remain trusting that we just a few mistakes; but everyday the facts say different!

Anonymous said...

Did Justice come for the Abused Children of Kingsclear? NO! And They waited,and are still waiting!?? Thats Because it goes probably right to the Heart of the Goverment and they Cover The Dirt well!
They want Nothing more to have the People Running Around Half Witted on all different Subjects so People cant focus all the Pressure on One Important Issue at a Time !

Please start to care ! said...

Yes no real justice was with the Karl Toft case. Still no reason to give up and forget about new cases as they come forward.

How more simple can a case be: 15 year old arrested throwing apples and has a melt down a few times (what was she subjected to in prison). In those two years who really cared; why was she still there. No one in authority did anything that made sense.

We don't know what her mental problems were but jail is not the place for someone so innocent.

A mental capacity study needs to be done on our whole system from top to bottom. I can't scream any louder inside my heart; the pain and humiliation that girl needlessly went through.

I believe that no one should have complete say over any person in prison. This is where mistakes are made and perverts and bullies take over and destroy a person.

We have cameras and monitors for what; they turn their backs and let people be raped and so much more.

We have to stop this now. How can you let this girl die in vain. She was in a cold cell with just a gown and nothing else. No blanket, no pillow, nothing but a hard cold bed and handcuffed and shackled. She could not defend herself from guards or wardens who could take advantage of her at anytime. After months and years of this treatment anyone would have mental problems. I trully believe her problems were brought on by the abuse at the hands of our so call justice system. An advocate should have been with her every step of the way and checks and balances were never done.

Ashley Smith was a child in every sense of the word. Please can we not stop this from happening. Right now this minute the abuse of someone is still happening.

I never had to be arrested or spend time in jail or prison. I have never been even questioned. If ever that happened I fear what could happen in this whole process.

We are in danger in the hands of those who don't care or of what is right or wrong. Don't give them the opportunity or the time frame to do such terrible things.

Now is the time to fix things don't let this happen to someone today, tomorrow or ever. Demand from our Prime Minister, Premier any politican that can put some pressure and make the changes now!

How can we sleep at night!

We just don't care. Not our daughter, sister, not our loved one. Sad. Forward this or your own letter to the Premier or Prime Minister.