Sunday, November 25, 2007


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Dear Charlie

How are u?? Did u hear that they broke the deers on Thunder Hill and destroyed the christmas display that was out east??

Pretty bad!!!

Click below for a story about tthe great Lou Murphy -


People should step forward and help restore the damage items!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully caught soon. They need to fix this and restore the deer back to the way they were or pay the cash so someone else can fix it. A slap on the wrist and jail time is not enough. Time for making people of any age to be accountable now and until their debt is paid in full.

Brickowesky said...

That is terrible. I was over to see that in the nineties with the wife and we were at a football's game (you say soccer's) before we went on a walk about. I can't recall exactly if this is the same place as we have photographs of, but I am going to ask Pippu if he will can give them back and then I can do the check and see.
We see that now in The World Game; the hooliganisms specially in Italy I just hope the boggans are caught and taught the lessons.

Anonymous said...

Someone must know something don't hold back. You can remain anonymous. Still can't understand what satisfaction of such an act.

Also people who go to grave yards and damage everything.

People don't have money to fix things and the heartache it causes is unforgiveable.

Even the small things can be fixed if we all look out and speak.

People are suffering everyday and have problems that are so much greater. Still why do this as a prank; it no longer is just a laugh. What would you feel like, if you the person who did it, had someone go and destroy what little you may have; whatever that is. Shattered and angry I'm sure.

Do the right thing and fix it or pay for it to be fixed.

This was not done by small kids. Bullies of some kind or mentally challenged at some level.