Thursday, November 08, 2007

Jeannot Volpe gets his news from the blogger and not the Irvings!!!

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Anonymous said...

Here in Saint John we have no where to voice our true feelings. We have to prtend all is fine here and shove our thoughts and keep quiet.

You would think in 2007 things would improve but no way for the average to poor people.

There is a message that they send out that everyone is better off and we are all happy with what we
have put up with.

We have less money for our taxes so where do they think we will get more money.

Water, oil and electricity and other necessities will become unattainable for some.

As long as the wealthy get tax breaks ans have their voice I guess all is well.

You think this negative; it really isn't. Have to leave for work right now.

Anonymous said...

Pot meet kettle.

Jeanot Volpe's BROTHER, used to be the head honcho (i.e. VP) of Brunswick News before Victor Moldecki took the reigns.

Just Passing said...

Hmm, well that does explain why Volpe is where he is today then doesn't it.