Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is the House where the Owl used to be located???

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Anyone can become a journalist in this nlog.

Write the story about the old llady and her Owl?

I guess she died a few years ago and the Owl use to be dressed up with different outfits.

Is this true????


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Your Best Friend On Queen Street. said...

That is correct, Charlie. The lady originally bought the owl from John Washburn of Washburn,s Barber Shop a number of years ago. From then on, she had the owl in the corner front window and would dress it up for whatever the occasion happened to be throughout the year (Halloween, Rememdrance Day, Christmas, etc.). She did this until she sold the house a few years ago because of failing health. She is since deceased. The house sold a couple or three times and the owl always was in his traditional place and dressed for every occasion. Unfortunately, the tradition had to be discontinued as the old owl had deteriorated to the point that he started to fall apart, as happens to all of us as we get old and crotchety enough. Hope this clears the situation up a little bit for you, my friend. This is the story as best as I can explain it. In other words, THAT'S MY STORY AND I'M STICKIN' TO IT!!!