Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Irvings deserves 100% to be in the Business Hall of Fame in Toronto!!!

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It all began this morning when the comments came in about the Irving’s.

Later on, many goggled – JK Irving and ended in my blog.

Of course they got the blog - J.K. Irving views on sex.

Poor Jim!!


Click below for the blog. You might learn something about your sex drive???


OK….going back to the award?

The Irvings deserves this recognition 100%!!!


I blogged the issue before and I will do it again.

Can you imagine for 5 minutes being in the Irving’s shoes?

Yes, the first thing that comes to your mind is MONEY!!!!!

Well, it is not that simple!

Also with money comes power.

Of course the Irvings are very lucky that they can walk in the South End at 3:00am without any bodyguards.

They have their freedom and that’s a good thing.

Shawn Graham can do the same and I can blogged issues without being shot!!!

New Brunswick is a beautiful place to live and the Irvings are lucky!!!

But are they? Also with money come the so-call friends around you!

This is the reason I always wanted to win the BIG ONE so I could write a blog of how many phoney bastards exist in this world.

The Irvings must often wonder if their friend would be around if they weren’t so powerful?

They are human!!!!

The Irvings jobs are 24 hours per day and seven days per week!

Could you do it? I sure couldn’t!!!

God could land in front of me and asks me if I would exchange places with the Irvings?

The answer would be a BIG NOT INTERESTED!!!!

The three brothers were born by the big guy himself K.C. Irving!!

He had the extra drive to pursue his dream!! < He must have had ADHD? >

He was full of energy and he went at it 24 hours per day for 7 days per week!

He did well for a little guy from Bouctouche.

The Brothers came into this world and were force to continue the same drive their Father had left them.

Do they deserve it?

Of course they do!!!

I’m very glad for them. I know the brothers by first name basis and they’re good people.

They might be a little ruthless but if you chat with those guys?

You don’t believe that you are chatting with Billionaires.

I had many straight forward conversations with those guys.

Of course, I still blame the management of Irving’s Empire of the way they are controlling the media by denying people to write letters to the editor or refusing to cover certain issues because of personal vendetta.

As for the brothers? They’re good people and I’m proud of them.

It’s a great honour and they deserve it!

Good work guys!

P.S. I’m not drunk or on drugs! I’m not an Irving’s blogger and I’m not kissing ass! I just wrote this blog as I see it!!!

Enough said!!!!!

It wasn’t a blog like the one I wrote about Mary Keith.


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I don’t have to force myself to press the post button.


Bon travaille les gars!!!


Questioning the Timing; another tax break? said...

The people of Saimt John should have received recognition for paying taxes that came up short. The Irvings received alot of tax grants, special rates and many taxes written off.

For decades the people of Saint John paid higher gas and oil bills. No advantage as yet to have them refine oil here.

Concerned why we allow them to get a lot of land along our water for little cost or a $1, own our forests and pulp. The water shed in Musquash is something that should remain as public water not private. If we allow private companies to own our public water will continue to suffer. We will allowed them to do so much with no building permits or a special rates. Look how many places they own and how they are allowed to build an island or a mini village on our waters. The average person is not allowed an outhouse on the water but they just pour out chemicals in our wayers at Reversing Falls (that is just one example. Ocean Steel also expanded out on the water.

It is great to them prosper but we the people of Saint John have suffer alot with little money in our pockets. They are allowed so much and still after being Billionaires (they probably have more than 6 Billion) they want more tax concessions. Shame on them for the greed. Whenever they gave they got a tax write off. It was always a win win for them.

It is year end so I question if there is another way to money around to help their profits again.

Thankyou to the Irving family for employment but we all paid our taxes while you got grants to pay us!

Yes you do good things but on our dime most of the time. You had to cleanup your image a little and give some money to schools and other projects. But why would you not help us with the taxes for the LNG when you know our city needed this cash just to maintain the necessities. Greed!

Most of us in the city struggle to pay for the necessities and nothing left over. So why I detest the Irving name; well many of us have our stories to tell.

Yes some people love the family but they need to open their eyes and look around. Many other companies tried to come here but they wanted none of that. Oh well no matter what I say there are just as many who disagree.

Glad to be able to voice on the Blog without that option I have no say. Thank you.

Why Bee? said...

Charles you wrote very nice and honest comments about the Irvings. I admire the fact that you can dissociate "Irvings the person" and the "Billionaire Empire". I also respect and thank the Irvings for all their hard work. I think credit is due when something is done right. That goes for Charles as well as the Irvings. The bad does not elimate the good but puts a shadow over it.

Anonymous said...

I still say,as was promised by harper,that harper is pulling all the hidden grant opportunities of easteren companies.

"Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan is planning a $1.8 billion US expansion of its potash operation in Rocanville, in the southeast of the province"

The new university system is western based and religion based.

Nber's should quickly learn to live as cheaply as posible ,FAST.

Quebecor World shares down 22 per cent more after refinancing falls through
13 hours ago

TORONTO - Printing giant Quebecor World Inc.'s shares (TSX:IQW) lost another nine per cent of their value Wednesday and hit a new low after a refinancing plan fell through, raising questions about the company's future.

On the Toronto market, Quebecor World stock fell 25 cents to close at $2.49 in trading of nearly 8.4 million shares. Earlier it sank to as low as $1.89, well below the previous 52-week low of $2.67.

K.C. Irving said...


Please don't psychoanalyze me, the time I cried in front of you before moving to Bermuda was supposed to be confidential. I didn't want to leave, but I couldn't afford to pay those outrageous taxes!

Everything people need to know about us, they can out in their local paper. Including how we need subsidies to maintain my 6 billion dollar fortune.

There's no reason to be concerned or blog about us, we don't really control everything. (We've got our politicians to do that for us)

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Not bad KC

Must be sunday for why/bee
He trying to say something nice(I think)