Friday, December 07, 2007


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The driver woke me up early in the morning and said - We got to get out of here quick!!!

The motel was located right on the shore of the Saint Lawrence Seaway.


The very strong winds were shaking the little motel. The birds were going nuts!!


We quickly stopped for a Tim Horton’s coffee and began the final leg to New Brunswick!!!

My God??? I never drank so much coffee in all my life.


The wind was very strong!!!


We wanted to be in New Brunswick before the snow began.

We made it to the furthest Northern City of Riviere-Du-Loup!!!


The rest of the trip was southward so therefore we were safe from the snow right?


We noticed the area had lots of snow compare to New Brunswick.


New Brunswick had none!!!! < Only weeks later!! >

Everything was ok until we noticed heavy snow in front of us!!!


It was a very scary sight! <

Especially that evening a news report called the area Suicide Alley!!!

I didn’t need a newscast to tell me it was very dangerous because I was scared Sh@tless!!!

The many transport truck passing us by inches.


It was scary!!!

Sorted of reminded me when I used to drive my car between Saint John and Moncton during a snowstorm!!!

It was the danger zone and we were right in the middle of it!

I quickly turned to the young fella in the back and said - I hope you understand that we’re not going to come out of this alive!!!!


The driver told me to SHUT UP!!!

He was getting edgy again!!

Well? We made it to Edmunston and the rest of the drive was a breeze!!!


It was the first time that I saw the brand new four lane highway near Woodstock!!!


We made a few more stopover here and there,


Once in Fredericton the Driver thanked me for helping him with the ride to Toronto and back!!!

I told the guy that it was an experience that I wouldn’t do again!!!

I sure admire those truckers traveling al those miles!!!

It’s something that I sure couldn’t do!!!


One more thing? I also learn that the people I met in Quebec are a very nice bunch of people!!



Anonymous said...

Nice photographs there Charles.

Even on the highway, New Brunswick can look so beautiful. If you`ve got nothing to do sometime, check out this dude`s videos of nature around the Restigouche area:

It`s good stuff too.

Anonymous said...

1896688778_01131a3164 are those your teeth on the dash infront of the gauges towards the bottom.

Anonymous said...

I love going through quebec, there always have snow early til late. You can tell how much interest they have in New Brunswick since they won't bother twinning that horrible road.

Anonymous said...

Young people are good everywhere.
They are not the problem.

Why Bee? said...

Yes, Charles I think I recognize your teeths on the dashboard. They seem to have a life of their own. LOL

Anonymous said...

Your teeth are having a hard time keeping up with you. LOL