Friday, December 07, 2007


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I heard something on the news but it wasn't clear!!!

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Anonymous said...

Update, 4 Sarkozy transport helicopters are going to hook on to the biosphere in montreal and then trasport it to fredericton, they are going to fix the windows too that burnt on the biosphere, then the station will be good for the winter.

Anonymous said...


The spokesperson for J.D. Irving Ltd., Mary Keith, was quoted in Friday's Daily Gleaner that the full replacement of the roof is the only option for the York Street Train Station.

"The good news is when the roof is done, it will be a permanent replacement that occurs. But it is an expensive option, so we're continuing to talk to the other members of the group." said Mary Keith

A meeting was held on Thursday with all 3 levels of govt, Fredericton Friends of the Railway, and J.D. Irving Ltd. They agreed to meet again in January 2008.

Of course J.D. Irving Ltd. is well aware that government funding for a heritage building like this can't be accessed by a private corporation. The Train Station must be given over to the City and the community before it is eligible for generous restoration assistance from the various government agencies.

Meanwhile, the Station is covered in snow. This snow is melting through the numerous holes in the roof and further damaging the interior structure and stone foundation.

And they wonder why our youny people are leaving this Province!

Anonymous said...

The train station is done.

We need politicians with a backbone to sue the f out of the Irving empire.

Take away their land, if they can`t be bothered acting decently.

Michael G. McKay said...

I heard that they are going to put a better roof on the train station, but that is all I heard for now. One thing is for sure, if they don't do something about that building, there will not be a train station left to restore.

Just Passing said...

You or the province or the city can have the train station for one dollar...(it has been offered in the past)...The problem is, then it will be you or the province or the city that will be responsable to repair it....and just like the Irvings then its your money that will have to be spent to repair it.

Anonymous said...

Don't expect the taxpayers to pay for this project; because the Irvings have money and they don't need assistance or do they qualify for welfare. Explain that to the working people of NB.

They have plenty of tax breaks and they don't need one for this building that should be torn down. They don't meet any building codes no matter which way they twist it. Please I can't stomach this issue much longer. Many more deserving people who are raelly struggling should warrant the exposure.