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EMCAs offer no rock star treatment for Fredericton residents, says fan
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CBC News
A music enthusiast says fans will be taking second billing when the 20th annual East Coast Music Awards hit Fredericton in February.

Johanna Bertin said she had wanted to attend the ECMAs for years and when she found out that the 2008 gala would be in Fredericton she knew she was going to buy tickets.

Bertin said she was among the first to reserve tickets but the best seats were already gone.

Many of the seats in the Aitken Centre have been reserved for nominees, sponsors and representatives from the music industry, said Steve Horne, executive director of the music awards.

"The ECMAs combine a music industry festival with a music conference — I think that's important," Horne said. "I think everyone is there to celebrate — that every seat will be a good seat."

But Bertin said she's disappointed that 2,000 of the 3,500 available seats weren't up for grabs by the general public.

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Trying Telling the Truth Please said...

The article says nothing about the average joe not being allowed. Not only are they allowed--they're invited.

But... the ECMAs are an INDUSTRY event. They were created by and for people who work in the music industry. The addition of public events and festival events is actually rather new to the ECMA legacy, and it's growing every year. However, it isn't growing at the expense of the industry conference that happens alongside the public events.

Anonymous said...

the ECMAs are an INDUSTRY event. They were created by and for people who work in the music industry.

Alright, let them sit in half-empty music halls looking for artists that appeal to music consumers who haven't figured out that the best things in life are free.

Anonymous said...

Here's my pla - Build a Bridge ... and GET OVER IT.