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Boy!!!! It was very hard for this blogger to hold this piece of news!!!!

I recived this email earlier this evening.

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Hey I just got a call from a friend of mine and his friend is a ??????anyway he told me he had to get off the phone because he was waiting for a call to go to the lng plant because there has been an accidental death on the job - A male - BUT PLEASE PAY ATTENTION """THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED I just thought I'd give you the heads up just in case it is your the actual first outside person to know this information and you can prove it with the time and date of this email (((((but please don't just yet)))) lol From what he told me ,,,,This happened about 5 pm or a little after.....Lets see how long before it reaches the airwaves hhmmm...

Well? It was on Global News Tonight but not on ATV News!!! I wonder how the Irvings will cover this sad news in the morning???


What's going on in there anyway? Cranes falling all over the place at the LNG Plant!!


and now a worker gets killed??? If this goes on in the Plant? What's going to happen in the City of Saint John??

I'm going to go over the line here for a minute and predict it's a worker from Gulf Operators.

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My sympathy goes out to the family!!!!

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Anonymous said...

well that's the quality of Maritime reporting these day charlie.

It wasn't even on Breakfast Television (BT)-CTV) this morning which usually has the most news in their morning headlines because they have all night to pic and prod the best news stories for and about the maritimes But even they are slipping into the RUTT of every other story but the important ones we need to know.

Sad Sad State of Affairs these days.

Anonymous said...

Construction worker falls to death at N.B. LNG terminal site
The Canadian Press

SAINT JOHN, N.B. - A worker at the Canaport LNG terminal construction site in Saint John, N.B., has died after falling 35 metres while working inside one of the large tanks at the facility.

The victim of the Wednesday night accident has been identified as Joseph Omar Allain, 44, of Saint John. City police and the Occupational Health and Safety Board are investigating the mishap.

Canaport LNG said in a statement Thursday the worker was employed by sub-contractor Lorneville Mechanical Contractors.

The Canaport company said he was working inside one of the storage tanks at a height of 35 metres when he fell.

The LNG terminal is a partnership of Irving Oil and Repsol that will turn liquefied natural gas into a gas to be carried by pipeline to the United States.

Canaport LNG general manager Jorge Ciacciarelli said the accident has affected everyone working on the project.

"This is a very sad day at Canaport LNG, and our thoughts continue to be with the worker's loved ones," he said.

The company said it has launched its own internal investigation.

Anonymous said...

When the safety equipment,which is mandatory,at above 12 feet,you can not fall.
Any worker found at that height,with out safety equipment would be fired by the onsite safety officer.
There is NO excuse.

Anonymous said...

FYI... You must wear fall arrest equipment if you work more than 6 feet from the ground. You cannot be fired on the spot for not wearing the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). There are steps to be followed before and employer can fire and employee.

Like any other work related accidents or incidents, an investigation must be conducted before any information is released...especially when the accident involves a death.

Also, Charles there have been no cranes that have toppled over at the LNG site. The pics you have are from the old drydock when they imploded the old cranes. The incident with a crane was on the KWS site where a pile was dropped in the water.

So before anyone runs there mouth about the Irving's covering up accidents, get your facts straight before you post this non sense!!

You only make your self look like and sound like and ASS!!